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New Normal as a "long-term inevitability"

Why the Pop-Culture President Won't Re-Energize the Youth Vote (blog)
A good portion of young America will stay home in November, not as a protest vote against the president, but because they've accepted the new normal as a long-term inevitability that no president can change. They've entered the real world, ... (blog) 

Johan set to make first start on normal rest
But it may have seemed short for Johan Santana, given that extra rest has become the new normal for him this April. After making each of his first four starts on an extra day of rest, Santana will pitch on regular rest Sunday for the first time this ...

What's worrying Indian IT services and can Infosys, TCS, Wipro, HCL Tech come ...
Times of India
Infosys calls this uncertain environment "the new normal" . It points to the financial services space to exemplify what's happening. "In the financial services space, what we are seeing is zero-based budget with month-to-month spending philosophy ...

With boom over, Las Vegas enters Era of Normal
Las Vegas Review - Journal
Swanson, Jackson and Harris represent a new normal: The job isn't the only reason to be here. "If everyone moved here simply for economic opportunity, we should have had tens of thousands of people leave," Aguero said. "If people were operating as ...

Stocks: Jobs, manufacturing and autos in focus
Investors want to know whether that's a blip or the new normal. But before the jobs data, there are several economic reports for investors to consider. On Tuesday morning at 10 am, a key national reading on manufacturing will be released.

Is the outsourcing story unravelling?
The Hindu
“We are in a new normal, and it [the global economy] will continue to be volatile,” he told The Hindu. Companies, he said, had “to adjust” to extreme volatility in demand for services that had been outsourced for many years now.

County cuts: OSP and city police back-up help
This summer, Lane County policing hits a new normal. Deputies on the road will nose-dive to single digits. "All of these are going to have impacts on law enforcement; all the communities, all the cities," said Springfield Police Chief, Jerry Smith.


Marilyn Heins: ParenTip of the week: New kinds of families take on child-rearing
Arizona Daily Star
Now it is the new normal." The fastest growth of births outside of marriage occurred in white women in their 20s with only some college education. As college graduates tend to marry before having children, sociologist Frank F. Furstenberg, ...

Housing market might buck trend
“People have begun to realize that this is our new normal right now.” In the short term, the lower prices and low interest rates have fueled a buyers' frenzy not seen since the region's housing market began to go sour in 2006.

6 Spa Treatments for the Freaky Rich
Here's the new normal among bizarre spa treatments: A plant farm in northern Israel offers the full-body snake massage for $70. Bigger snakes will knead the belly or back while smaller ones wiggle around your face. (Time offers a video.) ...

5 years later, memories remain
After five years we hit a new normal. We learned to live with it.” That normal hit a high last October for the Umbrells when they held their first grandchild, Danica. “It's the first time I really felt joy” since Colby, Nancy said.

Laptops replace lectures in some area schools
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
But as the new normal. "We need to make a fundamental shift to customized learning plans for each student, which are attached to world-class standards and which move at a pace that challenge but don't discourage them," Rickabaugh said.

Fashion Talk: Brand films are the new way to get style seekers excited
The National
Although the idea of a fashion movie is not exactly new - Nick Knight's award-winning fashion website, SHOW Studio, has championed the moving image since 2000 - the brand campaign movie has become the new normal, especially in terms of showcasing a ...

Election 2012: Shane Davidson biobox
The reality is we are living in a day and time the literature calls the "New Normal." Three major events have changed our demography the last decade: One, 9-11; two, Katrina; and three, the economic crisis of 2008. The coming years are even more ...

Black Sunday still reverberates 30 years later
Grand Junction Sentinel
“I think we get caught up in the rush and excitement and the good jobs and the high tax revenues and the great business opportunities that that brings and become convinced again and again that that is a new normal, when it's a peak.

Gareth Howlett: Worried investors and young children have a lot in common
And when we get there, what will the “new normal” look like? I have a fairly strong hunch that it will be much more like the obstacle race of 1900-1980 than the escalator of 1980-2000. This is not to underestimate the hugely transformative impact of ...

NPR Asks: 'Is Slow Growth Actually Good for the Economy?'
By Bonfire of the Absurdities
3 Thumb down 0. Seems that the progs are trying to make a weak unproductive economy thenew normal. Figures. Reply to this specific comment. Progressive Hemrrhoid April 28, 2012 at 6:49 pm. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0 ...
I Hate the Media Article Feed

new normal - Holeman Landscape
Written by John Katterjohn Crazy Spring. A few weeks ago we enjoyed some beautiful eighty degree, sunny days. After not having much of a winter at all, it felt ...

