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The new normal in American cars

The new normal in American cars
Fortune (blog)
Yes, the Detroit automakers are enjoying a rebound. But, since the last recession, the US market has shifted dramatically. By Doron Levin, contributor FORTUNE -- The US vehicle market is solidly rebounding, with sales up 12.7% in March and 13.3% for ...

Fortune (blog)

Sustainable Cities in Pakistan -- A Dream in the "New Normal"
Huffington Post (blog)
However, achieving sustainability would require some extra efforts to deal with weather extremes which are becoming a "new normal," even though there is nothing normal about it. Despite our small contribution to global environmental pollution, ...

How Parenting Is Like Ground Hog Day And Mad Libs
Huffington Post
The big story in the New York Times Magazine last Sunday -- and, as a result, on all the morning shows by Monday -- was titled "Puberty Before Age 10: A New 'Normal'?" Its author, Elizabeth Weil, went on to quote many of the same science and scientists ...

Trade deficits the new normal? Record SUV sales
Switzer Financial News (blog)
by CommSec Consecutive trade deficits – Australia recorded a trade deficit of $480 million in February following an upwardly revised $971 million (previously $673 million) deficit in January. The early timing of the Chinese New Year is partly ...

The new normal of college and beyond
Diamondback Online
However, while some may say the new normal of internships, a few classes and less socializing during the week is less than ideal, it's more about defining the new normal. In our society, we define time periods in our life: teenage years, college days ...

Property Insurance Stocks: Troubled Times Are New Normal
Kapitall Blog (blog)
Sophisticated investors seem to think these insurance profits are unsustainable–do you agree? Use these lists as a starting point for your own analysis. Property Insurance Stocks : Troubled Times Are New Normal.

Kapitall Blog (blog)

Admissions Rate Hits New Low of 19.6% for Regular Decision
Wesleyan Argus
“While I think a lot of people have come to see it as the new normal for us to be at this level of interest among strong students, historically it's still a pretty amazing place for Wesleyan to be.” Because more students enrolled than was expected for ...

Analysis: Investors skeptical about genuine global-market recovery
In the meantime, get used to the shady world of the "new normal", the phrase coined by bond fund Pimco to describe years of persistently sub-par growth, stock market false starts and the constant need for new monetary stimuli.

March 2012 ISM Services Index Down, Has Bipolar Tendencies
Global Economic Intersection
The big monthly swings of this index in the New Normal are indicative of a manic depressive (bipolar) sector – or an economy whose growth is pulsing. There are two sub-indexes in the NMI which have a good correlation to the economy – the Business ...

Global Economic Intersection

Missouri has same approach for SEC move
FS Midwest
It's a theme that is almost never discussed but widely understood among those wearing black and gold: Their work this spring is about building toward a new normal. There are more than five months left until defending SEC East champion Georgia arrives ...

We Must Encourage Sustainable Fiscal Responsibility
Welcome to the “new normal”, every time we go through a recession it comes back different and a new normal is established. Technically by all normal financial indicators we are out of this recession and we are living the new normal, we just need to ...

Agency Insights Assist Marketers Seeking Better Connections With Female Consumers
SHOOT Online (press release)
MINNEAPOLIS, April 02, 2012 | SHOOT Publicity Wire | --- Carmichael Lynch executives will address the "new normal" for women at the eighth annual Marketing to Women Conference (M2W®), April 24 and 25 in Chicago. Kelly Thompson, director of brand ...

Early puberty—or is it?
MercatorNet (blog)
Is puberty before the age of 10 a “new normal” for girls? asks a long article in the New York Times magazine. The phenomenon of early breast budding and growth of pubic hair in girls as young as six has been studied since at least the late 1980s.

Unemployment Rate: How Low Can It Go?
Economists at Goldman Sachs, however, estimate that due to structural reasons the new normal unemployment rate may now be 6% at best. The biggest wild card that could shift that balance is the long-term unemployed. Of the 12.8 million Americans who are ...

March 2012 ADP Jobs Grow 209K, Indicates Economic Growth Rate Stalling
Global Economic Intersection
What employment is signaling is that the New Normal economy has resettled into a growth rate which is not changing. Small and medium sized business historically create most of the new jobs (analysis here) when using the ADP data.

