Saturday, January 5, 2013

Russia In 2012: A New Normal

Russia In 2012: A New Normal
A longtime ruler lost his aura of omnipotence, but reclaimed his throne nonetheless. His adversaries grew in stature, but squabbled and struggled to find a common voice. And long-docile citizens woke up and demanded something new, but remained ...

The new normal is digital
Campaigns & Elections
Going into the 2012 cycle there were plenty of opinions about the next big thing—what would turn digital campaigning on its head? Would it be mobile? Pre-roll video? Would text donations come of age quickly? Many pegged 2012 to be the year of the cookie.

Campaigns & Elections

Gay Cultural Moments Of 2012: Adam Lambert, 'The New Normal,' 'Glee' And More
Huffington Post
... of gay dads-to-be. And the hit show looks likely to shine on in 2013, which is set to include <a href="">a guest appearance</a> by openly gay actor Matt Bomer.

John Stamos, Mark Consuelos, Matt Bomer Coming To “The New Normal”
NBC's breakout comedy the New Normal is getting some high-powered guest stars when the show returns in 2013: Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Mark Consuelos and John Stamos will both appear in an upcoming episode titled “Gaydar.” Consuleos ...

The frightening new normal for a 14-year-old
Imagine the Newtown tragedy through the eyes of an impressionable 14-year-old. She was just born when Columbine happened and was too young to understand 9/11. A little bit more seeped in when Virginia tech occurred, and then there were more ...

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