Saturday, February 16, 2013

The New Normal Is No Longer New

The New Normal Is No Longer New - Cloud Storm Chasers - CA Technologies: " . . . "[C]ompanies have to reinvent their IT in order to make IT still relevant .... IT used to be about the large complex projects. IT has to be much more about the agile design to change mentality that is the new normal." This has been such a long time coming that we might as well start calling it the ‘Current Normal' or just plain ‘Reality'. There is nothing ‘New' about it anymore. Unfortunately that doesn't necessarily mean that IT has kept pace. "Many companies still have IT departments that are really geared for the old normal ... an era of building systems and running systems and implementing things. In the new normal, it's much more about design to change, than built to last. And that means that we have to rethink the role of IT. We have to rethink the composition of IT. ... We have to reinvent IT departments to be much more of a thought leader - somebody who is actually going to help the business find the right business solutions instead of people who can just implement technology solutions." Nothing has illustrated this point more than the presence of cloud. With cloud computing, the divide between those IT folks that are willing to expand outside their comfort zone and try new things, and those that are entrenched in their routine and just want to maintain status quo, are becoming so much more evident. Those IT departments that saw that opportunity, took a leap of faith, and put the business before their own insecurities, are seeing the results pay off. Instead of just managing systems, these pioneers are looking at the bigger picture and understanding what strategies and what solutions are best suited for the business, and not only adapting to that change, but instigating it. . . . "

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