NeNe Leakes Tweets a Picture of Her New Television Character, Rocky (PHOTOS)
NeNe Leakes has been hard at work on her new sitcom, The New Normal — created by Glee's mastermind Ryan Murphy — and now The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has tweeted another picture from the set, this time in character as Rocky.

Dartmouth Atlas's Skinner on high-cost hospitals
Washington Post (blog)
... Skinner says, is true for health care: We do have examples of high-quality hospitals providing care at low prices. It's likely their lessons, rather than lump sums of cash, that will get us to a place where that kind of medicine is the new normal.

Episode 502: 'Tea Leaves,' -- Or, Requiem For A Heavyweight
MediaPost Communications
The answer, obviously, is never; the new normal is always a tad trickier than you think, especially with the radical changes to come during 1966 and onward. On the “everybody's replaceable” theme, the brazen Michael Ginsberg, whom Peggy interviews for ...

Moving on: Mendocino College president reflects on career
Ukiah Daily Journal
Create a new normal.'" Lehner looks back on her tenure at the college with pride. Among her accomplishments she lists: When she's gone, Lehner said the new college leadership will need to oversee completing the building projects under Measure W. The ...

ADP Estimates 209000 Jobs Added in March
The Atlantic Wire
... who believe the unemployment rate is heading back to a normal level of 5 or 6 percent, as opposed to those who believe permanent changes to the labor market mean higher unemployment around the current level of 8.3 percent is the new normal.

The Atlantic Wire

Cecchi honors tradition while making modern wines
The Star-Ledger -
Cecchi added the contemporary touch of aging the wine in new French oak barrels, the new normal in Tuscany. Some producers age the wines so long in new oak barrels that it's impossible to identify the wines as Tuscan or even Italian.

The Star-Ledger -

TV REVIEW: Change marks new 'Mad Men' season
Central Michigan Life
This is the new normal, and the sooner Roger acknowledges that, the better. It's ironic how stable Don seems in comparison to Roger and Betty. These two escapists take to drinking and eating, respectively, while Don, psychologically better equipped to ...

Your inaugural Power Rankings
Giants: Whether you think this team will return to 2010 form has a lot to do with whether you think Melky Cabrera's 2011 season was indicative of some new normal for him and that he'll repeat it in AT&T Park. I kinda think it was a fluke. 11.

Popular Economist Erik Hurst Offers Insight into Economic Outlook at VisCon (AMN)
"What is the new normal? I think the new normal is the old normal," he said. "How long is it going to take to get back to 2007 levels? It might take seven or eight years, because 2007 was really distorted." We were well above where we should have been ... (AMN)

Letter: The wealth of future generations has been used destructively, he says
Pierce County Herald
“The new normal” offers only “a jobless recovery.” If the politicians were correct, then all the “investment” of trillions for bailouts, stimulus, subsidies and debt monetization would have resulted in real production, the economy would be robust, ...

Puberty... at 6 years old?
The Week Magazine
According to Weil's report — "Puberty before age 10: A new 'normal'?" — Ainsley is part of a growing tide of young girls forced to confront the mounting pressures of puberty at an increasingly young age. A large study published in the journal ...

My 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of brain ...
I know the hell your whole family is in right now, and I know that, by now, you're probably getting more used to your "new normal" routine of chemo days, low counts, transfusions, neutropenic fevers, antibiotics, etc. etc.

China overtakes US as world's biggest grocery market
The Guardian
Sentance warned that growth in Chinese markets presents challenges as well as opportunities for businesses in western markets, which he sees facing a "new normal" of disappointing growth and volatile commodity markets. IGD says all the Bric nations ...

The Guardian

Nikki Haley On Fox & Friends: It's Amazing 'What A Bully Obama Has Suddenly ...
Suck it up and shut up to the new normal. Not saying I'd get behind all of the details of Ryan's plan but he at least is working on the issue. You've never seen a president so partisan? Really? either Bush? Carter? Any of the current primary canidates ...

Biblica explores groundbreaking Community Bible Experience
Mission Network NEws (press release)
"We began asking and re-imagining what a 'new normal' would look like. Over time, we came up with what we call the 'Three C's of Bible Engagement' -- The Complete story, understood in Context, and experienced in Community." The next question was: How ...

