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Cancer Survivors Find Their New Normal

Cancer survivors find their new 'normal'
Columbia Daily Tribune
By BRITTANY HOTMER Special to the Tribune Kathy Boyer, a two-time breast cancer survivor, knows first hand how life-altering a cancer diagnosis and treatment can be. Married with two children and working part time, Boyer was surprised to receive a ...

Tom Humphrey: On House-Senate role reversal in the new normal
Knoxville News Sentinel
By Tom Humphrey One curiosity in the new normal of Republican rule in the General Assembly seems to be a role reversal of the House and Senate in institutional attitude. In the old normal, senators would harrumph at length on a bipartisan basis about ...

'Trying to find a new normal'
Staunton News Leader
I'm still trying to find my new normal." In the midst of addressing Stephen's complex medical problems, the Hagensekers obtained Medicaid funding that allows people with disabilities and their families to waive care in an institution in favor of ...

Cohabitation: The 'new normal'?
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer
While I certainly would not discredit the researchers at the Center for Disease Control, or try to argue that what they are saying is inaccurate, I think this article is short-sighted in not pointing out that the “new normal” is approaching us with ...

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Weekend Meme: Matthew Mitcham Is a New Gay Icon, Mark Ruffalo Would Not Have ...
Two standouts for me were, that while The New Normal is still filming, they don't think any network would turn it down with the auspices it has, and certainly not hit starved NBC. Plus, evidently Partners, the much redone show about the Will & Grace ...

Thinking of Holding On to that Home?
"Current values are the new normal. There is a real shortage of buyer friendly property in town." And in the new reality of real estate chaos, the market doesn't seem to be heading in a consistent direction. "The market values will absolutely rise and ...

Rebuilding West Liberty: Optimism is tinged with worry amid progress
Louisville Courier-Journal
Principal Vickie Oldfield said students and teachers were getting used to the “new normal” of life in a slowly recovering town. About 26 district children have left for other schools as a result of being displaced by the storm, and some students ...

Aspen Institute's big three summer events take shape
Aspen Times
The theme this year is, “Living with the New Normal.” Scientific research reported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows the average temperature in the US has warmed one-half degree in the last decade, said Jennifer Myers, ...

Healing Hearts - A Homecoming
Age of Autism
Starting life again with their new normal, they maintained weekly appointments with several providers. Follow up care was a priority, and the family had been blessed to find knowledgeable doctors the first go round. They continued to learn a great deal ...

Workers need to tune out at times
New York Post
Another New Yorker, who works in branding, explains that being available and connected 24/7 is the new normal. “I'm never disconnected — except in the subway. They want us to be available for them all the time, for sure.”

The Tea Party Already Saved Taxpayers $300 Billion (Maybe a Half Trillion)
His Obama Care and proposals for more stimulus spending and massive infrastructure investments were designed to keep the federal government at a quarter or more of the economy as a new normal. The 2012 election will be a battle by the Republicans to ...

There's hope on the home front
Minneapolis Star Tribune
This is the 'new normal.' You go through a spending paralysis, then you don't. You can figure out what you can live with." While the housing market continues to be weighed down by foreclosures and depressed home prices, consumers are warming up to the ...

Marriage Matters: Anniversary of life
Sturgis Journal
This started with learning how to help move, wash, and care for Audora, wondering if this was the new normal, and later struggling to shift back and forth between her disabilities and rapidly-reacquired abilities. A cruel aspect early on was that every ...

Faculty and administrators hold divergent views on cuts
University World News
... faculty members was: “Don't cope”, or they would send the message to state governments that “we can cope” with reallocation in funds. Administrators, meanwhile, talked about the 'new normal' and, for example, how universities have to do more with less.

Broad Street UMC donates $62500 to LTRO
Cleveland Daily Banner
Now is the time to step forward, help families rebuild neighborhoods, strengthen the overall community and bring everyone back to a 'new normal.'” Matt Carlson, LTRO co-chair, said, “Broad Street United Methodist Church has been very active in the ...

