Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Volatility Is the New Normal

Volatility Is the New Normal
CSNews Online
Super storm Sandy recently devastated the Northeastern United States, leaving millions of people without power and many with no roof over their heads. Once again, Mother Nature has reminded us that she is powerful and highly volatile. Fortunately, her...
CSNews Online

The 'new normal' looks like modest expectations in collective bargaining
Victoria Times Colonist
"So the new normal is really an acknowledgment that the economy is in a period of slow growth that's going to continue over the medium term," said Thorpe, director, leadership and human resources at the board. As a result, the board expects average ...

Labour relations in Canada settle into a 'new normal'
PR Newswire (press release)
"We have been living in the "new normal" since 2009, but we are only now realizing that we will not soon return to the buoyant growth enjoyed before the recession," said Karla Thorpe , Director, Leadership and Human Resources Research. "The bargaining ...

New Normal Art: "Hobo With iPhone" | ZeroHedge
By Tyler Durden
The 20th century gave us Marcel Duchamp and "Fountain"... The 21st century gives us Steve Jobs and Hobo with iPhone.Actual picture: photo credit Zero Hedge

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