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Mad Men: The New Normal

“Mad Men's” generation gap
But there's a new normal in town, and it shows up in staff changes that are curiously glossed over. We're casually introduced to Don's new secretary, Dawn, who Harry suggests is always being confused with her boss, despite the fact that she's ...


Mad Men: The New Normal
By Miz J And after a two-hour premiere with no Betty, we're treated to the Ice Queen right away -- being stuffed into a truly heinous purple, beaded paisley number by her kids. Instead of going with Henry to his Junior Leauge meeting, Betty decides to ...


'Mad Men' Recap: Much Ado About Betty
By Kelsea Stahler , Hollywood.com Staff | Monday, April 02, 2012 Mad Men's Roger Sterling isn't adjusting so well to this “new normal.” But what's uncomfortable for Roger is great for the viewer, at least as far as the business side of the series is ...


Mad Men “Tea Leaves” Review
TV Equals
I'm so sorry, Roger, but this is the new normal: the next generation taking over; women interviewing men; black secretaries and Jews outside of the mailroom. In the immortal words of Bob Dylan, “Your old road is rapidly agin'…please get out of the new ...

TV Equals

Is Puberty For Girls Before 10 Years Old The New Normal?
Hollywood Life
“The concept of a new normal is not just brushoff but an encouragement to support a girl who is vunerable,” Weil adds. Be prepared and patient for your daughters — All you can do is support them and let them know they are not alone!

Is Neurotic The New Normal?
PsychCentral.com (blog)
By Sandy Naiman It seems they've become a thing of the past. An old, dying breed. According to Carey, “For a generation of postwar middle-class Americans, being neurotic meant something more than being merely anxious, and something other than ...

LA Shock Jock Tom Leykis Finishes Out "Golden Sentence" with CBS Radio and ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
As of today, the contract is over, and Tom Leykis aims to breaks new ground as his company, The New Normal, begins production on his new live call-in show produced specifically for the internet. The show can be heard live beginning at 6 PM Eastern/3PM ...

Mind That Corporate Margin Gap
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Is this a new normal, or should investors be expecting those margins to fall sharply as they mean revert? The boom in corporate profitability since the financial crisis, particularly in the US, has been astonishing. There, profit margins are now above ...

Thriftiness is New Normal Among Australians
International Business Times AU
By Vittorio Hernandez | April 2, 2012 8:38 AM EST More Australians are pinching pennies and paying down their home mortgages in large numbers that thriftiness has become a normal way of life in the country. Depending on your locality, small appliance ...

International Business Times AU

February 2012 Construction Spending Is Up, Not Down
Global Economic Intersection
This is a New Normal, and using seasonal adjustment methodology which includes the distortion of the recession will make you stupid. Inflation adjusted construction spending Up 1.1% month-over-month – and up 3.4% year-over-year.

Global Economic Intersection

Giuliana Rancic considers adoption, surrogacy while continuing cancer treatment
msnbc.com (blog)
Since then, Giulianna's undergone a double mastectomy, and along with Bill, she now looks forward to getting back to normal -- a new normal. Soon fans of the couple will have a chance to see just what that means when season five of their show "Giuliana ...

Childbirth takes longer now than 50 years ago: study
Dr Laughon said the bottom line is that there may be a new "normal," adding: "I think we need to revisit the definitions of 'abnormal' labour, and the timing of the interventions we use." REUTERS.

A Priceless Smile Fuels Family's Hope
PR Web (press release)
Your new normal becomes hospital rooms, tests, masks, and living everyday with the world's greatest fear." For Brian and his wife Becky, the new normal sprang from necessity out of the leveling realization that their 7-year-old son, Joey, ...

Wounded warriors continue service through employment program
Edwards Air Force Base
It's also one way the Air Force supports wounded warriors throughout the entire reintegration process and journey to a new 'normal.' "Helping wounded warriors get back on their feet and into the workforce again means a lot to them," said Amelia Ruiz, ...

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, Who Will Replace NeNe Leakes Next Season?
The NBC pilot “The New Normal” us about a blended family of a gay couple and their surrogate, according to Deadline.com. She plays a character named Rocky, no more juicy details about the new role. She definitely is perfect for comedy.