Ruben Rosario: My cancer's still here. But so am I.
Pioneer Press
And I don't like the term "new normal." It just rubs me the wrong way. I volunteered to be part of a national clinical study to determine the most effective treatment protocol to prolong the lives of multiple myeloma patients.

Woods's implosion
BusinessWorld Online Edition
Perhaps this is the new normal. You've certainly witnessed enough to convince yourself that Woods is no longer otherworldly. He remains capable of feats of dominance, sure; he was admittedly transcendent at the Arnold Palmer Invitational two weeks ago.

Time to take advantage of market's improvement
Tallahassee Democrat (blog)
If you have seen your work life restored to order, you need to ensure the reduced or ceased contributions to retirement plans do not become the new normal. According to Bloomberg Business, the first quarter of 2012 saw the largest quarterly gains in ...

The New Normal : Left Wing Racism And Self Hate | Real Science
By Steven Goddard
You would never, ever, ever see this headline in reverse - even though it is a far more common occurrence. Two white men arrested over Tulsa shootings that...
Real Science

Speedysnail · Tanking
By Rory Ewins
If this is the new normal, travelling back is going to cost a fortune. At one point we were planning to go out to Oz this (Northern) summer, to introduce our daughter to her relatives and vice versa, but ended up holding off to do some work on the ...

Tempup artists « jbey
By Jesse Beyroutey
But the investor ecosystem hasn't fully accepted this new normal yet. Tempups still need to conceal their intentions. Even if they truly just want a hookup, they need to use the language of long-term relationships to attract capital. In tempup ...

Hunter At Random: Catch-Up
By Hunter
I'm starting to wonder if my life will ever be "normal" again -- or if I just have to find a new normal. At any rate, this post is as much a link dump as anything else, highlighting some of the more disgusting people in the news. First off, the Catholic ...
Hunter At Random

Why Churches Would Disappear Without Easter - Financial News for ...
By Paul Sisolak
... solemn, statistics on church giving in the U.S. The 2010 study of over 1000 Christian churches across the country found what the Maximum Generosity ministry and Christianity Today dubbed a “new normal” in faith-based charitable giving. Featured Articles

Black Gate » Blog Archive » Rich Horton Reviews Arctic Rising
By Bill Ward
Part of the conflict here is between those who believe adapting to “the new normal” is the sanest course and those who wish to reverse the warming trend, and Buckell gives both sides their say and doesn't insist on a right answer. Another ...
Black Gate

The new normal in American cars Yes, the Detroit automakers are enjoying a rebound. But, since the last recession, the U.S..

Extreme Weather is the New Normal - Advanced Forecasting ...
There is no question that extreme (weather and planetary) events and damages have been increasing: However ...

One Family's New Normal | Columbus Parent
A family's journey into the world of special needs begins somewhere. Whether it's prenatally, at birth or days, weeks or even years later when a diagnosis is ...

Living 'underwater' the new normal? | Video | Fox News
Watch the latest politics, entertainment and breaking news videos at FoxNews. com.

"Puberty Before Age 10: A New 'Normal'?" | SEJ
Many girls seem to be entering puberty much earlier than girls did a few decades ago. Research suggests the cause may be small amounts of ...

Extreme weather: The 'new normal'?
Conway Daily Sun
"Extreme weather is the new normal," said Wake. But some lawmakers are trying to repeal the RGGI program, which is designed reduce pollution emissions that fuel global warming, according to O'Hare. Environment New Hampshire gets most of its funding ...

Icahn vs. CVR: Why Hostile Is the New Normal
Barron's (blog)
Welcome to the new normal in American dealmaking. At minimum, such cases may quickly become more common, for a simple reason. The massive rise in stocks since the fall has left a yawning gap between what target companies think their stock will be worth ...

Extreme Weather Is The New Normal
Eurasia Review
By Stephen Leahy Extreme weather is fast becoming the new normal. Canada and much of the United States experienced summer temperatures during winter this year, confirming the findings of a new report on extreme weather. For two weeks this March most of ...