Mission Network NEws (press release)

Those who understand
So Md News
She started an infant loss support group at the St. Paul's campus of First Saints Community Church in Leonardtown to set up even more support as she worked to create a “new normal.” This year, three years after her son's death, Tulley changed her ...

Mess around with Easter brunch classics
Montreal Gazette
Pad Thai with fried eggs on top is the new normal, and so is banana and Nutella French toast. I love inventing brunchy dishes and messing around with the classics. Smoked Beef Brisket Hash is a lovely and tasty twist on corned beef hash.

Denver Market Enjoys New Normal | MyTownCryer
By Tom Cryer
The Market of Old Almost Forgotten. After nearly 4 years, Denver's residential real estate is rapidly creating a “new normal”. Declining values, lengthy marketing times and virtually no new construction, 2012 has seen a new and exciting market ...

Canals and Why New Isn't Normal - Strong Towns Blog - Strong Towns
By Jon Commers
Jon Commers. It hasn't been long since you heard someone use the phrase “new normal.” I spent part of Tuesday thinking about the degree to which our environment is unfamiliar: Convergence of economic globalization, an aging population, ...
Strong Towns Blog

McCrory's education plan: Reform for the “new normal” | The Locker ...
By Terry Stoops
McCrory's education plan: Reform for the “new normal” | The John Locke Foundation's Statewide Issues Blog.
JLF > The Locker Room

On the Job by Anita Bruzzese: Is Working 24/7 the New Normal?
By Anita
Is Working 24/7 the New Normal? Achieving work/life balance has been credited with making workers more productive, more loyal and less stressed, and yet a recent survey from Harvard Business School shows that even global executives ...
On the Job by Anita Bruzzese

Virginia Water Status Report at End of March 2012 | Virginia Water ...
By araflo
Note that the normal values used by the National Weather Service (NWS) in these provisional reports are now based on new normal values from the 1981-2010 period. The National Climatic Data Center released the new normal values in July ...
Virginia Water Central News Grouper

The Dewey Dozen: Capital Sufficiency and Survival - ABA Journal
The New Normal. The Dewey Dozen: Capital Sufficiency and Survival. Posted Apr 3, 2012 4:20 PM CDT By Paul Lippe · Email; Print; Reprints · Share · Paul Lippe. When news first broke about troubles at Dewey LeBoeuf, I wondered whether ...
ABA Journal Daily News
PharmaGossip: The Great Crash Ahead: Strategies for a World ...
By insider
This is the new normal! Our banking system borrowed to lend for the first time in history with unprecedented leverage and debt levels of $42 trillion, way beyond the massive government debt. But the government's promises and unfunded ...

Change of Subject: Still more re. Florida
By Eric Zorn
Top 10 most outrageous moments in Trayvon Martin case by Beth Kassab, Orlando Sentinel: "Reckless is the new normal in 2012." Trayvon Martin Shooting Prompts a Review of Ideals -- an excellent tick-tock from the New York Times ...
Change of Subject

Flowers, Impermanence and the Grief Cycle « this time – this space
By timethief
The loss of a loved one means the world as we knew it has changed and those changes require that we in turn adjust to a new “normal.” As time passes and more people we know pass away and we are reminded of our own inevitable end.
this time - this space

Transit quietly unveils remaining FASTRACK dates :: Second Ave ...
By Benjamin Kabak
I guess these week-long, late-night service shutdowns are the new normal. Anyway, here goes: Service on the 7th Ave. line from 34th St. to Atlantic Ave. or South Ferry will be suspended from April 9-13, June 25-29 and October 15-19. Service ...
Second Ave. Sagas

Extreme Weather is the New Normal | NationofChange
Extreme weather is fast becoming the new normal. Canada and much of the United States experienced summer temperatures during winter this year, confirming ...

New Normal News: Sluggish the 'new normal' in mortgage lending
Banks must prepare for a "new normal" in the home loan market as demand for credit slows while more borrowers battle falling home prices, the report says.

Puberty Before Age 10: A New 'Normal'? - Godlike Productions
[snip - VERY logn article] In the back seat, Ainsley wiggled out of her pink parka and looked in her backpack for her Harry Potter book. Over the past three years, ...

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