Thursday, February 28, 2013

100% Renewable Energy: Becoming the New Normal

100% Renewable Energy: Becoming the New Normal
Anyone even suggesting a target of 100% renewable energy was a radical. Fast forward to today and in much of Europe, and increasingly in the U.S. and the developing world, 100% renewable energy goals are becoming the new normal. Entire countries like ...

Welcome To The New Normal: Disability Rights, Not 'Special Needs'
The Jewish Week (blog)
In the second half of the 20th century, the Jewish community did the impossible; after decades of struggle, Soviet Jewry emerged from behind the Iron Curtain, empowered to emigrate as a result of intense international pressure. Amazingly, a tiny ...

Adjusting risk to the global market's 'new normal'
Financial Post
In a recently released report, Don Wilkinson, Deloitte Canada's vice-chair and leader of its Director Series' program, argues it's high time Canadian businesses take the new global economy reality by the horns and rediscover some of the risk tolerance ...

Financial Post

Gender violence: Creating a new normal for South Africa's men
Mail & Guardian Online
Gender violence: Creating a new normal for South Africa's men. 22 Feb 2013 00:00 - Mia Malan. Tweet. The solution lays in addressing 'how we raise our boys' and "how we equip parents to be parents". But there's a long way to go. Dumisane Rebombo is ...

Ad:tech 2013: “'Smart' will be the new normal”
Campaign India
Marketing Masters featured marketers presenting case studies on the best practices and optimum usage of the digital space that has been done for their brands. The session featured Rajesh Chakrabarti, chief marketing officer and chief innovation officer ...

'The New Normal': See 9 year-old Shania dressed up as the ... - IMDb
IMDb, the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content.

In Connecticut, Unplowed Streets Might Be the New Normal
The Atlantic Cities
More than a week after a historic blizzard pounded Connecticut, life in New Haven has largely become a cat-and-mouse game with huge mounds of snow. (We got 34 inches). Driving, parking, and walking are all about avoiding big, white, icy heaps or giant ...

The Atlantic Cities

Chardon High students describe 'new normal' since shooting that killed three ...
Three students at Chardon High School say there is a “new normal” there one year after the shooting that claimed the lives of three students and left two others seriously wounded. During a news conference Friday at the Geauga County Library ...

'We have evolved a new normal in the US-India relationship... counter ...
Indian Express
Let me cite a few instances of what I mean by the new normal... It is now normal that we have over one hundred visits at the senior official level and higher-level exchanges per year. It is normal that our dialogue architecture covers the gamut of ...

LAWBIZ COACHES CORNER: Understanding law firms' 'new normal'
Wisconsin Law Journal
As the legal profession continues to contend with everything from layoffs to fee pressures, upheaval is the “new normal.” The world many firms previously knew is gone. Adapting to that change in order to stay competitive, to thrive in the “new normal ...

Wisconsin Law Journal

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Anything Goes is New Normal in Politics

'Anything Goes' Is the New Normal in Politics
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
The GOP's attempt to gerrymander the Electoral College by having a few swing states distribute their electoral votes according to congressional district rather than through the winner of the popular vote seems to be collapsing. The scheme has been ...

U.S. News & World Report (blog)

Stagnation, the New Normal
Town Hall
So, U.S. consumer confidence unexpectedly plunged in January to its lowest level in more than a year. The U.S. economy unexpectedly posted a contraction in the fourth quarter of 2012 -- for the first time since the recession -- "defying" expectations ...

Job cuts and layoffs continue in the New Normal
Human Events
Employers announced 40,430 job cuts this month, up 24.2 percent from 32,556 in December, according to the report from consultants Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. But January's job cuts were down almost the same amount from the same time a year ...

Australian Bladders Become New Normal for Wine Exports
Hardys became the U.K.'s best- selling Australian wine by selling bottles for as little as 3.40 pounds ($5) in the face of a rising domestic currency. To do that and still earn a profit, the winemaker turned to plastic bags -- 24,000-liter plastic bags ...

Colin Kaepernick may be "New Normal" after Super Bowl XLVII
Rant Sports
With the skill set available to the 49ers phenom and the added advantage of being linked to a coaching staff perfectly suited to his skills, Kaepernick, and the style of quarterbacking he represents, may soon be the new normal for NFL teams across the ...

Weatherford Outlines DHS Cybersecurity Goals
"This is the new normal mode of operation," says Mark Weatherford, DHS deputy undersecretary for cybersecurity, in an interview with Information Security Media Group. "People are getting a little bit weary of this and, as I try to say without raising ...

