Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pay cuts signal "new normal" on Wall Street

Pay cuts may signal "new normal" on Wall Street
"I hate this phrase, but I think their compensation levels at this point are the new normal," said Michael Cohn, chief investment strategist at Atlantis Asset Management, which owns Goldman Sachs shares. "The world isn't going back to the way it was ...

Rob Douglas: Budgeting for the new normal
Steamboat Pilot & Today
For 20 years, Steamboat resident Rob Douglas was a Washington, D.C. private detective specializing in homicide, political corruption and terrorism. Since 1998, Douglas has been a commentator on local, state and national politics in Washington, D.C., ...

Pimco's El-Erian: 'New Normal' May Soon Be Ending
The "new normal" may be ending soon, predicts Mohamed El-Erian, CEO and co-chief investment officer of fund giant Pimco. El-Erian coined the term in 2009 to describe a long-lasting period of slow economic growth, high unemployment and credit and debt ...

In Post-Shooting Newtown, New 'Normal' Adds Deep Caring, Spirituality, to the ...
Litchfield County Times
For the town itself, which was inundated with mountains of teddy bears and tens of thousands of pieces of mail — many containing checks — since the shootings, the “new normal” includes a special Parks & Recreation Commission subcommitee to figure out ...

Is the drought an anomaly or new normal?
Pork Magazine
Drought monitor Several wet weather systems gave hope to producers across the southern Plains and into the Gulf Coast states. Though these systems improved the nation's overall drought by a few percentage points, it did little else to ease the ...

Wild weather: Extreme is the new normal
New Scientist
But Australia's fires are just the most dramatic of a cluster of ongoing extreme weather events, including droughts in the US and Brazil and a lethal cold snap in Asia (see "Drought, fire, ice: world is gripped by extreme weather"). Lumping extreme ...

'New Normal' May Be Nearing End: Pimco's El-Erian
Here Is The City
The "new normal" of slow economic growth, high unemployment and government debt problems could be over in the not-so-distant future, Pimco's Mohamed El-Erian says. El-Erian, CEO and co-CIO of the firm, coined the phrase. "We said in 2009: three to five...

Here Is The City

Flat Growth: The New Normal | RDU Cruising Altitude
By Mike Landguth
At today's Airport Authority board meeting, I shared our passenger numbers for 2012. The number of travelers passing through RDU rose just under one percent. Several years ago, this may have been surprising, particularly in our region, but ...
RDU Cruising Altitude

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Voters accept the “New Normal”

Voters accept the “New Normal”
Human Events
On Sunday, CNN released a poll in which 51 percent of the respondents “say things are going pretty badly or very badly.” The numbers are better than they were during the election, so President Obama enjoys a bit of inaugural fresh-start New Years' ...

Philadelphia Daily News
DURING HIS first campaign for president in 2008, Barack Obama rarely mentioned Martin Luther King by name, referring instead to a "young preacher from Georgia." But Obama regularly acknowledges the debt he owes to the civil-rights heroes of the 1960s ...

Bond links: The end of Pimco's new normal?
David Waring is the co-founder of bond investing education web site Learn Bonds and market commentary site Bond Moves. If you've watched a You Tube video on technical analysis or forex trading, you have probably seen one of the over 100 videos that he ...

Only Their Timing (the New-Not-Normal Davos)
That removes us, in subtle shades, away from a grim New Normal. The good Haves descending on Davos are not normal. (The U.S. contingent enjoys its 0.9 percent Medical tax surcharge, as one example.) They, and these World Economic Forum meetings, ...

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Drunk on Obama's New Normal?

RealClearMarkets - Friday's Unemployment: "Good" Only By "New Normal" Standards: "There were 3.3 million fewer Americans working last month than there were back in November 2007, which was more than five years ago. In the interim, America's working age population grew by 11.4 million. So, how were the December employment numbers? They were terrible. December was an awful month, capping a horrendous first Obama term in office. The current jobs situation could only be seen "good", or even "OK", by someone drunk on Obama's "new normal"."

Mohamed El-Erian's 'New Normal' Is Ending - America's Watershed Moment Is ...
Business Insider
In 2009, Mohamed El-Erian, CEO of PIMCO – the world's biggest bond fund manager – coined the term "new normal" to describe the period of economic malaise the U.S. would experience in the wake of the biggest recession of a generation. The "new ...

Business Insider

Exclusive New Normal Promo: John Stamos and Mark Consuelos Are Put to the ...
is literally the name of the game played this Tuesday on The New Normal (NBC, 9/8c). In order to win, the gang is going to have to use its very best gaydar on the special subjects at hand: John Stamos and Mark Consuelos. In the following exclusive ...

'New Normal' May Be Nearing End: Pimco's El-Erian
The "new normal" of slow economic growth, high unemployment and government debt problems could be over soon, Pimco's Mohamed El-Erian told CNBC.

