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Prison for Kids the New Normal in America?

Is Prison for Kids New Normal in America? i thought we were civilized ...
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Fracking's the new normal
By Sarah Laskow The Upper Green River Basin isn't the type of place that's supposed to have smog. In the southwest corner of Wyoming, right in the heart of the Yellowstone ecosystem, the basin's seas of sagebrush stretch on for miles, and every year, ...


Is slow job growth O.C.'s new normal?
By MARY ANN MILBOURN / THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER However, the increase — about 4200 more jobs than initially expected — is almost wholly due to revisions the state made in the jobs data, not an improving economy, according to CSU Fullerton's revised ...

Below minimum wage for care workers the "new normal" (blog)
By Nick Sommerlad on April 19, 2012 10:55 AM in Work That's because these workers - typically on zero-hour contracts or hired on a "self-employed" basis - work in time slots that can last as little as 15-minutes and often don't get paid while ...

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The Guardian (blog)
... Breast cancer treatment gets boost • Severe abuse in childhood may treble risk of schizophrenia • Patrick Butler's Cutsblog: Charity cuts - hard times are the 'new normal' • Deborah Orr: 10 things not to say to someone when they're ill • Male, ...

The Guardian (blog)

National housing experts debate market conditions in Manatee
Bradenton Herald
The panelists project a growth of about 2.5 percent for the region -- a rate the industry should accept as the new normal, they warned. The panel discourse touched on a myriad of aspects within the market including housing policy, when prices will ...

It's Not About the Tax Breaks
New York Times
Rather, the causes lie in the failure of state governments and public institutions of higher education to appreciate fully the “new normal” for higher education and in the radical shift in state governments' sense of responsibility for funding public ...

Do Wealthy Colleges Deserve Their Tax Breaks?
New York Times
The 'new normal' means that states must acknowledge their responsibility in funding higher education. Total per-student aid hasn't made college more affordable, it's just allowed colleges to raise their fees. States have made higher education a low ...

2012 Ford Focus EV Tech Drive: MyFord Mobile App, 105 MPGe and More
LAPTOP Magazine (blog)
The new normal has gas hovering between $4.00 and $5.00 per gallon for the foreseeable future, meaning you might want to trade in your 9 mile per gallon Hummer H2 for something a bit more economical. Thankfully, the market for fuel-efficient vehicles ...

In Personal Finance on 21 April
Independent Online
By Staff Reporter Unit trust investors have been told repeatedly recently to accept that lower returns will be the “new normal”. But you may well be pleasantly surprised by the returns your fund has earned to the end of March this year.

Independent Online

Engineering technique allows for rapid repair of bridges without extra costs
Massachusetts is at the forefront of the movement in the US, and Mendez told The Times that the scheme "will be the new normal" throughout the nation over the coming years. Massachusetts has fully embraced accelerated bridge construction, ...

Nitin Desai The rise of the states
Business Standard
This is the new normal that the recent state elections signal — a weak Centre and strong states. Over the next two years, the real challenge as regards reforms will be to create or strengthen the institutions that allow the economy to prosper and ...

Business Standard

Metro-Phoenix Business Study: Desert About to Bloom?
Knowledge@W. P. Carey
And the downturn has lasted so long that some believe this is the new normal for Phoenix, but there are signs of upturn on the horizon and in some sectors it's already begun,” said Dennis Hoffman, economist and director of the WP Carey School's Seidman ...

Consumer confidence in region increases
Buffalo News
“But with most buying plans up, and after years of delaying purchases as part of the new normal, they say they are ready to return to spending on most items, especially home improvements and furniture, as they did before the recession iced their ...

Say Goodbye To Blockbuster Bank Earnings, Forever
In BofA's case there's a long way to go before we can see its ability to earn money under the “new normal” environment. Bank analyst Nancy Bush says while it was a decent quarter for BofA but there's still a long way to go.

