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Scottish Nationalism: The New Normal

Scottish Nationalism: The New Normal
The National Interest Online
Across Europe, politicians are held in disdain. Most political parties are hemorrhaging members and failing to attract talented future leaders. But Scotland appears to be bucking the trend. The pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP) is enjoying ...

The National Interest Online

The New Normal Of The Non-Recovery
Daily Markets (blog)
... has been a long-developing trend among consumers to avoid sending old junk to landfills, and that has played havoc with residential waste volumes. Sounds like the “new frugality” of the Great Recession has become the new normal of today's non-recovery.

The Philadelphia Phillies April Road Continues: Fan's Take
Yahoo! Sports
With no offensive daylight in sight, fans are once again preparing for and endless stream of excruciating plate appearances in what has become the new normal. The formerly high-powered Phillies offense began to show signs of discharging during the 2009 ...

Are rural schools a threatened species?
The Livingston County News
LCN: Last year at this meeting, now-retired Cal-Mum Superintendent David DiNolfo raised the specter of the “new normal,” a fiscally austere mindset rural school districts will have to acquire. After three or more years of cutting spending, ...

'Revenge' knockoffs and family sitcoms: TV you may be watching next season (blog)
Various permutations of the family comedy, featuring everything from multi-generational clans clashing with the neighbors ("The Manzanis" on ABC) to a gay couple and the woman carrying their baby ("The New Normal" on NBC), are in development. (blog)

MM Leader: Day of reckoning for claim culture
Money Marketing
Eye-watering Financial Services Compensation Scheme levies have become the new normal, with no end in sight to the huge sums that advisers and their clients are paying for the failings of others. Following last month's £60m interim levy for investment ...

On My Mind: An Austere Quiet
Bloomberg's Tom Keene reports on tracking economic data out of Europe as countries implement austerity measures and recognizing the new normal for American economics. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Surveillance Midday.


Best of the Wednesday web
Wiemer argues that China is entering an era where the new normal is a shrinking trade surplus. As Chinese consumption grows, China's exports, while a continuing strength for the economy, will no longer drastically outweigh demand for foreign goods by ...

Where can I find the 'wisdom' in crowds?
When you go to as many conferences and listen to the gilded prose of many a social media 'expert' as I do, you hear some of the same stock phrases repeated over and over: 'the new normal' 'Web 2.0' 'It's all about engagement!

Inflation May Not Be On The Horizon
Seeking Alpha
PIMCO coined the phrase "The New Normal." A one word summary of this theory would read: stagflation. I would disagree with this assessment. For me, "The New Normal" is representing a marked shift where accepted economic theory and historical precedent ...

3 hospitals rapped for McDonald's in lobby
Chicago Tribune
Broward General is no more; name is changing Broward General is no more; name is changing Overweight is the new normal Overweight is the new normal About 2000 doctors, nurses and medical professionals – 17 in South Florida – have signed onto the ...

Melissa Etheridge's Ex Wants Mel To Show Her The Money
Instinct Magazine (blog)
Put her to work on American Horror Story, or Glee, or his new series The New Normal. She wouldn't have to pay for “extensive retraining,” she'd have a well-paying job, and we'd hopefully get her Nicole Julian-esque bitchiness back on our screens.

US sues Apple, publishers over ebook pricing strategy
But publishers didn't want to keep this up with ebooks, because they were afraid that the new "normal" price for any book would become $9.99, the common Amazon price, and that both ebook and paper book sales would suffer because of it.

Poll: LI consumers more confident
Long Island Business News
Lonnstrom said New York consumers remain cautious, but after years of delaying purchases as part of the new normal they say they are ready to return to spending on most items, especially home improvements and furniture, as they did before the recession ...

Long Island Business News

Living Well Beyond Cancer program 'life changing' for participants
National Post
Life is change and there's a new normal in town. But it's not a bad normal. It's just something new.” Susan Smith, an Ottawa breast cancer survivor and retired nurse, calls the program a “safe place.” She took the course and is now a leader, ...

