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Just How Normal Is The “New Normal?”

Just How Normal Is The “New Normal?”
ChicagoNow (blog)
Taking the long view, today's "new normal" is in some ways simply the fulfillment of our society's initial cadence. Our founders left the Old World into order to achieve a New World of freedom. In many ways we have now achieved the ultimate freedom: ...

“Mad Men” loses its cool
I'm more than willing to believe that “Mad Men's” new, frantic tone is intentional, a reflection both of a more frenzied time and a way to unsettle the audience, not just the characters, with a new normal. And last night's episode highlighted the ...


Recovery continues for Smith family
Mount Vernon News
“It's a new normal,” laughed Pete Smith, in referring to the adjustments he and has family have made over the past few months. A family vacation was embarked upon July 9 when Pete, Linda, daughter, Abbey (16), and son, Will (12), departed for north ...

Black Saturday survivors reveal trauma in film
Herald Sun
A 30-minute documentary, Creating a New Normal, will be launched in Melbourne tomorrow. Revealing intimate details of the trauma and loss they suffered from the worst natural disaster in Australia's history, members of the all-female cast hope to help ...

SC's warm winter drives wildlife behavior rarely seen
The Herald | HeraldOnline.com
The concern: This might be the new normal. Climatologists are alarmed that climate warming might be changing things even faster than they predicted. Agree with that or not, warm waters and air this winter have animals doing things rarely seen.

Gartner: Ten trends that will shape the IT market
The Great Depression, Part 2: consumer confidence and the new normal Consumer technology markets are being redefined by a new set of consumer expectations and values shaped by global economics. In mature markets, many consumers have cut back on ...

Critic's Notebook: Coachella 2012 is a snapshot of pop music in wonderful disarray
Los Angeles Times
The new normal is less about progress than about reflection. Not that the future isn't glorious. The retro vibe was, predictably, only one aspect of the festival's expansive lineup. Buzzing rapper Azealia Banks, in one of her first public performances, ...

'Real Housewives of Atlanta' NeNe Leakes Gets Divorce & Back Again
Best Movies Ever Entertainment News
NeNe is going to be doing some juggling since 'Glee' creator is so happy with her performance on his hit show that he's already got her lined up for his upcoming NBC comedy pilot 'The New Normal', about a blended family of a gay couple and their ...

Best Movies Ever Entertainment News

Henkel Backs Annual Growth Forecast After 'Good Start' In 2012
Referring to the current economic environment, Rorsted said the company has to accept higher volatility in its markets as the 'new normal' and that it has to permanently adapt processes and structures to be able to respond more quickly and more ...

Millennials to Boomers: Shut Up
Philadelphia Magazine (blog)
“The new normal is part-time jobs and unpaid internships. That's not fair.” Millennial unemployment for March was 15.4 percent, a number that includes the millennials who stopped looking for work, according the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Jerry Davich: Toxic shock victim making inspiring recovery
Or at least a new normal. First, he could stand a few minutes at a time. Then for an hour. Then a half-mile stroll on a treadmill in under nine minutes. A few weeks after he entered the hospital in Dyer, another woman was rushed there with similar ...

Where's the outrage over Republican's 'communist' claim?
CNN International
Instead it was greeted as an almost unremarkable part of the new normal. A military man of West's rank understands the magnitude of his misstatement. So I'm assuming that he was sincere in the accusation. To equate liberals in Congress with communists ...

Stephen Strasburg's pitching goals
Washington Post
... a Brooklyn Dodgers double header one day when Don Newcombe pitched a complete first game and then, because manager Burt Shotton was short of starters, came back to go seven innings of the nightcap. Wonder what Newk thinks of the sport's new normal.

Matt Gurney: Quebec becomes Canada's gun-law control group
National Post
It's therefore entirely plausible that a two-tiered system of gun control laws in Canada may become the new normal. That would certainly serve as an interesting experiment. It would be difficult to ever construct such a scenario — as the public ...