Tom Leykis claims his new online show has attracted 400000 listeners in 2 weeks
The former KLSX Los Angeles talent has been plotting his return for three years, while CBS paid out his contract after blowing up talk KLSX (97.1) and replacing it with CHR “Amp.” The “Tom Leykis Show Live” is produced by his company The New Normal.

Bridge in a day? (blog)
In Massachusetts, the crews built the short bridge span ahead of time. When they tore out the old bridge, they used preparation and finesse to guide the new one in. “This will be the new normal,” said Victor M. Mendez, the head of the Federal Highway ...

Is 7% India's new economic destiny number?
So, forget 4 percent or 5 percent, we've reached a 'new normal' for inflation — it's 7 percent, especially if the government doesn't do anything to correct structural, supply-side issues that are primarily responsible for inflation. Ditto for growth.


Salzman translates trends into opportunities
Bicycle Retailer
“It's the new normal.” For retailers, social media presents a cheap way to market their businesses—no need for marketing or IT specialists. 9. Baby boomers' new values: This generation has decided to tackle their wrinkles and bulge, according to ...

HCL will focus on penetrating existing clients rather than chasing new ones ...
Economic Times
This is not a new normal but a new business model. Thus we will only cross sell and upsell. We are going to focus on penetrating existing clients. We will focus 80% of time on farming our existing clients that we have secured in the last few months, ...

How the Return of Arrested Development Will Rewrite the New Rules of TV Watching
... was considered an ignominious end: burning through the last four episodes on a single night (opposite the Olympics, no less) instead of letting fans savor the last few weeks. Years later, that all-at-once strategy will be the show's new normal.

Debt-Laden US Ducks Euro Bailout Fund
The Fiscal Times
Geithner rejected the notion that sluggish growth has become the “new normal,” a phrase increasingly used to describe fears that the economy will remain anemic for most of this decade. It has taken four years to recover from the financial crisis ...

The Fiscal Times

There's Wealth in HMO Stocks Geared to the Poor
"Everyone worries that Ohio is the new normal, but it isn't," says Rouven Wool-Lewis, an analyst with T. Rowe Price. "It's hard to envision a scenario in which these companies are not bigger three to four years from now." How much bigger?

Area senators critique MnDOT corridor plan
Mankato Free Press
“It's a new normal.” Instead of costly interchanges where a two-lane highway intersects with a busy four-lane, MnDOT might go with a J-turn intersection. On crash-prone two-lane highways, the approach might be a cable-barrier in the median rather than ...

Minimum wage is least care workers deserve | Gavin Kelly
The Guardian (blog)
Here the flouting of the minimum wage risks becoming the new normal. There are a variety of employment practices that result in the minimum wage being circumvented, the most common of which is when councils sign contracts with private providers who ...

The Guardian (blog)

Maersk looks to roll-out Daily concept on other trades
In his keynote speech, opening “The new normal for deepsea shipping” session, he told delegates the ciompany was “extremely proud” of the success of the Daily Maersk, and “extremely pleased with our customers' reaction to it”.

Successful programs explained at forum
“I think everybody's facing a new normal and I think the first indication of that was when the state budget was created for schools in this last biennium budget,” Reynoldsburg Superintendent Steve Dackin said. “Locally, there's the revaluation of real ...

Democracy in the Age of Austerity: Beyond the Robocall Scandal
New Socialist Group
The economy is in trouble and people need to get used to the new normal -- a new world in which most people simply have to accept less. Hundreds of thousands of students and their allies demonstrate against tuition hikes in Quebec, and the government ...

Gas prices unlikely to hurt Montana tourism
Beartooth NBC
Duran says, "After 2008 when we went through similar circumstances with gas prices, people are just getting used to the new normal of the fluctuation and, you know, the $4 price point. I think that has a lot to do with it.

Perks 'paradise' under threat
Legat added: “Such benefits, which are the exception rather than the rule globally, have become the 'new normal' in Zimbabwe and are now expected by management.” It was becoming apparent, however, that “companies will no longer be able to afford to pay ...