Pay cuts may signal "new normal" on Wall Street - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: BOSTON (Reuters) - In the past few days, major global banks have taken the ax to pay with unusual zeal. JPMorgan Chase & Co slashed ...

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

No New Normal as Stocks to Bonds Rallied Like the 1990s

No New Normal as Stocks to Bonds Rallied Like the 1990s
Gross, 68, who manages the world's biggest bond fund, and El-Erian, 54, the firm's chief executive officer, captured the imagination of investors in an October 2009 report when they forecast a “new normal” for the global economy, where “the ...

Law Deans Confront a 'New Normal' as Schools Adjust to Job-Market Changes
Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
With applications to law schools in free fall and many of their graduates struggling to find jobs to pay off staggering debts, about 3,000 legal educators gathered here over the weekend to discuss what a panel of law deans referred to as "the new ...

Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)

Ed Fisher: Leadership in the 'new normal'
The Morning Sun
In his book, “Leadership in the New Normal,” Russel L. Honore, U.S. Army Lt. General, Retired (with Jennifer Robison, Acadian House, 2012) identifies the ever-changing complexities of international dependence on trade for sustained well-being as just ...

The new normal
The News International
'The New Normal' is the cancelling factor. Because casual butchery, rape, robbery and all the other crimes and misdemeanours have become the commonplace, the ordinary, the unremarkable and most certainly not worthy of comment by those who lead us ...

The News International

On The Dole And Watching The Pole: The New Normal EBT-Card ...
By Tyler Durden
Welfare recipients took out cash at bars, liquor stores, X-rated video shops, hookah parlors and even strip club - where they presumably spent their taxpayer money on lap dances rather than diapers, a NY Post investigation found. From Bronx ...

Unemployment: "Good" Only By "New Normal" Standards
The publication of Friday's "Employment Situation" report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) gives us our first opportunity to take stock of the first four years ...

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The New Normal - Dysfunctional

The New Normal
The Weekly Standard (blog)
Dysfunctional, the much used adjective to describe our political class, generally taken to mean deviating from norms of behavior, is a poorly chosen adjective. The president and the Congress have shown no sign of deviating at all from some norm—this ...

The Weekly Standard (blog)

Fiscal crisis is the new normal in Washington (registration)
Their last-minute deal Monday to avoid the fiscal cliff largely kicked the nation's pressing budget problem to the next crisis, days or weeks down the road. The bargain did not help stabilize Medicare or Social Security, or make it easier to plan ... (registration)

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Normal - Low Growth, Few Jobs, El-Erian Says

'New Normal': Low Growth, Few Jobs, El-Erian Says: " . . . But the inability of Washington to address the burgeoning debt and deficit problems without stunting growth has prolonged the weakness and kept growth prospects dim. "The new normal is sluggish growth and persistently high unemployment and concerns about debt and deficits," El-Erian said. "Now we have that as the baseline with fatter tails. We can either slip into recession, or if our politicians get their act together we can come out much quicker. But the fatter tail now is the possibility of slipping into recession." The "tails" of which El-Erian spoke refer to either end of the traditional bell curve of possiblities. A fatter tail indicates a higher probability of an extreme outcome outside of expected possibilities. Only an activist Federal Reserve has kept the markets from reacting more severely to the Washington dysfunction . . . "

Fiscal-Cliff Fiasco: Where Did Obama's Leverage Go? : The New Yorker: ". . . . One thing the leverage story didn’t fully account for was the willingness—make that eagerness—on the part of many conservative G.O.P.ers to send the economy over the cliff and be damned. Faced with a choice of breaking their commitment not to vote for higher tax rates, even for a tiny proportion of the population, or let the lower Bush rates expire and then vote to bring them back down soon after the new year, the House G.O.P. rank and file didn’t think twice about choosing the option that allowed them to preserve the party’s record of not having approved a tax hike since 1990. If such a strategy further undermined the credibility of the U.S. government and risked causing bedlam in the markets, it was a risk that the G.O.P. ultras were all too ready to embrace. . . ."

GUEST COLUMN: Returning to the new normal in Sandy Hook
Delaware County Daily Times
MONROE, Conn. --- As I pulled into the driveway of the new Sandy Hook Elementary School at the former Chalk Hill middle school Wednesday, a Monroe policeman flagged me to stop and asked to see my license. A few yards ahead, I had to show it again.

The 11 Most Damaging US Weather Disasters of 2012
The 11 Most Damaging U.S. Weather Disasters of 2012. By Amelia Hennighausen - 2013-01-03T19:15:32Z. The New Normal. Previous Next. Photograph by Scott Eells/Bloomberg. Previous. The New Normal · Violent Tornadoes Hit Ohio Valley · In Texas, ...