State of the Towns: Watertown 'holding steady'
Wicked Local
Coupled with modest economic growth, Brownsberger said the state was reaching a “new normal” based on a reduced level of services. “We had a growth path of revenue, we took a deep hit and we're going to go back on a growth path but we're never going to ...

Procurement Expectations for 2012
Supply & Demand Chain Executive
... organizations can expect to see small budget and staff increases in 2012, according to a new report from The Hackett Group, Inc. Procurement organizations are heavily focused on addressing demand and pricing volatility that is the “New Normal.

The New Normal: Trickle-Down Poverty (subscription)
RUSH: Okay. Let's look at where we are, in terms of the redefinition of progress: 8.2% unemployment is the new 5.2%. The new norm. That 8.2% is nothing to be alarmed about. No emergency here. And $5-a-gallon gasoline, that's the new $3. Not $4.

It's caving in
Chicago Tribune
... the beer-postered wall last year when the phrase "mom cave" began to spread and "man cave" joined the list of phrases from our lexicon that are misused, overused and targeted for their general uselessness, much like "baby bump" and "the new normal.

Chicago Tribune

World Health Day Focuses on Older People
Voice of America
In other words, being in the older age group is becoming the new normal for the world's population and I am very proud to be qualified for the new normal,” she said. Contrary to common perceptions, the WHO reports by 2050, 80 percent of the world's ...

The Ryan Murphy/Ali Adler blended family comedy THE NEW NORMAL is still shooting but, with the auspices involved, it is considered a strong contender. NBC brass seem to like the SARAH SILVERMAN pilot, which had an early order, but Silverman is ...

Isn't it "marvelous?" Obama seeks to define Romney for voters
"Middle-class Americans have lost faith in President Obama because his basic message in this economic slowdown is that 8 percent unemployment is the new normal, and other rising cost pressures like high gas prices and rising health care costs are all ...

The Demographic Lull Continues, Especially in Exurbia
Brookings Institution
It raises the prospect that we may be reaching a “new normal” about where people decide to locate. The most pronounced revelation concerns the outer suburbs of metropolitan areas—residential zones that have historically exhibited rapid growth,...

Brookings Institution

For McIlroy, familiar Masters territory
McIlroy knows it well, because this is seemingly the new normal for him. Since the PGA Championship, where he suffered a wrist injury during the first round of play in August, McIlroy has played 12 world-ranking tournaments and been out of the top five ...

REDLANDS: City employee airs complaints before council
“It's the new normal,” he said. “Are we behind on stuff? Of course. Do we wish we could do more? Yes.” He added that Redlands had been operating with budgets that weren't balanced and dipping into its reserves until 2005-06, when the recession sent ...

Faribault farms see continued strength in 2011
Faribault Daily News
But who knows, maybe this is the new normal and we will have to learn to live with higher feed costs." Just as weather played a pivotal role in 2011, some farmers are already planting in central and southern Minnesota thanks to record warmth in March ...

Faribault Daily News

Hawkinsville Marine Tony Mullis Running Again
He's got plenty of chances to laugh about his "new normal'. Tony now chooses from six different pairs of legs. He said, "I have to change out legs, depending on what I'm doing. Instead of changing shoes, I change legs." Thursday, he showed off his ...


PolitiFact | Romney says Obama failed to pass a budget
The new normal the president would have us embrace is trillion-dollar deficits and 8 percent unemployment. Through all of this, President Obama has failed to even pass a budget." There are a lot of accusations packed in there, but that last ... Truth-O-Meter...

Living with the new normal - Daily Report
Modest financial gains. Flat head count. Yep. That sums up 2011 for many Atlanta firms. Oh, there were a few exceptions. But only a fourth of the firms we ...

Climate change: the new normal | Arts and Sciences Matters
Climate scientists, like the rest of us, have friends and relatives who wonder what is happening. So I asked the scientists: When you see your extended family ...

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