Be Ready For Ageing Population
Manila Bulletin
“The older age group is becoming the 'new normal' for the world's popu¬lation. Populations are ageing fastest in low and middle-income countries. A transition toward an older society took more than a century in Europe and might take place in less than ...

The Case Against a 4-Inch iPhone
Of course, should Apple decide that a 4-inch screen should become the new normal or as a part of a larger iPhone lineup, I would have to imagine that they would take this issue into consideration. Perhaps one way to solve this problem could be adding ...

Quick Reaction: Knicks 104, Nets 95
KnickerBlogger (blog)
So this is the new normal for our former 2nd round wunderkind, it seems — one or two swell passes and passable defense thoroughly offset by enough bricks to build a comfortably-sized 4-storey brownstone on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

NAB Report: Arrested Development Stars Visit Netflix Panel
... audience than season 4's premiere had. Lion's Gate benefited twice, he said, getting licensing fees from Netflix and then enjoying a larger audience. "These are not exceptions. They represent the new normal in serialized television," said Sarandos.

Presentation By Ryan Maue Titled “New Normal? Historical Context ...
By Editor
Presentation By Ryan Maue Titled “New Normal? Historical Context Of Recent Global Tropical Cyclone Inactivity”. Posted on April 19, 2012 by Editor | Leave a comment. From Ryan Maue's excellent weblog Policlimate he has posted the ...

NHC's Open House Blog: Americans are moving back to the city ...
By (National Housing Conference)
... for closer-in, walkable town centers and cities. (See also recent research from RCLCO). But for study author William Frey, this latest evidence “raises the prospect that we may be reaching a 'new normal' about where people decide to locate.
NHC Open House Blog

The European Financial Review » Global Economy » Risk ...
By editor1
In finance, a desire for leadership, ideas, and action has emerged in response to the unsatisfactory “new normal.” Increasingly, leadership teams are determined to spend productive energy on long-term solutions. To chart a bold vision and ...
The European Financial Review

The Work-In: Daily Motivation 4-19-2012
By Ednpride
Sometimes, we resist. We tuck our head down and buck the wind, hoping that things will quickly calm down, get back to the way things were. Is it possible we're being prepared for a new normal? Change will sweep through our life, as needed, ...
The Work-In

Japanese Mice Hold Cure For Bald Dudes
By Amy Sciarretto
What's impressive and of note for chrome domes, besides the fact that the lab rodents eventually grew hair, is that it continued to regenerate in new, normal cycles after old hairs fell out. What should make the Republicans happy is the fact that ...

US gas prices poised for rebound, agree executives
By Conway Irwin
Gas at $2 per MMBtu is “not the new normal, it's what happens when you have unprecedented five-year growth in gas production followed by an unprecedentedly warm winter”, McClendon said. He estimated that the unusually warm winter ...
Natural gas news, analysis and...

Opinion: It's Not About the Tax Breaks | Financial Aid News
By Financial Aid Guru
“Rather, the causes lie in the failure of state governments and public institutions of higher education to appreciate fully the 'new normal' for higher education and in the radical shift in state governments' sense of responsibility for funding public ...
Financial Aid News and Blog :...

The Net Result of Total Virtual Connectivity Is a State of Near Total ...
By patenttranslator
We don't really get to talk that much to living and breathing people even on the phone in the new normal. When I pick up the ... This is a fitting image of how disconnected we are from each other these days in the new normal. I think I will try ...
Patenttranslator's Blog

Japan's New Normal | Slog
Before a massive earthquake and tsunami triggered multiple meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi facility, Japan's 54 nuclear power plants provided more than ...

The New Normal- Defining Irony | Peace . Gold . Liberty | Ron Paul ...
I'm still wondering where the general population of this country- which can largely be described as completely brainwashed and mindlessly subservient, if not ...

Caregiving the New "Normal" for Boomers - Age, moving, relocation ...
Caregiving for loved ones the 'new normal' for boomers - What a trend. Families are no longer as "nuclear" as they once were and.

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