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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jersey Shore New normal not till summer 2014

Christie Q&A on Shore: New normal not till summer 2014
My guess is that the new normal at the Jersey Shore probably wonít be there until the summer of 2014. But weíre going to need that time. If you think about it, this was the worst storm in the stateís history. Itís going to take more than a couple ...

“Drag Race” Star Willam Belli To Appear On “The New Normal”
willam-the-new-normal1 Not only does RuPaul's Drag Race troublemaker Willam Belli have a role in an upcoming episode of The New Normal, but it's the same episode out hottie Matt Bomer appears in. Belli tells NewNowNext he'll be playing Nana Queen, ...

Paralyzed soldier finding new normal
Lewiston Morning Tribune (subscription)
Paralyzed soldier finding new normal. Twin Falls man suffered spinal cord stroke after returning from Iraq. Story · Comments · Image (1). Print: Create a hardcopy of this page; Font Size: Default font size: Larger font size. BCID Soldier-Stroke ...

Gridlock — the new normal in Washington
Salt Lake Tribune
Gridlock — the new normal in Washington. By Thomas Burr. | The Salt Lake Tribune. |. First Published 1 hour ago • Updated 1 minute ago. Washington • President Barack Obama says he has a mandate from voters after winning re-election but Utah's members ...

Varney's "New Normal" Spin On Jobs Report Buries Ugly Reality Of Austerity
Media Matters for America (blog)
On America's Newsroom, Fox Business host Stuart Varney ignored key economic data in claiming that the December jobs report is proof of "a new normal, bumping along the bottom, settling for this high rate of unemployment, 7.8 percent." Varney began the...

Media Matters for America (blog)

Paralyzed Twin Falls soldier finding new normal
Idaho Press-Tribune
Paralyzed Twin Falls soldier finding new normal. Story · Comments. Print: Create a hardcopy of this page; Font Size: Default font size: Larger font size. Posted: Saturday, January 5, 2013 12:02 am. Paralyzed Twin Falls soldier finding new normal PAUL ...

2013 Corporate Elite: Defining the New Normal
2013 Corporate Elite: Defining the New Normal. January 4, 2013. Staff — Advertisement. Say what you will about the dysfunctional nature of Washington, D.C., but the diverse men and women who run corporate America are in demand ...

The new normal? Another stagnant jobs report
The Mercury
Throughout the presidential race, politicians, analysts, pollsters and financial markets became fixated on one monthly economic report: unemployment. Its trajectory was seen as a good barometer on whether President Barack Obama would be re-elected.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to navigate the new normal in 2013

HCL Tech CEO Vineet Nayar's ideas on how to navigate the new normal in 2013 - The Economic Times: "So, at the threshold of a New Year, we need to now let go of our glorious past and put all the intellect at our command to focus on forward action. First, the truth of today. In his commentary on a weak global economic forecast for 2013, IMF chief economist Olivier Blanchard pointed out that 'familiar' forces such as a still-weak financial system were continuing to drag down advanced economy growth. He cautioned, "More seems to be at work than these mechanical forces." He was referring to the "general feeling of uncertainty" that surrounds us. I believe that this uncertainty has a far more damaging potential than the looming fiscal cliff, the euro debt crisis or a weak financial system per se. If we look back at the Great Depression of the 1930s and the hard-fought recovery that followed, we note that determined business enterprise stood at the core of the upswing. "

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

THE PROMISED LAND Israeli Television One-Ups “The New Normal”

THE PROMISED LAND Israeli Television One-Ups “The New Normal” With ...
But where The New Normal goes for the giggles, Mom and Dads “focuses on the complex dynamics of the parental triangle, layering their insecurities and complicated emotions with wry humor,” according to the New York Times. Series creator Avner ...

Copper brake restriction may be new normal
American Metal Market
NEW YORK — A Washington state law set to take effect Jan. 1 will restrict copper usage in automobile brake pads and likely affect copper and brake manufacturing across the country, industry leaders said. Dubbed the Better Brakes Law, the new ...

Army Staff Sgt. Chris Walker works to find a new normal
Lynchburg News and Advance
U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Chris Walker stepped out of a truck into the dry heat of Afghanistan on April 24. The 26-year-old swept the ground, searching for improvised explosive devices when one went off. The next thing Walker remembered was eight days later ...

The new normal
Ottawa Citizen
It's always clichéd to say “when historians look back at the year xxxx,” but when they do, 2012 might be seen as the year Stephen Harper's Conservatives finally began acting more like a typical Canadian government. The Conservative regime appears ...

'The New Normal:' Digital Capture for Ryan Murphy's Irreverent ...
For the New Normal pilot, Goi was influenced by L.A. Story, the 1991 Steve Martin comedy photographed by Andrew Dunn. “That story takes place in a Los ...