Survive, Thrive, Prevail: Finding the New Normal for CA Nonprofits ...
Survive, Thrive, Prevail: Finding the New Normal for CA Nonprofits. istockphoto. Thursday, May 10, 2012 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.. The Crawford Family Forum 474 South ...

Arup | Designing the new normal | csid
Our world is changing; it always has and it always will. Our greatest challenge is often not how to recognize change, but what to do about it. What responsibility ...

Grazing Management in the New 'Normal'
Madison County Courier
By Troy Bishopp (Town of Eaton, NY) As a veteran grazier, I'm concerned about the phrases, “The 300 year flood, Peak Soil, Peal Oil, Climate Change and The New Normal” frequently heard in the news. Should I discount them as just an anomaly,...

Madison County Courier

After the storm: Cherokee Valley survivor seeks 'new normal'
... and once perfect strangers, at their best. "It changes you," Cochran says. "It makes you appreciate the things that you never thought of. And things that were so important, are not important to you." One more step, in the journey to a new 'normal.'

Climate Leadership From American Colleges and Universities
Huffington Post
It's clearly time for our nation to begin adapting to a "new normal," as the climate is irrefutably changing. We need climate preparedness and models for a low-carbon American economy. In 2007, a small group of visionary college and university ...

SBCC Names Lori Gaskin as President
"This is the new normal and I don't except that because there is nothing normal about these circumstances," Gaskin told KEY News. "This is the new reality, this is what we're facing. Let's do this together and let's envision Santa Barbara City College ...

Thoughts on Three
Life as a family of five is starting to settle and soon we will begin to figure out our new normal. Several weeks ago, a dad proudly holding his newborn daughter told me that parenting three children was tough, but not as tough two children.

"Everyone wants to help... because it's a neighborhood"
Residents are living a new normal. In and around the Eagle Landing subdivision, near Flintstone, Georgia, a year has done a lot for clean-up, recovery, rebuilding, and re-roofing. Many of the homes look just as they did before the storm, though there ...

Paul Krugman's Prescription For A 'Depression'
"We've kind of settled into the notion that this is the new normal," he says. "But it shouldn't be. And it's not something we should accept." In End This Depression Now! Krugman excuses 1930s policymakers for fumbling their way out of the Great ...

Bible study group Plans retreat
Big Bear Grizzly
“Living a New Normal” is the theme of the upcoming retreat sponsored by the Women's Community Bible Study of Big Bear Lake The retreat will be May 19 at Pine Summit Christian Camp. Lori Hartman is the featured speaker. The mother of six has been ...

What Are Safe Assets In Today's World?
Seeking Alpha
We are all very well aware that the new normal of increased volatility and low interest rates forces us to reconsider our investment strategies. Indeed, John Maxfield of the Motley Fool points out that the bond market has substantially changed with the ...

Sask. writers stack up well against best in the country
Regina Leader-Post
Publishing in Education: Coteau Books - Ice Storm: Disaster Strikes #6, Penny Draper; CPRC Press/University of Regina - The New Normal: The Canadian Prairies in a Changing Climate, David Sauchyn, Harry Diaz, Suren Kulshreshtha; Gabriel Dumont Institute ...

iSnap feature excites media specialist companies
Malaysia Star
If it can attain critical mass, it will redefine what newspapers can do and set a new normal,” he says. iSnap, launched earlier this month, is a Star Mobile App that is available on Android and iOS phones or tablets. By pointing the device's camera at ...

Rochester teen takes a stand against bullying
Her efforts have a single aim: To create a culture that no longer tolerates bullying, of creating anew normal, even though a world free of bullying, as far as anyone can recall, has never really existed. It doesn't matter, Grafe said. She has to try.

The Long Road To Recovery In Tuscaloosa
He got his home back and is adjusting to a new normal. “I haven't had too many people bothering me and I think I've adjusted pretty good and things have been going normal for me,” says Jefferson. Tuscaloosa officials say they've cleaned up 99% of the ...

The next Bric thing
Financial Times
In its place, the new normal in emerging markets will be much like the old normal, dating back to the 1950s and 1960s, when growth averaged 5 per cent and gains by some countries were offset by crises in others. “Failure to sustain growth is the...