National Post

Should you continue to follow the FIIs?
Economic Times
Before analysing the lessons retail investors can learn from this 'new normal', let us take a close look at the reasons behind this short term divergence. First, the speed at which the FII money gushes in has reduced in the recent past.

Q&A: The real deal for buyers and sellers
Houston Chronicle
"A 700 credit score is the new normal," Zugheri said. "That was 620 four years ago." That doesn't mean a lower score won't qualify, but it makes it difficult. While credit is the most important component, lenders also look at income.

Drive under way for organ, tissue donors
Madison County Herald
A card-carrying organ donor, Walters has accepted a "new normal" in life: battling pneumonia, chronic fatigue and shortness of breath. Also, her thoughts are unclear and she doesn't drive at night. "I take 41 pills a day and sometimes more, ...

After a Poor Outlook, Infosys Looks for Ways to Dump the Slump
This is the new normal.” Infosys CEO SD Shibulal echoed Balakrishnan's comments. “We are executing on our Infosys 3.0 strategy, which is meant to deliver high-quality growth in the medium to long term,” Shibulal notes. “We are making investments and ...

HENKEL AG & CO KGAA : Henkel reconfirms 2012 targets
Referring to the current economic environment, Rorsted reiterated the need to constantly adapt existing structures and workflows: "We have to accept higher volatility in our markets as the 'new normal'. As a consequence, we have to permanently adapt ...

Political Poverty Calls for New Buzzwords
Huffington Post UK (blog)
Now, we are living in a - as PIMCO, the world's largest mutual fund, calls it - "new normal" that requires a more moderate lifestyle. Only large-scale interventions - a much higher pensionable age, higher patient contributions to healthcare etcetera ...

February 2012 Business Sales and Inventories Up Strong
Global Economic Intersection
This is final data from the Census Bureau for January 2012 for: inventories up 0.4% month-over-month, sales-to-inventory ratios 1.26 which is a new normal low for Februarys (good: inventories are not growing). Sales. The US Census Bureau announced ...

Drought fears revive memories of 1976
The Guardian
A study from the Met Office quoted in the government's 2011 white paper Water for Life warned that we could be facing up to 10 times as many significant droughts by 2100, and Spelman has dubbed drought "the new normal". Perhaps there may come a time ...

The Guardian

BrightSource and the Fracking Task Force
American Thinker
Who cares if an unemployment rate above 8% becomes the "new normal"? Who cares if they have to pay more for heating and electricity? Those will surely be the effects of a nationwide tightening of regulation on fracking. At the same time, ...

PricewaterhouseCoopers | Relief cap could not come at worse time, say charity ...
Linex Legal (press release) (registration)
The fifth Managing in a Downturn report Managing in the new normal - a perfect storm?, produced by PwC, Charity Finance Group and the Institute of Fundraising, reveals that charities have experienced a net reduction across all income streams and that ...

“The new normal has to be in… | Farming First
By Editor
The new normal has to be in investing in agricultural production”: @C_A_Bertini Read more:http://t.co/q1huMqmU @GlobalAgDev #ag4women.
Farming First

Finding My New Normal: She Has A Name
By My New Normal
Life will never be "normal" again and so now the challenge is to find my new normal. We decided to try again using an egg donor. In October of 2011 we got the wonderful news that I'm pregnant again, due in June 2012. Now we're just hoping ...
Finding My New Normal

Puberty Before Age 10: A New 'Normal'? - Pharma - eWallstreeter
Puberty Before Age 10: A New 'Normal'? From: Articles - 1:00am - April 16, 2012. By Dr. Mercola Reaching puberty is a rite of passage that we've all been through, but children nowadays are reaching it earlier than ever before -- a trend that ...

