Thursday, February 7, 2013

Japan as the new normal economy

Japan as the new normal: Living in a constrained economy: "This begs the question: if we are witnessing the end of economic growth, not only in Japan but globally, what are the new forms and structures of economic and societal behaviour that we should be searching for? Surely some of the answers can be found in Japan. Heinberg perhaps captures this best when he states: “A few nations and communities are already moving in the direction of a steady-state economy. Sweden, Denmark, Japan, and Germany have arguably reached a situation in which they do not depend on high rates of growth to provide for their people. This is not to say these countries have only smooth sailing ahead (Japan in particular is facing a painful adjustment, given its very high levels of government debt), but they are likely to fare better than other nations that have high domestic levels of economic inequality and that have gotten used to high growth rates.”"

Democracy's New Normal: The Impact of Extremist Parties
World Politics Review
Political extremism has, in many places, become a kind of new normal. In most democratic political systems, whether firmly established or still early in their consolidations, we find parties deemed “extremist” by the mainstream that routinely enjoy ...

Avandia case: the new normal for plaintiffs' fees in mass torts?
Thomson Reuters News & Insight
Avandia case: the new normal for plaintiffs' fees in mass torts? 1/23/2013 COMMENTS (0). Last week, the court-appointed mediator in the consolidated Avandia marketing and product liability litigation against GlaxoSmithKline informed U.S. District Judge ...

Thomson Reuters News & Insight

Gittell: NH struggling with 'new normal' post-recession
Exeter News-Letter
Dr. Ross Gittell, chancellor of the Community College System of New Hampshire, told members of the Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce Wednesday that while the Granite State weathered the recession better than the rest of the nation, it's coming out of it ...

Israel: the new normal | Editorial
The Guardian
Israel's new normal was a former columnist and TV presenter, who has patently avoided expressing an opinion on the big issues barrelling down the slipway. The telegenic Yair Lapid represents the Israeli who wants to live the quiet life, away from wars ...
Johnny Manziel Mention on The New Normal
Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Johnny Manziel was mentioned on the television show TheNew Normal. This clip is illustrative in how certain sports figures, even at the collegiate level, occasionally transcend the realm of sport and enter into pop ...

Yair Lapid, smooth face of Israel's 'new normal'
The Guardian
Yair Lapid is well known to Israelis as a former television personality and columnist for the country's biggest-selling newspaper. But even after his stunning success in the Israeli election, and as potential kingmaker in coalition negotiations, he is ...

The Guardian

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