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Bill Gross and the New Normal Minus

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An Interview with Pimco's Bill Gross
National Review Online (blog)
You mention, I think, in the FT article, Bill, you call it, quote, “a new normal minus.” Have you lost all confidence in our capacity to grow the economy? GROSS: Well, no. You know, but the problem I have with the free market capitalism, Larry, ...
Bill Gross: “The New Normal Minus” | The Reformed Broker
By Joshua M Brown
Bill Gross: “The New Normal Minus”. Joshua M Brown; August 30th, 2011. Pimco's Bill Gross talked about his wrong (or early) Treasury bet and the obviously decelerating economic outlook with Larry Kudlow tonight on CNBC. ...
The Reformed Broker
The New Normal « By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog
By John C.
The New Normal. August 30, 2011 — John C. When I was serving my mission in Russia, almost no-one I met had heard of the Mormons, but those who had had learned of us from a particular source. Leo Tolstoy? President Benson? or ...
By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog
The New Normal | The Post-Divorce Chronicles
By Lee Block
The new normal is divorced, remarried, steps everywhere and mother's and father's standing on opposite sides of the room.
The Post-Divorce Chronicles
A new work normal | The Next Great Generation
By James Haight
The New Normal and the Transforming Workplace Landscape. By James Haight on Aug 31, 2011. Leave a comment Go to comments. They say new graduates are fairing better today than last year, but is it too early to believe that we're out of ...
The Next Great Generation
Boom, Gloom and the New Normal goes mainstream (Chemicals ...
By Paul Hodges
Readers will no doubt be pleased to see that Bloomberg have today published a major article on the likely changes in demand patterns due to the ageing of the Western babyboomers. Its title, 'Aging Baby Boomers Shrinking Labor Force May.
Chemicals & The Economy
Your Money: In the New Economy - Economic Facts
By Leo Cecchini
Until we recreate that credit pile we will struggle to adjust to the “New Normal” which means higher unemployment, average 10% instead of 5%, more limited prospects, lower standard of living and more. And we can rebuild that credit safely ...
Peace Corps Worldwide Master Site Feed
Israel — Normalcy and Denial |
By Joshua Goldstein
The trouble is, right underneath this new normal is a layer of denial and, below that, a volcano ready to erupt. The most fundamental issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have not been resolved. They won't just disappear. But they're no ...
Managing Cargo Theft: The 'New Normal' for Transportation Firms ...
Insurance is available for cargo theft and related supply chain disruptions, but the most important priority is keeping your drivers protected.