National Post

Teen cancer survivor prepares for fourth Poway 'Relay'
Pomerado Newspaper Group
As a cancer survivor, she has learned to eat healthier, has a new daily exercise routine and is adjusting to life — a “new normal” — with a prosthesis. “Eventually, I'll be able to run,” she added. “My parents and family said it was all up to me when...

Pomerado Newspaper Group

Age Discrimination The New Scourge In The Labor Market. Put Age Discrimination ...
Democratic Underground
The new normal is because conservatives and Republicans have opposed any laws that stop employers from dumping older workers. Seniority and longevity on the job are bad words now and are avoided at all costs. It used to be that a worker's highest ...

Obama's attack on Republicans was unmitigated gall
The Mercury
Some of Obama's defenders are calling this dismal high-unemployment, subpar-growth economy “the new normal.” But in 1984, after Ronald Reagan cut taxes across the board, the economy came roaring out a severe recession with 8.5 percent growth, ...

George Zimmerman Arrested, Charged
Right Side News
It's abject nonsense. The article was apparently based on a mere uncorroborated statement from an obscure white supremacist group. However, it fit the prepackaged storyline so journalistic standards were set aside. This is the new normal in the Obama era.

Gloomier for longer: Banker warns on lack of business investment, consumer ...
“It's much easier to say the new normal is a slower-trend growth for consumption, and that we're unlikely to see the booms we saw in spending over the previous 10-15 years. They are more likely to be muted or short-lived.”

Illinois Chaplains Connect with Community Leaders for Soldier Care
ReadMedia (press release)
Instructors then addressed secondary traumatic stress disorders and the pain family members can go through, with the goal to effectively support servicemembers facing the reality that there is a "new normal." "What we want is to make sure that we're ...

Unfortunately, the genie is now out of the bottle on MPs' tax bills
Director of Finance online (blog)
Unfortunately, the genie is out of the bottle: disclosure will be the new normal. But the result will be that people who are financial successes, people with businesses, people with wealth – people who have already shown they can handle matters other ...

Misguided Faith in an Economic Recovery | What Am I Missing Here?
By WhatAmIMissingHere
To recover from something supposes a return to normalcy, as if after some unnatural shock. What if we are in for a new normal, and along with it, a new kind of average? The market wants debt destroyed. It wants accounts settled and moribund ...
What Am I Missing Here?

Instagram Aftermath: It's Time For Entrepreneurs To Go All-In ...
By Contributor
When “crazy” becomes the new normal, the opportunity will have already passed you by. So, let me get really specific. As an entrepreneur, you have a decision to make. Ask yourself, “is this my boom?” If your answer is “yes,” then you have a ...

HoCo Rising: Suburbia: The People Weed? (Thursday LINKS)
By Tom Coale (HCR)
Joking aside, this may be the new normal. Mass transit will become correspondingly inevitable, as will "local living", where one works, plays, and lives within a five mile radius. In fact, the Jenkins piece would suggest we're already living ...
HoCo Rising

Energy Prices Stabilize Along With Equities | Stock News
By Tom Luongo
But, that is the new normal, bouncing along a bottom is a recovery and the mildest of short-term pull back is a trend, don't you know? Gasoline was up $0.06 per gallon closing at $3.29 while Brent Crude futures closed up slightly at $119.79 per ...
Stock Prices Today

Roma Advocates Seek Ban Of German Magazine Over Incitement ...
By jonathanturley
... none of this concerns the merits of the debate, but rather the means of such debates. There appears to be a “new normal” in Europe that limitations on speech under hate crimes laws, discrimination laws, and blasphemy laws are acceptable.

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The New Normal Of The Non-Recovery |
In "Americans Agree: There Is No Recovery," I highlighted a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll, noting that. no matter how you break it down -- whether by ...

Puberty before Age 10 A New 'Normal'
New research is showing that the age of puberty for American girls has been steadily dropping through the years, from age 11 in 1960 to as early as age 7 today.

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