Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recovery, Economy, New Normal

As the economy recovers there is a 'new normal'
Inside Tucson Business
As the economy continues to recover, former University of Arizona economist Gerald Swanson cautions businesses, and taxpayers in general, should be concerned about what's likely to become “the new normal.” The middle class is disappearing.

A new normal for snow
High Country News
Idaho hydrologist Phil Morrisey has been fielding some complaints lately. Although the Natural Resources Conservation Service -- the federal agency he works for -- reports normal snowpack, skiers say they're schussing through thin powder. And they have ...

Under the 'new normal,' we can all relax while things go to hell
Athens NEWS
However, if we taxed the millionaires and billionaires at 100 percent, it would not come close to solving our budget problem. So guess who gets hosed next. You guessed it, the tax-paying middle class. Another new normal is the skyrocketing health-care ...

This 'New Normal' Really Stinks | The Lonely Conservative
By Lonely Conservative
Aren't you getting tired of hearing how the economic situation today is the new normal? I know I am. Just this morning I heard a commentator talking ab...
The Lonely Conservative

The New Normal In Nine Charts | Zero Hedge
From macro to micro; from momentum to valuation; and from money supply to expectations, the 'new normal' in which investors find themselves is one currently ...

America's New Normal | America | Fox Nation
America's Creeping New NormalcySluggish growth and high unemployment are increasingly just accepted.By James PethokoukisNations probably never ...

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