Mark Consuelos, John Stamos to Guest Star on 'The New Normal ...
Entertainment Weekly has some news for The New Normal fans who are already excited about the leak that Matt Bomer will be appearing on an upcoming ...

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Retail's new normal

OPINION | Retail's new normal
Twin Cities Daily Planet
After five years of diminished consumer spending, maybe it's time to permanently adjust expectations. Forced retailer enthusiasm aside, this is the new normal and it's what happens when conservative policy advocates guide public policymaking. The day...

Twin Cities Daily Planet

The New Normal | St. Louis County Library
"The Age of Miracles" by Karen Thompson Walker could be classified as science fiction but reads more like a contemporary coming of age novel.

Year of change makes for new normal in NJ schools ...
Sixth in a 12-part series examining challenges and opportunities confronting New Jersey in 2013.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Volatility Is the New Normal

Volatility Is the New Normal
CSNews Online
Super storm Sandy recently devastated the Northeastern United States, leaving millions of people without power and many with no roof over their heads. Once again, Mother Nature has reminded us that she is powerful and highly volatile. Fortunately, her...
CSNews Online

The 'new normal' looks like modest expectations in collective bargaining
Victoria Times Colonist
"So the new normal is really an acknowledgment that the economy is in a period of slow growth that's going to continue over the medium term," said Thorpe, director, leadership and human resources at the board. As a result, the board expects average ...

Labour relations in Canada settle into a 'new normal'
PR Newswire (press release)
"We have been living in the "new normal" since 2009, but we are only now realizing that we will not soon return to the buoyant growth enjoyed before the recession," said Karla Thorpe , Director, Leadership and Human Resources Research. "The bargaining ...

New Normal Art: "Hobo With iPhone" | ZeroHedge
By Tyler Durden
The 20th century gave us Marcel Duchamp and "Fountain"... The 21st century gives us Steve Jobs and Hobo with iPhone.Actual picture: photo credit Zero Hedge

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Russia In 2012: A New Normal

Russia In 2012: A New Normal
A longtime ruler lost his aura of omnipotence, but reclaimed his throne nonetheless. His adversaries grew in stature, but squabbled and struggled to find a common voice. And long-docile citizens woke up and demanded something new, but remained ...

The new normal is digital
Campaigns & Elections
Going into the 2012 cycle there were plenty of opinions about the next big thing—what would turn digital campaigning on its head? Would it be mobile? Pre-roll video? Would text donations come of age quickly? Many pegged 2012 to be the year of the cookie.

Campaigns & Elections

Gay Cultural Moments Of 2012: Adam Lambert, 'The New Normal,' 'Glee' And More
Huffington Post
... of gay dads-to-be. And the hit show looks likely to shine on in 2013, which is set to include <a href="">a guest appearance</a> by openly gay actor Matt Bomer.

John Stamos, Mark Consuelos, Matt Bomer Coming To “The New Normal”
NBC's breakout comedy the New Normal is getting some high-powered guest stars when the show returns in 2013: Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Mark Consuelos and John Stamos will both appear in an upcoming episode titled “Gaydar.” Consuleos ...

The frightening new normal for a 14-year-old
Imagine the Newtown tragedy through the eyes of an impressionable 14-year-old. She was just born when Columbine happened and was too young to understand 9/11. A little bit more seeped in when Virginia tech occurred, and then there were more ...

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

It’s getting hard to be someone

Our continuing series excerpts from PIMCO--

PIMCO | Investment Outlook - Strawberry Fields – Forever?: "“It’s getting hard to be someone but it all works out.” Why is it so hard to be someone these days, to pay for college, get a good-paying job and retire comfortably? That really was the economic question of the 2012 election towards which very few specifics were applied from either side. “There’s a better life out there for us,” Governor Romney bellowed to a crowd of thousands in Des Moines, Iowa just days before the election, but in truth he never told us how we were going to achieve it or, importantly, why we weren’t realizing it in the first place. The president’s political mantra of “Forward” was even more vague. . . . "

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The New Normal may not last forever but it will be with us for a long, long time

The last entry of our continuing series excerpts from PIMCO--

PIMCO | Investment Outlook - Strawberry Fields – Forever?: " . . . the inevitable policy response of developed economies to slower growth will be to reflate in order to minimize the impact of the aforementioned structural headwinds. If successful, reflationary policies will gradually move 10 to 30-year yields higher over the next several years. The 30-year Treasury hit its secular low of 2.50% in July and such a yield may seem ludicrous a decade hence. Investors should expect future annualized bond returns of 3–4% at best and equity returns only a few percentage points higher. As John Lennon forewarned, it is getting harder to be someone, and harder to maintain the economic growth that investors have become accustomed to. The New Normal, like Strawberry Fields will “take you down” and lower your expectation of future asset returns. It may not last “forever” but it will be with us for a long, long time."

Happy New Year!

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New Normal - Google News