Stagnation, the New Normal | RealClearPolitics
By David Harsanyi, Human Events
So, U.S. consumer confidence unexpectedly plunged in January to its lowest level in more than a year. The U.S. economy unexpectedly posted a contraction in the fourth quarter of 2012 -- for the first time since the recession -- "defying" ...
RealClearPolitics - Homepage

Bulimia: The New Normal | Christian Counseling & Education ...
Bulimia is the new normal. The thin and wealthy specialize in it, but you can be sure that it is a cornerstone of any culture in which the preferred body type is ...

Sidney Crosby's 'new normal'; Blues to honor Stan Musial; escrow ...
From the blog Puck Daddy: Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, ...

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Frightening New Normal Precarity

 a new "precariat class," with insecure jobs and  vanishing civil liberties

Envisioning a Frightening New Normal in "Post-Racial" America of Austerity ...
Wilmer Leon connects the dots in a supposedly "post-racial America" and finds a frightening possibility that the new normal may well be decades of austerity for a new "precariat class," with insecure jobs and vanishing civil liberties. These concepts ...

The Least Normal Things About 'The New Normal': Breast Feeding Edition
New Normal Recap NBC's The New Normal is a delightful show about a not very ordinary gay couple trying to have a surrogate daughter with a strange woman who has an oddball child and an unbelievably bigoted (and funny) grandmother. NeNe Leakes is...

The Riotous Underbelly of the New Normal
Here we are, almost twenty years after apartheid and from the prisons, to the shack settlements and the farms, the riotous underbelly of our society is on television most nights. We're not even a full month into the year and its been reported that the ...

Doping: The New Normal?
The Takeaway
Doping: The New Normal?  The helmet Alex Rodriguez wore when he hit his 500th career home run on Aug. 4, 2007. (Courtesy of the National Baseball Hall of Fame Library) ...

Group helps 'a new normal' surface in grief's wake
She says it took her three or four years to find "a new normal" after her 8-year-old daughter, Stephanie, and 5-year-old son, Stephen, were killed in an auto accident that she survived in 1991. Sandy Hook parents can't see how they will ever get past ...

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recovery, Economy, New Normal

As the economy recovers there is a 'new normal'
Inside Tucson Business
As the economy continues to recover, former University of Arizona economist Gerald Swanson cautions businesses, and taxpayers in general, should be concerned about what's likely to become “the new normal.” The middle class is disappearing.

A new normal for snow
High Country News
Idaho hydrologist Phil Morrisey has been fielding some complaints lately. Although the Natural Resources Conservation Service -- the federal agency he works for -- reports normal snowpack, skiers say they're schussing through thin powder. And they have ...

Under the 'new normal,' we can all relax while things go to hell
Athens NEWS
However, if we taxed the millionaires and billionaires at 100 percent, it would not come close to solving our budget problem. So guess who gets hosed next. You guessed it, the tax-paying middle class. Another new normal is the skyrocketing health-care ...

This 'New Normal' Really Stinks | The Lonely Conservative
By Lonely Conservative
Aren't you getting tired of hearing how the economic situation today is the new normal? I know I am. Just this morning I heard a commentator talking ab...
The Lonely Conservative

The New Normal In Nine Charts | Zero Hedge
From macro to micro; from momentum to valuation; and from money supply to expectations, the 'new normal' in which investors find themselves is one currently ...

America's New Normal | America | Fox Nation
America's Creeping New NormalcySluggish growth and high unemployment are increasingly just accepted.By James PethokoukisNations probably never ...

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mental health in the context of inevitable struggle

The New Normal | Psychology Today
Mental health in the context of inevitable struggle By Dr. Eric R. Maisel, Ph.D....

David Harsanyi: Stagnation, the New Normal
David Harsanyi: Stagnation, the New Normal. By David Harsanyi | @davidharsanyi | Published on 02.01.2013 3:06 p.m.. email to a friend · total comments · print this article. So, U.S. consumer confidence unexpectedly plunged in January to its lowest ...

Is extreme weather the new normal?
The Inter-Mountain
This week's see-sawing temperatures and wild weather extremes have kept residents glued to their computers and smart phones, checking the weather forecasts - which seemed to change constantly - and tracking the storms headed through our area.

THE NEW NORMAL | Austin Eavesdropper
THE NEW NORMAL. January 29, 2013. IMAGE // Via Farm 8. “Abnormal,” the nurse said over the phone, in a tone at once calm and grave. “Abnormal?” I asked ...