Mad Men: Will It Ever Be Normal Again?
Houston Press (blog)
... equal opportunity secretaries, second-wave feminism and Jewish copywriters, the old keeps being pushed a bit closer to the exit door by the new. It begs the question if Mad Men will ever be normal again? Or are we now witnessing a new normal?

Bosses: want to know who'll join the union? - there's an app for that!
Red Pepper
... climate change threatens civilisation, when unending wars and the collapse of civil liberties have become just 'the new normal', is it really the time or the place to raise the admittedly on-the-face-of-it nutty slogan 'Nationalise Facebook Now'?

Lennon Parham, Jessica St. Clair keep 'Best Friends' close
The show taps into a new normal for some men, including Fred Savage, who directed the series after successful runs behind the camera for Party Down, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and episodes of 2 Broke Girls. "I'm Joe," Savage says via phone.


Court cuts create 'justice delayed'
San Mateo Daily Journal
Yet, the cuts already in place have created a “new normal” for the justice system and those who need it, Catalano said. With foreclosures escalating and prison realignment placing more responsibility locally, the courts have even more responsibility.

Carney Speech at Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce (Text)
A New Normal for the United States Our reliance on the United States is an issue only if we expect US underperformance relative to both history and the rest of the world to continue. Unfortunately, that is what we must expect as, to a degree, ...

Man fights pancreatic cancer and wins
McDowell News
... in the transitional period between completing their cancer treatment and the shift to feeling physically and emotionally strong enough to attempt to return to their normal life or their 'new normal,'” according to a statement from the YMCA.

Daily Rounds: Bizarre ER Charges; 'Sober Home' Scam; Smartphone Health, And More
Puberty before age 10: A new normal? (The New York Times magazine) – “Now most researchers seem to agree on one thing: Breast budding in girls is starting earlier. The debate has shifted to what this means. Puberty, in girls, involves three events: the ...

Today is Not My Day. And Tomorrow Isn't Looking Good, Either.
Huffington Post (blog)
You know, as best I can, now, in what's turned out to be my new "normal." I sit down at my desk with piping hot, regular old Folgers Breakfast Blend in my hand and filthy farm dogs at my feet. For two or three hours, I'm not a widow. I'm a writer.

UK Businesses Becoming More Optimistic
Wall Street Journal
Those who do not respond to the new normal are at greater risk of falling into difficulty," he said. The survey highlights the rocky UK economic recovery that is expected this year. It also supports other surveys that shows firms with global reach or ...

UK set for two-speed recovery, says BDO
Stock Market Wire
Do not expect the economy to bounce back in the short term – and in the context of this 'new normal', businesses cannot afford to simply wait it out. Businesses that develop innovative products, distribution channels and a strong customer proposition ...

Delta: Washington condo market on road to recovery
Washington Post
In the “new normal,” multi-family condo projects being built these days are typically 100 units or less, located primarily in urban or urban-like suburban corridors with access to transit, and cater to either the first-time home buyer or the ...

Childbirth takes longer now than 50 years ago, study finds
Fox News
Laughon said the bottom line is that there may be a new "normal," adding: "I think we need to revisit the definitions of 'abnormal' labor, and the timing of the interventions we use." Print Email Share Comments Recommend Tweet Share This Article ...

Readers have a wry take on turning 70
Pensions & Investments
A contributor named Robert L. Brown, no further identification was given, suggested, “70 is the new normal rehirement age. (No spelling error).” Jack R. Buckmiller, Stamford, Conn., in a similar spirit, wrote, “70 is the new 20.

Pensions & Investments

'Breakthrough 2012' remembers Taylor Sauer
"It's real quiet at our house without Taylor, so we have to live a new normal, but it won't be the same," said Shauna Sauer, Taylor's mother. Taylor's parents say they hope others will hear this story and think twice, before texting and driving.

Recap: 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' - 'All Pomp But No Circumstance'
HitFix (blog)
(Does this mean she'll have time for both "Real Housewives" AND Ryan Murphy's NBC comedy "The New Normal"--if that pilot gets picked up to series for next season?) Kandi is working at her clothing boutique TAGS when Phaedra visits.