Financial Times

It's ain't easy being green
Carman Valley Leader
Gardens are the new normal – “it's the urban townhouse sporting the perfectly manicured lawn that has become radical,” says Dale, of Our love affair with grass has her stumped: “I am glad to see it sputter to an end.

The Gamification Of Almost Everything: Education, Exercise, Discounts And Cow ...
International Business Times
"Games are the new normal," said Al Gore, the former US vice president and Nobel Prize winner at a conference last June. Gore is in talks with developers to use gamification to educate people about the effects of climate change.

Romney keeps focus on economy despite Obama attacks
"Polls show that Americans feel unemployment is worse than the current rate and the president's assertions that the current rate of growth is the new normal puts him at odds with voters," Republican strategist Adam Temple said.

Old TV habit gives way to normalcy
Pueblo Chieftain
I developed a new normal. Detox allowed me to see how inane, insulting and spiritually damaging the bulk of TV programming can be. Three words summarize this: "America's Funniest Videos." When Lent came along, and services claimed Sunday evenings, ...

NPR wonders if a bad economy is good for the economy
Human Events
We want an economy of dynamism, risk-taking, investment, and high ambition, not a dreary soviet that accepts perpetual stagnation as the New Normal, and devolves accordingly to adapt. The last thing we need is for America to grow comfortable on its ...

Primetime Pilot Panic: 2nd Hot List Update
Comedy-wise, the Ryan Murphy-Ali Adler blended family single-camera project THENEW NORMAL has been eying an early pickup to join recently ordered to series GO ON starring Matthew Perry. Other single-camera pilots in serious contention to join Go On ...

Conservatives, NDP statistically tied: poll
Montreal Gazette
We will have to monitor the tracking on a go forward basis to see if this is the new normal or if the trend line readjusts." From a scathing auditor general's report on the cost of the F-35, to massive job and service cuts in the latest budget, ...

Augusta's luxury real estate market tough, not impossible
The Augusta Chronicle
“I think people are beginning to make their peace with the new normal.” David Burton, an associate broker at Sand Hills, is trying to sell his own home on Walton Way and said he never imagined how difficult it would be. He and his wife always planned ...

Parisian elite faces reckoning day
National Business Review
My article in 2008 on the “new normal” was prescient in predicting the extreme difficulty of incumbents to retain power when they were driven by the exigencies of the situation to inflict pain on their constituents. Since then no incumbents have been ...

Editorial Quick Hits: Other views
The Detroit News
... "roll the dice a little bit more" on subsidized housing. That is a government living large, and in time the boys and girls at the General Services Administration and agencies everywhere saw that "roll the dice a little bit more" was the new normal.

After the storm: Cherokee Valley survivor seeks 'new normal ...
Catoosa County has few areas as beautiful as Cherokee Valley Road. But no area suffered more during the tornadoes of April 27, 2011.
Times Free Press stories: Latest News

The Weekly T Report: BJ and the Bear – TF Market Advisors
By tchirp
By Wednesday afternoon, it was back to the “new” normal. Not the one with 2% GDP growth (which got) but the one where markets are dependent on central banks for support and liquidity. From the moment the FOMC minutes hit the tape, the ...
TF Market Advisors

PJ Media » Sharpton Sows Seeds of Next L.A. Riot
By Jack Dunphy
Again, in Orwellian fashion, blacks killing whites at what may amount to a 15 to 1 ratio demographically, and at 10 times the rate whites lynched blacks from 1882-1968, in fact is Lee's “new normal,” where whites kill blacks like ninja assassins ...
PJ Media

When Will We Be Asked For Our Papers? | novatownhall blog
By jacob
The most pernicious aspect of all this is that such restrictions and indignities have become thenew normal. How can one miss something, if one never had it in the first place? Most people are too young to have experienced a world without the ...
novatownhall blog

Eye on Wisconsin: Is the Ron Johnson Model the New Normal?
Is the Ron Johnson Model the New Normal? In 2010 a rich political newcomer won the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Wisconsin. Ron Johnson went ...

The New Normal: A demographer and an economist explain what ...
Leave it to a demographer and an economist to stir things up. "Looking into the future, things aren't all that great," said state economist Tom Stinson, but the New ...

Brainstorm: Recovery-The New Normal
This is the first in a series of posts about living with and recovering from major illness. Many thanks to Jonny and a number of dear friends who agreed to share ...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Infosys and the 'new normal'

Infosys and the 'new normal'
Hindu Business Line
Will the IT industry from now onwards switch into a “new normal” mode, a phrase coined by the Infosys CEO, Mr SD Shibulal, to describe uncertain and volatile times ahead? Or is the “new normal” confined only to the future of Infosys, the industry's ...