The 'New Normal' of High Unemployment | Cato @ Liberty
I almost feel sorry for the Obama administration's spin doctors. Every month, they probably wait for the unemployment numbers from the Bureau of Labor ...

What Will the New 'Normal' for Housing Be? | Realtor Magazine
Mortgage giant Fannie Mae recently offered some predictions of what the housing market's “normal” will look like in the next two years. In its report, “ Transition to ...

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The New Normal Is No Longer New

The New Normal Is No Longer New - Cloud Storm Chasers - CA Technologies: " . . . "[C]ompanies have to reinvent their IT in order to make IT still relevant .... IT used to be about the large complex projects. IT has to be much more about the agile design to change mentality that is the new normal." This has been such a long time coming that we might as well start calling it the ‘Current Normal' or just plain ‘Reality'. There is nothing ‘New' about it anymore. Unfortunately that doesn't necessarily mean that IT has kept pace. "Many companies still have IT departments that are really geared for the old normal ... an era of building systems and running systems and implementing things. In the new normal, it's much more about design to change, than built to last. And that means that we have to rethink the role of IT. We have to rethink the composition of IT. ... We have to reinvent IT departments to be much more of a thought leader - somebody who is actually going to help the business find the right business solutions instead of people who can just implement technology solutions." Nothing has illustrated this point more than the presence of cloud. With cloud computing, the divide between those IT folks that are willing to expand outside their comfort zone and try new things, and those that are entrenched in their routine and just want to maintain status quo, are becoming so much more evident. Those IT departments that saw that opportunity, took a leap of faith, and put the business before their own insecurities, are seeing the results pay off. Instead of just managing systems, these pioneers are looking at the bigger picture and understanding what strategies and what solutions are best suited for the business, and not only adapting to that change, but instigating it. . . . "

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Americans Rip Up Retirement Plans

Americans Rip Up Retirement Plans - " . . . Nearly two-thirds of Americans between the ages of 45 and 60 say they plan to delay retirement, according to a report to be released Friday by the Conference Board. That was a steep jump from just two years earlier, when the group found that 42% of respondents expected to put off retirement. The increase was driven by the financial losses, layoffs and income stagnation sustained during the last few years of recession and recovery, said Gad Levanon, director of macroeconomic research at the organization and a co-author of the report, which is based on a 2012 survey of 15,000 individuals. . . ."

Are Higher Interest Rates the New Normal?
loading. The H.R. 325 " No Budget, No Pay Act Act of 2013 " was signed into law yesterday. What kind of impact will it have on the Treasury market? Are higher interest rates the "new normal?" Before tackling that question, here's what the temporary ...

The New Normal: Watching an entire series instead of individual episodes
... itself anytime soon. To take advantage of this new normal, streaming companies like Netflix have moved into the business of creating their own television shows and offering entire seasons for viewers to watch instead of rolling out episodes one at ...

Is $5 corn the new normal?
Western Farm Press
The new normal for animal feed costs will be at least $5 corn and $300 soybean meal, according to Thomas Elam of FarmEcon during his presentation on the "Economic State of the Industry". He was speaking at the Meat and Poultry Research Conference ...

Western Farm Press

Earnings season to test new 'new normal'
In those first months, optimists became adept at unearthing every slender reed of recovery, which would duly be swept away by the next tsunami of bad news. Fairly quickly, "green shoots" gave way to the "new normal": an economy as flat as a pancake ...

Jenkins: Apple's New Normal -
In The Wall Street Journal, Business World columnist Holman Jenkins writes that the smartphone has become too interesting a product for one company to ...

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Brennan pick a sign of Obama's frightening new normal

Amy Goodman: Brennan pick a sign of Obama's frightening new normal
Capital Times
His promotion of Brennan and his prosecution of Kiriakou demonstrate how the recent excesses of U.S. presidential power are not transient aberrations, but the creation of a frightening new normal, where drone strikes, warrantless surveillance ...

Maybe Long-Term Unemployment Isn't the New Normal
Maybe Long-Term Unemployment Isn't the New Normal. Text Size. Published: Friday, 8 Feb 2013 Long-term unemployment may not be the stubborn problem we thought it was. Some economists say ...

Gay Christians Coming Out is the New Normal
Opposing Views
Yesterday evening I received the letter below. I wanted to share it (with of course permission from its author, Emma Turner) because I think it so perfectly speaks to the way that today the relationship between Christianity and homosexuality [man, that ...