High unemployment doesn't have to be the new normal
York Daily Record
But if we allow idle workers and persistently high unemployment to become the new normal, we risk the deterioration of communities as well as the nation's position as a global economic force. Research shows persistently high unemployment has negative ...
Rebooted Justice League Offers Peek at DC Comics' 'New World Order'
Wired News
But it remains unclear from Justice League 's renumbered first issue — which kick-starts the publisher's postmillennial makeover of DC Universe's 52 series and their superheroes' origin stories — whether the new normal has anything better to offer ...
Jeffrey: Below trend growth is the new normal
Investment Week
Cazenove's CIO Richard Jeffrey has criticised policymakers who expected the global economy to bounce back to pre-crisis levels after 2009, branding such expectations a 'fallacy.' Jeffrey said a drop-off in domestic consumption coupled with rising ...
Rebuilding the Health of New Orleans' Children From the Ground Up)
Huffington Post (blog)
The truth is, even when things are back to "normal," it will likely be a "new normal." And this will demand that unlikely partners come together to pool knowledge and resources to implement programs that reach deep into communities where the neediest ...
Business climate set for increased volatility
Channel News Asia
By Ryan Huang / Amanda Feng | Posted: 31 August 2011 1447 hrs SINGAPORE: The Singapore government warns that increased volatility will be a feature of the new "normal" business climate of the future. The Minister of State for Trade and Industry, ...
A challenge to our challenging times
Bluffton News Banner
It may well be the new normal. Bluffton's news two weeks ago Thursday that Franklin Electric would be moving their headquarters and engineering offices to Fort Wayne in the near future (a long-anticipated announcement) was followed just a week later ...
Suspicious packages swamp law enforcement
USA Today
Federal and local officials said the calls are part of a new normal in law enforcement. Yet some acknowledge that maintaining the pace of response has been a daunting task in the 10 years since the United States suffered its last major terrorist attack ...
Huntsman job plan: streamline taxes, leash reg agencies, more trade pacts, drill
Orlando Sentinel (blog)
Some say today's economy is the 'new normal we must accept.' I refuse to,” said Huntsman, a former US ambassador and a former governor of Utah. “It is time for America to compete again.” Huntsman endorsed budget recommendations made last year in the ...
Voters tell S'pore it must change its ways
New Straits Times
How wrong Tony was when he spoke of a new normal in Singapore politics just weeks before he squeaked in with a 0.34 percentage point victory to become Singapore's seventh president. That new normal has become the old normal in just a matter of weeks. ...
Biking in Alameda: Can It Be Cool?
San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
Moreover, they note, this image probably won't change until more people use their bikes for transportation (so it becomes the new normal). Of course, biking has long been normal in some European countries (think the Netherlands). ...
Louisianas Energy Potential Continues to Grow
KATC Lafayette News
... the second half of Louisiana's duo of dense rock plays believed to have the kind of production potential that has made shale plays such as Louisiana's Haynesville and the Barnett and Eagle Ford Shales of Texas the new normal in energy exploration. ...
Greencastle youngster Calvin McLaughlin Jr. bounces back from serious injury
Echo Pilot
Life has taken on a new normal for Serena and her husband Randy Harne Sr., stepson Randy Jr., 13, Brett McLaughlin, 5, and Lydia Harne, eight months. Calvin is ready for first grade with teacher Heidi Cummings. He hinted he didn't like school but Harne ...
9/11: An Urban Shaman's Response
Huffington Post (blog)
Our challenge and our joy is to make this miracle of living in caring community be the new normal. The way I see it, we are at a crossroads in our evolution. Either we will figure out how to live together on one planet without violence, or we won't. ...
Justice Department sues to block AT&T takeover of T-Mobile
Los Angeles Times
"Cuts in wages, benefits and jobs have become the new normal in America, so that when a company like AT&T takes action to bring back quality jobs, it's big news," said Larry Cohen, president of the Communications Workers of America union. ...
Economic Recovery, One Client At A Time
Insurance News Net (press release)
I am afraid that we may be entering that period known as "the new normal" when it comes to economic growth. So, Americans are going to have to develop their own “Personal Pension Plan” to guarantee that they will have an income they can't outlive to ...
Redefining the Path to Business Survival and Success
Small Business Computing
As a CIO, you are keenly aware that rapid change in business and technology is the "new normal." However, in the 21st Century, “change” is actually too weak a descriptor. Today, it's all about transformation. This means you can't go backward, ...
Focus on Creating High IT Value
Supply & Demand Chain Executive
And second, given that executives are seeking more, rather than less, value from their IT spending in the “New Normal,” the potentially minimal value contribution of IT in 2010 does not bode well as IT departments seek funding for projects and ...
US equities rise on homebuilder strength
Financial Times
“Companies are adjusting to what could be a new normal of low demand for two to three years and it is prudent to do so.” Mr Widner recommended buying homebuilders with relatively little debt. “If demand stays weak, at least their balance sheets won't ...
September 2011 Economic Forecast Shows Contraction
Global Economic Intersection
The USA economy is historically weak and the underlying fundamentals (New Normal) have changed. An event may occur which can tip the economy, but the tipping point may be difficult to define. This is especially true in the New Normal following the ...
Why Gibson Guitar Was Raided By The Justice Department
NPR (blog)
"This is a new normal," says the EIA's Andrea Johnson. "And it takes getting used to." Johnson defends the Lacey Act and the government's efforts to enforce it. "Nobody here wants this law to founder on unintended consequences," she says. ...
Grief workshops can help people cope with loss
Jacksonville Daily Progress
Bullard said the workshop helps individuals accept the reality of the loss, work through the pain of the grief, adjust to the new environment and set a new normal. “That's when you start reinvesting yourself in the community, where you're giving of ...
The dilemma of growth, as dramatized by the voices in my head
Grist Magazine
That's the new normal. If it weren't behind a paywall, "A Crude Predicament" in Foreign Affairs would tell you all about it. Or check out this post from Kevin Drum, drawing on the work of economist James Hamilton, who notes that 10 of the 11 post-war ...
Admiral Defends Use of Elite Unit in Calamitous Raid
New York Times
“This may be the 'new normal,' in terms of this threat that we will have to live with for a long time. But we are better postured  now to deal with that threat than we've ever been before. “I don't think we will ever be complacent again. ...

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