Hindu Business Line

Plainview School coping with 'new normal'
Gadsden Times
It's the new normal for students, teachers and administrators at Plainview School, ravaged by an EF4 tornado that struck Rainsville and DeKalb County a year ago. Several buildings on the school campus were destroyed, while others were severely damaged.

China's CIC-BlackRock tie-up: a new normal in China's outbound strategy
Euromoney Magazine
All comments are subject to editorial review as we are subject to the same regulations adhered to in publishing our own content. For this reason, your comment may not be live immediately, or may not be published. by Sid Verma China Investment ...

What is 'new normal' for housing market?
propertytalk Live!
The state of the housing market was the key focal point of a recent HSBC debate which brought together a panel of distinguished experts from the property industry. The panel included Hugh Pym, BBC's Chief Economics Correspondent; Paul Lewis, ...

Community members discuss 'Redesigning MN'
Worthington Daily Globe
WORTHINGTON — A diverse group of community members gathered at the Worthington Senior High library Wednesday to explore avenues of change as the state embraces the “new normal.” WORTHINGTON — A diverse group of community members gathered at the ...

Early Puberty in Girls – A Scary Prospect
Entitled, Puberty Before Age 10, a New 'Normal'?the piece began with the story of a 9-year-old girl who had started growing pubic hair at age 6. I have a daughter who is 5-and-a-half so this stopped me in my tracks. The piece went on to describe all of ...

Testing Solutions Group Sponsors Testing and Finance Europe 2012 Conference (press release)
with Peter Kleissner, 'Agile Testing in a Regulated Environment' with Peter Varhol and 'Thriving in theNew Normal: Testing Strategies that Deliver Business Value' with Uma Pilliai. I'm hoping there will be an excellent turnout for the event.

Endless corruption
Boston Herald
Based on my direct knowledge, official corruption and high crime in government is the new normaland there is nothing anyone can or will do to stop it. The same fraternity that allows the corruption is the same fraternity responsible for ...

As the Mutiny Spreads, It's Clear: Europeans Have Had Enough!
“The new normal” is the new vexing news-speak for matters that are rotten. Mark how “the new normal” only refers to degeneration and deterioration – political, economic, social, cultural, environmental, and so on. That our kids are graduating from ...

Conservatives, NDP statistically tied in new poll
"Realistically, we should be waiting to see whether this is the new normal or whether this is a one-off, isolated event." New NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, who won the party's leadership at the end of March, is close behind Harper on the trust indicator, ...

Welcome to 2011: 'Old' risks are back!
A "new normal" if you will. The "good old days" were fueled by a corporate, consumer and sovereign binge on debt. "There is not going to be growth anything like the past few decades since so much of that was built on leverage and securitization.

Agile, social, cheap: The new way NPR is trying to make radio
Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard
Nuzum said the nimble approach to programming is more or less the new normal at NPR. “Whether [these shows] have a future or not, I'm really proud of what we've come up with,” he said. “The bigger experiment is the process…

Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard

Letter: Aristocrats, Lilliputians and new definition of 'job creation'
Do the aristocratic war profiteers realize the lithium and copper profits extracted from the mountains in Afghanistan is "blood money"? Is the "new normal" job destruction in the homeland and job creation in the mountains of foreign countries?

Gadsden Times
She said those cases include residents that were underinsured, not insured “or they didn't have enough money to get try to get back to what we call the 'new normal.'” The county had 1593 people who registered with FEMA, which awarded $2397332 in ...

Stocks Consider Ford And Spain, Await US GDP
Economists expect to see a slowdown from the fourth quarter of 2011 and worry the drop will signal a "new normal" of sluggish growth. The Labor Department's quarterly employment cost index, which shows changes in the labor costs for firms, ...

Worn-down Bubba Watson struggles in opening round of Zurich Classic
“The new normal,” Watson's agent, Jens Beck, quipped. No doubt, many of them had seen Watson on David Letterman, Charlie Rose, Piers Morgan or one of the 11 other national TV appearances he made after the Masters title. They came to see Watson's...