Opposing Views

Don Cayo: Uncertainty is the new normal, and the cost is high
Vancouver Sun
If you keep even a loose eye on the TSX and other fast-changing indicators of the health of the Canadian economy, the findings of a new Fraser Institute study won't come as a surprise. It's that policy uncertainty elsewhere — particularly the U.S. and ...

Bad Economy Is New Normal, More Americans Say
Huffington Post
More Americans believe today than they did two years ago that their country will never fully recover from the Great Recession. Fifty-six percent of Americans surveyed by the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University in ...

The 'new normal' in America is something to be worried about
Athens NEWS
With regard to our nation's economy, I presume we are now experiencing the new "normal." How many years have we had unemployment 7.9 percent or higher (we all know the true number is much higher)? Who among our government leaders, especially ...

Are Higher Interest Rates the New Normal? - Yahoo! Finance
From Yahoo! Finance: Yields on both 10-year and 30-year U.S. Treasuries are spiking higher. Is it a temporary phenomenon or part of longer-term secular trend ...

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Slow Economic Growth As the New Normal

Slow Economic Growth Is the 'New Normal' – Fannie Mae
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The mortgage-finance company noted that the recovery's slow pace has become the “new normal,” as the fiscal cliff and continuing debt-ceiling debate–which are likely to suppress consumer spending in the first half of 2013–continue to present ...

Apple's new normal: diminished expectations
MarketWatch (blog)
Apple's new normal: diminished expectations. January 24, 2013, 1:58 PM. While Wall Street has kept its bullish sentiment alive on Apple Inc. despite a brutal sell-off on Thursday, brokers still raced to scale back their expectations for the company ...

Slower economic growth in Tri-Cities seen as new normal
Mid Columbia Tri City Herald
Industry experts described the slower growth the Tri-Cities has seen in the past year as the new normal, during Thursday's 14th annual Tri-Cities Regional Economic Outlook sponsored by the Tri-City Development Council. The Tri-City economy remains ...

Fannie Mae: Housing will pave the way in 'new normal' economy
Housing Wire
The beginnings of the housing rebound, along with the fiscal policy decisions established or currently in the process of being made, give a sense that the economy is beginning to transition back to normal. However, there is uncertainty where this ...

The new normal: Accepting patient-provided data in the mHealth era
The new normal: Accepting patient-provided data in the mHealth era. Author Name Jennifer Bresnick | Date January 24, 2013 | Tagged Health IT and Patient Engagement, mHealth, Mobile Apps, Mobile Health Applications. It's easy to dismiss the overactive ...

THE GUARDIAN: Israel: the new normal
IN THE end, the crown prince of Israeli politics was not the dotcom millionaire who would annex 60% of the West Bank. He was neither of the far nor the national religious right, as many had confidently predicted. Israel's new normal was a former ...

The New Normal | Mitchell Hashimoto
The “new normal” is what I've named a phenomenon I've seen multiple times in my life. It's an event where your perception of normality is changed by the people ...

TV review: The New Normal – review
The Guardian
I've been a bit slow coming to The New Normal, seeing as it's on at five to midnight. Which is a shame, because it's rather nice, like a sort of gay Modern Family. It's more traditional in format (fairly straightfoward, slick US sitom as opposed to ...

'Geek Love' is the new normal
WBEZ (blog)
Whenever I meet someone with the slightest bit of dating potential, I wait for the inevitable statement of identity that all hipster elitists seem to share: "I am such a nerd." Some people define their expertise by category (gamer, techie, film snob ...

WBEZ (blog)

Sex with an Ex: Are Post-Relationship Hookups a New Normal?
It's not you, it's me — but we can still have sex, right? For young adults, ending a relationship doesn't necessarily mean ending intimacy. And according to a new study in the Journal of Adolescent Research, those on-again, off-again relationships ...

Debunking 'The New Normal'
Vending Times
A new year prompts an obligatory look back, and for many this won't be a particularly pleasant exercise this time around. The past year, while not terrible, was filled with a sense of unease and uncertainty for most in the bulk vending business. More ...

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Japan as the new normal economy

Japan as the new normal: Living in a constrained economy: "This begs the question: if we are witnessing the end of economic growth, not only in Japan but globally, what are the new forms and structures of economic and societal behaviour that we should be searching for? Surely some of the answers can be found in Japan. Heinberg perhaps captures this best when he states: “A few nations and communities are already moving in the direction of a steady-state economy. Sweden, Denmark, Japan, and Germany have arguably reached a situation in which they do not depend on high rates of growth to provide for their people. This is not to say these countries have only smooth sailing ahead (Japan in particular is facing a painful adjustment, given its very high levels of government debt), but they are likely to fare better than other nations that have high domestic levels of economic inequality and that have gotten used to high growth rates.”"

