Saturday, February 9, 2013

Slow Economic Growth As the New Normal

Slow Economic Growth Is the 'New Normal' – Fannie Mae
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The mortgage-finance company noted that the recovery's slow pace has become the “new normal,” as the fiscal cliff and continuing debt-ceiling debate–which are likely to suppress consumer spending in the first half of 2013–continue to present ...

Apple's new normal: diminished expectations
MarketWatch (blog)
Apple's new normal: diminished expectations. January 24, 2013, 1:58 PM. While Wall Street has kept its bullish sentiment alive on Apple Inc. despite a brutal sell-off on Thursday, brokers still raced to scale back their expectations for the company ...

Slower economic growth in Tri-Cities seen as new normal
Mid Columbia Tri City Herald
Industry experts described the slower growth the Tri-Cities has seen in the past year as the new normal, during Thursday's 14th annual Tri-Cities Regional Economic Outlook sponsored by the Tri-City Development Council. The Tri-City economy remains ...

Fannie Mae: Housing will pave the way in 'new normal' economy
Housing Wire
The beginnings of the housing rebound, along with the fiscal policy decisions established or currently in the process of being made, give a sense that the economy is beginning to transition back to normal. However, there is uncertainty where this ...

The new normal: Accepting patient-provided data in the mHealth era
The new normal: Accepting patient-provided data in the mHealth era. Author Name Jennifer Bresnick | Date January 24, 2013 | Tagged Health IT and Patient Engagement, mHealth, Mobile Apps, Mobile Health Applications. It's easy to dismiss the overactive ...

THE GUARDIAN: Israel: the new normal
IN THE end, the crown prince of Israeli politics was not the dotcom millionaire who would annex 60% of the West Bank. He was neither of the far nor the national religious right, as many had confidently predicted. Israel's new normal was a former ...

The New Normal | Mitchell Hashimoto
The “new normal” is what I've named a phenomenon I've seen multiple times in my life. It's an event where your perception of normality is changed by the people ...

TV review: The New Normal – review
The Guardian
I've been a bit slow coming to The New Normal, seeing as it's on at five to midnight. Which is a shame, because it's rather nice, like a sort of gay Modern Family. It's more traditional in format (fairly straightfoward, slick US sitom as opposed to ...

'Geek Love' is the new normal
WBEZ (blog)
Whenever I meet someone with the slightest bit of dating potential, I wait for the inevitable statement of identity that all hipster elitists seem to share: "I am such a nerd." Some people define their expertise by category (gamer, techie, film snob ...

WBEZ (blog)

Sex with an Ex: Are Post-Relationship Hookups a New Normal?
It's not you, it's me — but we can still have sex, right? For young adults, ending a relationship doesn't necessarily mean ending intimacy. And according to a new study in the Journal of Adolescent Research, those on-again, off-again relationships ...

Debunking 'The New Normal'
Vending Times
A new year prompts an obligatory look back, and for many this won't be a particularly pleasant exercise this time around. The past year, while not terrible, was filled with a sense of unease and uncertainty for most in the bulk vending business. More ...

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