Symbolic April tornado victims, a year later, put one foot in front of the ... (blog)
There will be progress. And there will be disappointment. What matters is the movement. "There is never going to be a return to normal," as Willie Hyde said. "You have to create a new normal." Hyde Family. (blog)

Haley Barbour Compares Obama to Jimmy Carter in 1980
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
"My fear is that the new normal is that you work hard, you don't get paid for it, you don't get a raise," she said. John McLaughlin, CEO and Partner of McLaughlin and Associates, conducted focus groups and said there is an overwhelming resentment among ...

U.S. News & World Report (blog)

Occupy Dataran Merdeka: The crisis of Malaysian 'Capital' — Boon Kia Meng
The Malaysian Insider
What is the new normal at Camp Dataran? When we see ordinary Malaysian mothers and sisters bring us our daily meals; when we see our fathers and brothers provide us with countless tents, umbrellas and mats; when we see Malaysians of all colours and ...

PricewaterhouseCoopers | Managing charities in the new normal: The latest ...
Linex Legal (press release) (registration)
As charities fight the Government's proposed cap on tax reliefs our research shows that they are already battling to cope with increased demand and reduced funding and support. Despite the economic uncertainty and reduced income the charity sector is ...

World needs caution over oil exuberance
The National
It is the era of - "the new normal", where former contradictory forces can co-exist: record corporate profits and soaring stocks with record unemployment, and $100-plus oil, and frenzied capitalist economics with communist governance managing a ...

The National

Can Nokia's Lumia 900 Steal Share From Apple?
Seeking Alpha
On top of the bigger screen for authentic wide screen viewing (the new normal), the Lumia 900 has an AMOLED display, which is great for color vibrancy and a more dynamic feel for video and pictures. Adding a little more pop for the Nokia Lumia 900 ...

Faculty: BGSU finances in good shape
Toledo Blade
He said BGSU, like universities across the country, has been crying "poor," claiming a "new normal" of constant crisis that severely limits its financial position. "Part of what we're trying to do is explain the real core financial position of the ...

Toledo Blade

'Finally some real momentum' on exports
Montreal Gazette
The conventional wisdom has been that perpetual sluggish growth is the "new normal" for the world economy. It's easy to see why people have lowered their expectations. As Hall says, "over the past three years, the world economy has made two valiant ...

April 27 one-year memorials slated
Cleveland Daily Banner
The event will be filled with information and thanksgiving about the past year's recovery and the future reaching toward a “New Normal.” - Beginning at 8:30 pm, the family of Evelyn Johnson invites the community as well as any families who have lost ...

House prices to rise 3% in 2012, Assetz
FT Adviser
Mr Law said: “Nonetheless we still have the 'new normal' level of transactions of only around half of those in 2007 and we have no expectation that transaction levels will reach those peaks again for many, many years as we move towards becoming a ...

FT Adviser

Road to Recovery: One Year Later
"I feel like this is the new normal," explains tornado survivor Nancy Myers. "This is what it will be now." We still can't control the weather. But for many, it no longer controls us. And we can thank April 27 th , 2011 for that.

Blue-Collar Catholics and Republicans
National Review Online (blog)
Romney could win these voters in November with a focused economic message. They are rightfully afraid of the current direction of the economy: “My fear is that this is the new normal. You work hard and don't get paid for it. You don't get a raise.”

Stop Stigma Now!: It May Save a Life « Ben Behind His Voices
By Randye Kaye
We cry our tears; then, if we're lucky and well-guided, we wipe our eyes, pick up the pieces, educate ourselves, find a new community, get some support and new knowledge, and learn to understand our “new normal.” Then we adjust.
Ben Behind His Voices

The US “recovery” meme is getting thin - MacroBusiness
By Houses and Holes
Consider manufacturing expansion, a key plank in the new normal thesis because it is a tradable good and can grow external demand, has slowed significantly again this month in the Feds regional indexes. The New York Fed: April's Empire ...

Jeff Odom | Airman Online
By jborlandjborland
Although track and field may be outside Odom's comfort zone, he's played wheelchair rugby at the Paralympic level and credits sports with helping him get to his new normal. “Adaptive sports give you another outlet,” Odom said. “It shows you ...
Airman Online

Greg and Jennifer Willits: The Normal Catholics Next Door : The ...
By Peggy Bowes
I think that we need to make Catholicism the new “normal.” I think the way we live out our faith is normal. The rest of the world does things that are often abnormal. We have to try to get people to accept that following God is not something that is ...
The Integrated Catholic Life

ARTSblog » Blog Archive » The Early Bird Finds Opportunities in the ...
By Graham Dunstan
This year's Americans for the Arts Annual Convention focuses squarely on how arts organizations can change and thrive in The New Normal—a landscape of economic uncertainty and shifting demographics. And for me, the key word is ...