Democracy's New Normal: The Impact of Extremist Parties
World Politics Review
Political extremism has, in many places, become a kind of new normal. In most democratic political systems, whether firmly established or still early in their consolidations, we find parties deemed “extremist” by the mainstream that routinely enjoy ...

Avandia case: the new normal for plaintiffs' fees in mass torts?
Thomson Reuters News & Insight
Avandia case: the new normal for plaintiffs' fees in mass torts? 1/23/2013 COMMENTS (0). Last week, the court-appointed mediator in the consolidated Avandia marketing and product liability litigation against GlaxoSmithKline informed U.S. District Judge ...

Thomson Reuters News & Insight

Gittell: NH struggling with 'new normal' post-recession
Exeter News-Letter
Dr. Ross Gittell, chancellor of the Community College System of New Hampshire, told members of the Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce Wednesday that while the Granite State weathered the recession better than the rest of the nation, it's coming out of it ...

Israel: the new normal | Editorial
The Guardian
Israel's new normal was a former columnist and TV presenter, who has patently avoided expressing an opinion on the big issues barrelling down the slipway. The telegenic Yair Lapid represents the Israeli who wants to live the quiet life, away from wars ...
Johnny Manziel Mention on The New Normal
Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Johnny Manziel was mentioned on the television show TheNew Normal. This clip is illustrative in how certain sports figures, even at the collegiate level, occasionally transcend the realm of sport and enter into pop ...

Yair Lapid, smooth face of Israel's 'new normal'
The Guardian
Yair Lapid is well known to Israelis as a former television personality and columnist for the country's biggest-selling newspaper. But even after his stunning success in the Israeli election, and as potential kingmaker in coalition negotiations, he is ...

The Guardian

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The New Normal in the UK

The New Normal
BBC News
Peter Day travels to the British Midlands to find out how beleaguered manufacturers are coping with the most difficult economy in decades. The region used to be the metal bashing heartland of the country but now manufacturers, service providers and ...

Greater differentiation should be the EU's new normal | British ...
By Managing Editor
The ongoing crisis in the eurozone has spurred reforms in the European Union towards greater power sharing and more fiscal federalism, while at the same time, the UK is seeking to repatriate some of the powers which have been transferred ...
British Politics and Policy at LSE

John Brennan: The New Normal
The Real News Network (blog)
The excitement was palpable. It was a huge first step toward the ending of what the New York Times called “the grim emblem of President George W. Bush's lawless policies of torture and detention.” Those policies were our response to the terrorist ...

The Real News Network (blog)

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Phablets Are The New Normal

Phablets Are The New Normal
As trends go, it's been hard to miss this one: Smartphones are getting bigger. Much bigger. Samsung has been championing huge phones for well over a year, introducing its original 5.3-inch whopper — the Galaxy Note — in 2011, and firing out a 5.5 ...


Hopes are banks will settle into a 'new normal'
The Courier-Journal
After a big recovery in 2012, will banks and their stocks settle into a post-financial-crisis “new normal” this year? The answers will begin to emerge in the next week, as the nation's top banks disclose fourth-quarter 2012 profits and give their first ...

The Improbable is the New Normal
Patheos (blog)
It is the new normal. That light of super-ness changes us. We no longer want mere presentations, we want the best, greatest, the most extraordinary presenters alive, as in TED. We don't want to watch people playing games, we want to watch the ...

Gitmo-go-round: Torture & drones 'new normal' for America
The notorious US detention facility at Guantanamo bay in Cuba marks its 11th anniversary, despite president Obama's four-year old promise to shut the camp. While human rights groups are calling for freedom for those cleared for release and for a fair ...

A 'New Normal' Star Thrives in the TV Ensemble
New York Times
Mr. Rannells, 34, who lives in the East Village, also stars in “The New Normal,” the NBC sitcom about a gay couple trying to have a child via surrogate. He saw his career blossom after he appeared on Broadway in “The Book of Mormon.” These are excerpts ...

Heightened Police Presence a New Normal at Area Schools ...
By Kristal Dixon
Increased police presence at local schools will become part of everyday operations in wake of the Newton, CT, tragedy.
Cartersville Patch

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New Normal - Google News