HitFix (blog)

Is Angela Stanton's Tell-All Falling Apart? Plus PHOTOS: NeNe Leakes with Glee ...
Reality Tea
The Neenster has been honing her acting skills on the hit series, and it was just announced that she will be starring in Murphy's latest pilot The New Normal. The show centers around a gay couple and their surrogate, and NeNe will play the recurring ...

OAS change may force companies to alter severance
Globe and Mail
"Employers must consider their work force planning now, as there will be a disincentive for employees to retire at or near age 65, with many opting to work longer, perhaps with age 67 becoming the new 'normal retirement age.

KOTOK: The New Normal Means "Crushing The Private Sector"
By Rob Wile
The latest note from Cumberland Advisors' David Kotok is pretty heavy. In it he demonstrates that current market conditions couldn't be further from any sort of normalcy, new or old. Rather, a complete "idea shift" has occurred: "The old idea ...
Business Insider

The Media's New Normal (Boker tov, Boulder!)
By Yael
Jonathan Tobin contends: ... a blog post from New York Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal ... is breathtaking in its lack of intellectual integrity.
Boker tov, Boulder!

Loving A Soldier Blog: The Military Child
By The New Normal
... the Month of the Military Child, and every day, celebrate your military kids. Hug them, teach them and honor them. And most of all, be thankful for them, for they are one of the greatest gifts in our lives. TwitThis. Posted by The New Normal ...
Loving A Soldier Blog

With World IPv6 Launch, IPv6 on by default will be the new normal
By The IPv6 Portal Main News
Some "technologies of the future" stubbornly remain in the future and resist becoming technologies of the present. Case in point: fusion energy. For a long time, IPv6 seemed to fall into that category. But now, could it finally be for real? Anyone ...
IPv6 News

Can the US consumer keep spending? - David Llewellyn-Smith
By Houses and Holes
Regular readers will know that my take on the US economy in the new normal is pretty straight forward. It is that without high debt and asset price growth, the US consumer must rely on income growth or reduced savings to grow his/her ...

The UK has one of the most persistently volatile housing markets ...
By Blog Admin
The contraction of the mortgage market since the financial crisis has been well documented and there's now a serious debate to be had about whether we're entering into the 'new normal', as David Miles suggests. Critics of mortgage market ...
British Politics and Policy at LSE

Chinese Government Reminds Netizens Who's Boss | Tea Leaf Nation
By David Wertime
A New Normal? Just the slightest bit chilly. To a limited extent, netizens have adapted. With commenting disabled (at least) until Tuesday, April 3, netizens have instead turned to retweeting, then adding their own gloss. A characteristic ...
Tea Leaf Nation

The Education Optimists: National Assault on Community Colleges
By Sara Goldrick-Rab
Welcome to the "new normal." If you believe that the purpose of public postsecondary education is to provide opportunities to the most advantaged, this is insane. Clearly, the current model for public higher education is broken, and as the ...
The Education Optimists

Hope, Healing and WellBeing – You Can Heal Your Life with Julie ...
By billschiffler
Based on her own and her patients' experiences, she discusses the pros and cons of accepting a 'new normal' before a person's post-treatment quality of life is actually experienced. Dr. Silver shares her observations regarding the effect of ...

Mad Men: Tea Leaves | Tom & Lorenzo
By Tom and Lorenzo
... is no more ready for the youthquake than Roger is and understands it no better. It'll be the Peggy Olsens and Michael Ginsbergs of the world who will wind up gently explaining to them that from now on, this is the new normal. Just ask Dawn.
Tom & Lorenzo

The Irish Economy » Blog Archive » Bailing In Senior Bank Bonds
By Philip Lane
Entire business models are having to be assessed due to the new normal in terms of bank funding costs and availability. More and more collateral is being ringfenced for secured lending, which actually increases the chances of senior ...
The Irish Economy

Is this the new normal?
I am a former homeschooling mom -- my kids entered public school for the first time this year. This is not a rant against public schools, I am looking for honest...

Webinar: The New Normal of Uncertainty and Volatility | Knowledge ...
Global market uncertainty and volatility will not go away soon, which means governments must ...

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