Root River Siren: Pope Paul Meets The Catholics
By rootriversiren
Protesters lined the streets before his speech which has become Ryan's perpetual "new normal" over the last year. Showing perhaps a crack in his "holier than thou" assessment of himself, Ryan publicly disavowed his dream girl Ayn Rand ...
Root River Siren

Rapid Bridge Repair
By Jon Geeting
... of building and replacing critical infrastructure, Massachusetts is at the forefront of a national effort that is aimed at putting drivers first. “This will be the new normal,” said Victor M. Mendez, the head of the Federal Highway Administration.
Jon Geeting

All Things Thrifty Home Accessories and Decor: Let's get real {We ...
By Brooke @
Part 4: Let's get real {establishing my new “NORMAL”}. Kaysha (on the right) and Terica (our fearless trainer on the left) were a definite highlight of this journey. In fact several of us have been working out every morning since the competition ...
All Things Thrifty Home Accessories...

The Morning Grumpy – 4/27/12 | Artvoice Daily
By Chris Smith
The new normal is too profitable for those who control our government. Lobbyists can now promise clients triple digit returns on lobbying investments — what rational CEO would invest in a better mousetrap when more lobbyists on Capitol Hill ...
Artvoice Daily

Fracking's the new normal - Environment -
The EPA's new standards mean hydraulic fracturing is here to stay, but don't expect them to solve air pollution.

New Normal for Bank Earnings -
It is enough to address the question of well, what is the new normal? We have had a recovery in bank stocks, we have had a recovery in the banking industry, ...

Video Slideshow: The New Normal -
Video Slideshow: The New Normal 25 minutes ago Updated Fri 10:27AM. Former TVA chairman says agency sould abandon nuclear program because of cost ...,1...

1 year later: 'New normal' - The Decatur Daily - Decatur, Alabama
Get the latest breaking Decatur, Alabama Local News, Sports News & Alabama News. View daily Decatur, AL weather updates, watch videos, see photos, add ...,94989

One in ten: The new normal
Do anti-depressants really work? Eric Fink tries to find out.

The New Normal For Now - Boston Herald
I say “new normal for now” because as we learn in our yoga practice, there's nothing as certain as change, and “normal” is a dangerous word. We are who we ...

Collateral:The Automotive Supply Chain in the New Normal ...
The past several years have brought significant changes to the automotive industry. The global recession and the rapid growth of China and emerging ...

Legal Skills Prof Blog: The old law firm paradigm versus the new one
By Legalskillsblog
The old law firm paradigm versus the new one. Here's an interesting table from Paul Lippe, the forward thinking commentator behind the ABA Journal's "New Normal" column, reflecting old law firm methods and values versus new ones.
Legal Skills Prof Blog

Friday, April 27, 2012

New Normal: Long Term Unemployment

El-Erian: Long Term Unemployed Remain a Major Problem
By Benzinga
Mohamed El-Erian believes the “New Normal” in unemployment will stick around for at least one more year. Appearing on CNBC's Squawk Box, PIMCO's CEO and co-CIO said that the 5 million long-term unemployed remained a huge issue to ...
eToro Blog 

The New Normal for Promoting Tune-in (audio)
Radio & Television Business Report
By RBR-TVBR on Apr, 25 2012 with Comments 0 Do broadcasters really need online video advertising? It's about an opportunity. TV viewers are online; therefore, promotions should be online if broadcasters and programmers want to reach them.

The Newlywed's Dilemma
By John West | April 25, 2012 For most adults, the New Normal of their personal lives starts not long after saying “I do.” The habits, schedules, hobbies, possessions, and even relationships garnered over the past 10 or 20 years must be altered or ...

Credit Suisse: Making Fat Tails Work for You (blog)
The paper is entitled, “New Normal Investing: Is the (Fat) Tail Wagging Your Portfolio?” a title that neatly encapsulates two bits of finance jargon. First, there is the phrase “new normal,” coined by PIMCO in 2009, to express the view that investors ... (blog)

Lloyd unleashed
New York Post
By MARK DECAMBRE After a two-year hiatus from the media klieg lights, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein kicked off a media blitz yesterday that's expected to be the new normal for the head of the world's most prominent investment bank.

