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Will mediocrity soon be new normal?

Will mediocrity soon be new normal at UConn?
Searching for Billy Edelin
UMass couldn't remain a top 25 program just recruiting nearby cities and towns and their new normal of being average has continued into today. The prospects of the same downfall happening to UConn real if not likely to happen.

El-Erian: Long-Term Unemployed Remain a Major Problem
By David Johnson Mohamed El-Erian believes the "New Normal" in unemployment will stick around for at least one more year. Appearing on CNBC's Squawk Box, PIMCO's CEO and co-CIO said that the 5 million long-term unemployed remained a huge issue to be ...

Our Own Family's Fight: My Husband's Brain Tumor
It's the event that forever changed our family and created our own new normal. It was not something families want to hear: tumor, cancer, brain. It was a night in the emergency room I will never forget, on June 26 2006, when the doctor came in to tell ...

Is $10000 the New Normal for FCC Fines for Public File Violations for Missing ...
JD Supra (press release)
Update - 4/24/12, 4:00 PM - Two more $10000 fines for missing Quarterly Issues Programs lists were issued today, both for violations voluntarily revealed at license renewal time, reinforcing the "new normal." See the FCC decisions here and here.

Childhood Obesity Leads to Unnecessary Surgeries
New York Times (blog)
This is my new normal, and it's not okay, not by any standard. It's madness and we are not doing enough, as individuals or as a culture, to stop it. The consequences of obesity to a child's overall health are staggering: an increased risk of ...

New York Times (blog)

Higher Deductible Health Plan the New Normal for WI Teachers
More and more districts are offering high deductible health plans to their teachers since the restrictions on collective bargaining went into effect. More Wisconsin school districts are moving their teachers to health plans with a higher deductible, ...

Fed Will Act Soon to Boost the Economy, Just Not Today
Yahoo! Finance (blog)
"You can have either 1.5% growth that's going to be the new normal, or we'll see 3% if the Fed keeps up with its policy of quantitative easing." As much as investors have been trying to get a jump on the next round of stimulus by bidding up stocks and ...

Bundesbank's Dombret Says Firewalls Can Only Buy Time
RTT News
Emergency measures will not become the "new normal", he added. The central banks cannot tolerate that their well-intentioned emergency measures result in a delay in necessary adjustments in the financial sector or protracted consolidation and reform ...

New Residential Home Sales See -7.1% Decline in March 2012
Economic Populist
The average home price simply has not come down enough to meet that new normal of low wages for most of America. Homes above $750000 registered a thousand sales this month. The median price was $234500, whereas February's median price was $236900.

We need to continue to manage growth and scale: N Chandrasekaran
Business Standard
It seems TCS has managed to grow in a new normal. Our approach has been very simple. The macro economy will continue to be uncertain and volatile. But, my customers have to run their businesses in this new normal. So, we have to understand the ...

Health reform - Genie is out of the bottle
The Hill (blog)
The new normal is defined by widening coverage of preventive services and senior's prescription drug costs, protections against hidden exclusions and coverage caps that leave even the insured vulnerable to bankruptcy, and a host of other new benefits ...

Once Obama's, younger voters in play this election
Fox News
Paul Conway, a former chief of staff to former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, said the "new normal" for college students and 20-somethings is a series of part-time jobs or unpaid internships. "These are the people who are feeling the impact of the ...

Spector on Canucks: A new era in Vancouver
The fear is that maybe this is the new normal for Kesler. If he has lost a half step, then the 41-goal season of last year is likely not the norm, and the 22- to 25-goal campaigns are what he'll deliver from here on in. "I wish it was that simple (as ...

Pimco to Open Active ETF Focused on Inflation-Linked World Debt
San Francisco Chronicle
The firm has said it will pursue strategies with a global focus, in line with its "new normal" philosophy that describes an era of lower returns, heightened government regulation, diminishing US clout in the world economy and a bigger role for ...

Supervisors Endorse Advertised Budget
Virginia Connection Newspapers
Herrity, who attended the first budget meeting after his recent successful heart surgery, said the budget doesn't reflect the "new normal," and does "nothing to plan for the future." "I cannot support this budget because it raises the tax rate at a ...

3 reasons TV metrics will sabotage online video
iMedia Connection
Nielsen's VP of global audience measurement, Scott Ross, tells iMedia's Bethany Simpson why we need to adjust our way of thinking from TV to a new normal. Some of the challenge has been that the [online video] volume started so small, and it's building ...

Detroit police chief tells task force how cops improve kids' safety
Detroit Free Press
... and other children were injured in shootings. "We can no longer accept this violence as our new normal," said Robert Listenbee Jr., co-chairman of the task force and chief of the Juvenile Unit of the Defender Association of Philadelphia.

Kentucky universities to hike tuition
World Socialist Web Site
UK president Eli Capilouto sent out a campus-wide e-mail Friday afternoon insisting, “we live in a 'new normal' with reduced or flat state appropriations and heightened concerns about affordability and access.” He continued, “challenging budgets and ...

PremierWest losses widen in first quarter
Mail Tribune
"Our SBA pipeline continues to grow every month as businesses figure out what the new normalis," Ford said. "They can go to longer terms with a guarantee. That helps with cash flow when they have losses or lower revenues so that they can buy a piece ...

