Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The New Normal in the UK

The New Normal
BBC News
Peter Day travels to the British Midlands to find out how beleaguered manufacturers are coping with the most difficult economy in decades. The region used to be the metal bashing heartland of the country but now manufacturers, service providers and ...

Greater differentiation should be the EU's new normal | British ...
By Managing Editor
The ongoing crisis in the eurozone has spurred reforms in the European Union towards greater power sharing and more fiscal federalism, while at the same time, the UK is seeking to repatriate some of the powers which have been transferred ...
British Politics and Policy at LSE

John Brennan: The New Normal
The Real News Network (blog)
The excitement was palpable. It was a huge first step toward the ending of what the New York Times called “the grim emblem of President George W. Bush's lawless policies of torture and detention.” Those policies were our response to the terrorist ...

The Real News Network (blog)

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