New York Post

Changes approved at The Grand
York County Coast Star
Is this the new normal in Lower Village?" Chase Hill Road resident Pat Foley said she feels like residents are "butting heads constantly" with town staff and questioned the time line of the change of use at The Grand. "I'm here to tell you folks that I ...

Overwhelming Ratification Vote for New IATSE Contract is Expected
Below the Line
The 2 percent hike is in line with what is considered the “new normal” for basic salary increases for all Hollywood, unions, including deals previously reached with the Directors Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild. The 2 percent wage increase...

Below the Line

After the Storm: Survival and Recovery in Dekalb County
April 27, 2011 was a painful memory and marked the beginning of a new normal. Dekalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris was used to tornadoes, but nothing prepared him for April 27 th , 2011. The day started with two fatalities. “I knew that we were in for a ...


The Last Best Chance for Campaign Finance Reform: Americans Elect
The Atlantic
The new normal is too profitable for those who control our government. Lobbyists can now promise clients triple digit returns on lobbying investments -- what rational CEO would invest in a better mousetrap when more lobbyists on Capitol Hill promise ...

The Atlantic

LA Riots Revisited: Now Can We Get Along?
The Root
... they could be subject to racial profiling, harassment and who knows what. It's an unfortunate status that I think has become a new normal, which I think is very sad. We have to recognize that the new normal is wrong, it's unhealthy and it's unjust.

Simon Property Group Earnings Preview: Good Malls Drive Higher Profits
International Business Times
"The prospect of a 'new normal,' lower-growth economy could prove a drag on results over the medium term. While its portfolio would not be immune to the negative effects of a weak economy, we believe the desirability of its assets will help Simon's ...

International Business Times

FSCS campaign: Time for Hoban to do a bit more thinking
Money Marketing
Looking ahead it is more than likely that these type of levies will become the new normal. All three are likely to have consequences for the amount of money advisers and their clients will have to pay in future levies. There are bound to be other ...

Money Marketing

Beauty, or the Beast?
Washington Post (blog)
Is it art? Is it satire?? Is 25000 sq feet the new normal? I really have little to say about this, other than to join those who pause momentarily to stare, or would if thet'd let me inside the gates. By Tom Toles | 07:30 AM ET, 04/26/2012.

Focus-grouping the white working class
Politico (blog)
Describing her feeling of being caught in the middle, one female voter in Cleveland said, "My fear is that this is the new normal. You work hard and don't get paid for it. You don't get a raise." As for their feelings about the president, specifically, ...

Name of the Game: Unprivate practice
First, in this forever changed New Normal no one, not even the hiring manager, is immune from fickle market forces, corporate consolidation, outsourcing, automation, etc. The truth is that people jump around, careers take winding routes and hiring ...

Peak Dow, Peak GDP and Peak Oil
Business Insider
Is this decoupling of employment from the stock market "the new normal" or an aberration that's about to revert to historical correlation? To do that, the market would need to fall in half or the economy would need to add 10+ million jobs in short ...

America is "road kill" and needs a real "comeback kid" story and visionary to ...
I rejected "victim" as my new normal. I remember the humbling lesson that exposed my own hypocrisy of spirit when we applied to Medicaid to help pay my nearly $500000 in hospital and treatment bills. My husband, Rich, was told by Medicaid that in order ...

President's slow jamming won't make up for lack of jobs
Daily Caller
So I ask: As Americans, are we laughing ourselves into settling for a “new normal” of continual high unemployment? Are we being lulled by slow-jamming promises of a green economy that will never materialize? Are we dancing to the beat of that exploding ...

Varian Medical Systems' CEO Discusses Q2 2012 Results - Earnings Call Transcript
Seeking Alpha
Are we entering kind of a new normal for profitability for the company going forward? Well, I think that there is -- the strategy of the company dictates that more and more of our business over time is going to come from international.

Urwin to HK: does that really signify regional commitment?
IFR Asia
Is overload the new normal in investment banking? While the arrangements at BAML are expected to be temporary; JP Morgan would be well advised to reconsider its decision to push so much responsibility onto Urwin. The bank made a bit of a play about ...

House easily approves bill to track federal spending, cut travel budgets
The Hill (blog)
Devaney said "[i]t's now up to the Senate" for transparency to be seen as politically viable as thenew normal for government. Another sign of support for the bill, HR 2146, was how it was passed. Members approved it by unanimous consent, ...