Sanford helps Allendale meet its challenges
Lake Forester
Learn to love and embrace the change that comes every day in your new normal after facing a challenge. Once we accept that we can't be in charge of another person's actions, we become free.” “She was truly inspiring,” said Jennifer Mower, ...

Benton takes biggest step yet with MWR, Pastrana
"This is the new normal," Wallace said. For Benton, it was either make a move like the alliance with MWR or start shuffling deck chairs again, as he did in that season where he needed 14 different drivers -- and their accompanying sponsors -- to get ...

Print: Top professionals still lured by paper
Financial Times
Perhaps choosing the right mix of media for each type of post will eventually become the “new normal”. Please don't cut articles from and redistribute by email or post to the web. newspaper printing.

Financial Times

Buffalo Wild, Panera Beat On Earnings But Sales Shy
Investor's Business Daily
"I'm not getting the feeling that people are getting a lot of push-back from the consumer." With prices rising at the pump and the grocery line, customers expect it from restaurants, she said: "There's just a new normal ."

Tide Shifts on Mexican Immigration
I wouldn't categorize it as good or bad (but) as the new normal that we're entering." Mexican flows are key to the immigration debate because 58% of the 11.2 million immigrants in the USA illegally are Mexican. Slightly more than half of all Mexican ...

Hyperspace Beacon: Advice from a master
This is the new normal. This is coloring inside the lines. This is SWTOR RP orthodoxy. It's not what we're used to. It might not even be what we're really looking for. But it works. It's everywhere. It's easy enough that even non-roleplayers find ...

A good year
“There's a new normal and we're benefitting from that.” Niagara Falls holds an advantage over other convention facilities across the country, simply because the Niagara Falls brand is so well known. “We're an icon,” Painter said.

Politicians must change before they have no choice
Firstpost (blog)
Failing which, the bottom adopts the same hue and color as the top, thereby ensuring that rot, arrogance and belligerence becomes the new normal at all levels; and then where does one run? Where? There are a few good men and women amongst you – bring ...

Firstpost (blog)

The importance of keeping bees
Redwood Times
In the past, a beekeeper could expect to lose 10% of his bees over the winter, but the new normal for bee loss is now 25-30%. Across the entire country, there were about five million beekeepers in the 1950s. Currently there are about 2.5 million.

Limbaugh Suggests Obama Wants Massive Student Loan Debt
Media Matters for America
LOL! by phlcstgan (April 24, 2012 4:59 pm ET) Anti-intellectualism is the new normal for these people. They made a guy who ridiculed the idea of the president knowing the names of foreign heads of state and said he'd refuse to sign a bill longer than ...

Trench warfare in Washington
The International News Magazine
Trench warfare continues year after year, and for all intents and purposes has become the “new normal” in Washington. Both sides in desperation agree to continuing resolutions in order to avoid a complete shutdown of government services.

New Normal - ITbriefing
Latest Version of Sopheon PLM Software Helps Innovators Tackle “New Normal” of Economic and Market Turbulence.

Special Forum: JOBS Act - A Political Puzzle - Conglomerate Blog ...
By Brett McDonnell
Dodd-Frank was a limited anomaly doomed to be strangled in the crib as the financial industry captures the implementation process; the JOBS Act is a return to the new normal. For those of us who see a real if limited role for significant new ...

BUBA's Dombret: Changes in monetray policy have helped contain ...
By Joe Brown
0 comments || Add comment … but some actions will have side effects and ECB's unlimited liquidity adding could spark further instability. Recent measures are not the “new normal”. Share and Enjoy: RSS · Facebook · Twitter · LinkedIn · email ...

PJ Media » Jew-Bashing at Universities the New Normal
Jew-Bashing at Universities the New Normal. Several recent incidents on campuses show that Jew-hate and double standards are alive and well. by. Abraham ...

Is Your Firm or Legal Department 'Old Normal' or 'New Normal'? See ...
When we first started this series, there were many lawyers who thought the New Normal was overdue, others who thought it had already happened, and perhaps ...

Sheriff Shanny's quest for a new normal
By Darren Eliot - On the day that the Phoenix Coyotes' Raffi Torres received the longest suspension in playoff history for his open-ice KO of Chicago ...

The New Normal: It Stinks
I am looking for a job with a small/local firm to gain experience. How bad is the market? I do not care about the salary as long as it is at least $55000. I just need ...

How our members are creating the “New Normal”
Best Practice Partner Spotlight: HUR Health & Fitness. Different Age Groups Need Different Fitness Machines. It's a well known fact that America is getting older.

Don't Be a Picklebump » N – New Normal
N – New Normal. To say that there's been a lot of upheaval in my work life the last few months would be an understatement. There's been a lot of waiting and ...

Consolidation Nation: Under Obama, Big is the New Normal
Consolidation Nation: Under Obama, Big is the New Normal. One of the hallmarks of government-managed economies is a handful of large private companies ...

Is $10000 the New Normal for FCC Fines for Public File Violations ...
In three proposed fines issued in the last few weeks, the FCC proposed $10000 fines for the failure of stations to have all of their required Quarter.

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