You Don't Own Anything Anymore
It's the new normal for content ownership, and it's phenomenally bizarre. Every time you upload a photo to Facebook or even Google Drive, they become your licensees and, in a very specific way, you their licenser. To post a picture of your birthday ...

To Kick Climate Change, Replace Corn With Pastured Beef
Mother Jones
The turmoil of 2008 could emerge as the new normal, the study suggests. The authors stress that the federal policy of mandating that a certain percentage of the nation's gasoline supply be replaced by corn-derived ethanol will only make the price ...

Mother Jones

EUR/USD update (26th Apr 2012, 06:00)
Market Moves
Despite the ongoing circus in Europe (part of the 'new normal'), risk appetite prevailed after Apple's blowout earnings and the Fed's implied market backstop sparked a rush into equities, risk currencies and commodities.

Digital Tonto: The new media value chain
Kyiv Post (subscription)
Uncertainty, rather thancertainty, has become the new normal. For better or worse we now live in a world where information is free, incumbency has been devalued and control is an illusion. In the old days, media was pretty simple.

Greifeld downbeat on US trading volumes
Financial News
When analysts asked Greifeld if a low volume environment was "the new normal", he said there had been periodic spikes in volume in the last two years when volatility increased but this was episodic. He said: “When assessing volume we try to find one...

Financial News

Route 6 work a headache for drivers
Cape Cod Times (subscription)
Delays from lane closures on Route 6 and the Sagamore Bridge are the not-so-new normal for the next month. Local, state and federal officials, however, hope they can smooth some of the bumps in the road from multiple road projects tying up the region's ...

Swiss g-Riley Woods a letter-spun1 – Best Fashion Blog
By yan4226391
Tiger, is now the “new normal” of time. ... The unemployment situation may never improve, because this is the new normal. Therefore ... A new normal: you are JAG–Just Another Guy (ordinary mortals).... Three new normal: a little tenderness.
Best Fashion Blog

Where Are My Keys?: Weekly IUC holds steady at 388000..
By Madeline's Dad
Weekly IUC holds steady at 388000.. Not much change from last week, which showed little change from the week before. Is 375000-400000 the new "normal"? WeeklyClaimsLongApr262012. Posted at 07:11 AM in Economy, Hmm.., Jobs | ...
Where Are My Keys?

When a 30:1 student teacher ratio seems normal, have we reached ...
By Betsy Hammond, The Oregonian
What's not complex is to gauge the reaction of parents, students and teachers to the prospect that class after class will be stuffed with 35 students or more. Yes, it's the new normal -- but it's not what they want for Oregon kids. -- Betsy Hammond ...
Washington County News

TOC News » TOC Editorial: Population Paper has the fundamentals ...
By theonlinecitizen
So this is the new normal? Just when we thought our Government had heard the call of Singaporeans to moderate the flow of immigration, the National Population and Talent Division (NPTD), under the purview of Deputy Prime Minister Teo ...
TOC News

Calculated Risk: San Francisco Rents “On a tear” | Shaun Kenney
By Shaun Kenney
Consider this though — if millions of Americans have shot credit scores and can't afford mortgages, expensive rents are the new normal. After all, as a landlord, why rent for the price of your mortgage when you can make an extra 20% on the ...
Shaun Kenney

Shareholders, NGOs, raise questions about Newmont Mining's ...
In fact, given the situation the company faces today with the Conga Mine in Peru, we wonder if community conflicts are 'the new normal' for Newmont, and are concerned about Newmont's ability to maintain a social license in Peru, and other ...
Justice, Peace, and Integrity...

Fostering innovation in online learning
By Eleanor Laurans
In the “new normal” of school financing, we're going to have to adapt to looking for better results with the money we've got, rather than layering on new reforms with new money. Doing so requires a shift in how people across our system think.
The Education Gadfly Daily

HA Tower / Frontoffice + Francois Blanciak | ArchDaily
By Alison Furuto
Collectively the additions form a new normal urban typology that embraces height but unexpectedly denies the surrounding urban landscape in favor of an interior life. Not surprisingly a side effect of this approach is the lack of livable outdoor ...

APWA Sustainability in Public Works Conference Provides Latest ...
Conventional: A Matrix for Decision-Making; Effective and Sustainable Public-Private Partnerships; Sustainable Infrastructure: Combining Design, Construction and Asset Management; and The New Normal – Combining a Traffic Roundabout ...
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