Kaspersky Partner Conference Brings Connectivity To The Forefront
By Alicia Fiorletta
“We all can agree that there's a new normal that is continually being defined by new technology. When new technology is introduced, new threats will continue to persist because of access to information in a digital way.” New developments ...
Channel Marketer Report

The New Normal - WEGO Health
By Michelle824
Adjusting to the New Normal of Chronic Illness... The New Normal.
Everyone's Blog Posts - WEGO Health

#prconf12 – Looking ahead locally and globally: environmental ...
By prvoice
Therefore, informed foresight should be part of the “new normal” in our organisational planning. What is the value of looking ahead? To be as prepared as possible. In a time of Black Swan events when trillion can become the new billion in a ...
PR Central

Swanns Pond: Normal??
By The Swann's
So really, when will normal happen? Once we are established in a house? I'm hopeful we will then soon be welcoming another baby into the family so then it would be establishing anothernew normal... Maybe I should kiss "normal" goodbye?
Swanns Pond

Prison Planet.com » Financial Instability For (Keynesian) Dummies
By admin
From too-simple DSGE 'economic models' to 'representative agents' to the fact that financial systems are the cause of economic instability, a number of the new normal's best thinkers (including Stiglitz, Keen, Kinsella, and Bezemer), courtesy ...
Prison Planet.com

Strategies For Before You Start A House Advancement Project ...
By rolandabadolato380
When task household remodeling with your bathroom or kitchen, it really is a great idea to installnew normal water-proof wall surface board rather than the current normal wall board. This “environmentally friendly board”, as it is typically ...
NewsX Blogs

Gartner: 10 consumer macro trends to impact technology, media and ...
By Steffen Konrath
The Great Depression, Part 2: Consumer Confidence and the New Normal; The Impact of Acceleration/Deceleration: The Temporal Digital Divide Widens; Women Wanted: Unlocking Gender Opportunities; The Power Customer Replaces ...
:: Future of Journalism

Debt as a Mode of Governance | Critical Legal Thinking
By Ali Riza Taskale
In other words, the market-eye becomes the new normal that constitutes the biopolitical control around a weightless, infinitely circulating, immortal debt. We now live in the era of debt in which it is the soul of the individual that is imprisoned.
Critical Legal Thinking

Economical ways for Small to Medium Businesses to increase their ...
By Peter M Abraham
In the “new normal” economic climate, our customers often seek to the best ways to be frugal, getting the absolute most value for any time or money invested. Let me share with you some steps you can take on a shoestring budget that will ...
Dynamic Net, Inc.

El-Erian, Zerohedge Weigh In On Income Distribution | Richmond ...
By JJac
Yet like pretty much every other relationship in the new normal, this rule of thumb got yanked out of the socket, and the 66% rapidly became 58%. This troubling shift away from the mean prompted David Rosenberg to say that “extremes like ...
Richmond Tea Party

The Guest Blog » Blog Archive » European political poverty calls for ...
By Blogactiv Team
Now, we are living in a – as PIMCO, the world's largest mutual fund, calls it – “new normal” that requires a more moderate lifestyle. Only large-scale interventions – a much higher pensionable age, higher patient contributions to healthcare ...
The Guest Blog

Sam Rohrer for US Senate - PennPatriot Blog
By Cliff Eike
... underachievers at the expense of motivated students so that failure rates would decrease and the "Bell Curve" would essentially be eliminated: enshrining equal educational outcomes, mediocrity, and social promotion as the new normal.
PennPatriot Blog

Activist Post: The Global Fascist Neo-Feudal State: Writing Contest
By Activist
Yet they are presented to us as being entirely natural, and perhaps the most telling phrase that has been introduced in recent years is the expression “the new normal”. The vast majority of the world's population is relentlessly conditioned to ...
Activist Post

Eight Months: Daily Life | MaNNaHaTTaMaMMa
By Deborah Quinn
... sense of, you know, old, because miraculously, we're all still twenty-nine). Eight months is a long time. And then again, it's no time at all. As it turned out, I didn't stay pregnant. But I'm not sure about this expat thing. It might be the new normal.

Is it really a new normal? - Grief Support at LegacyConnect
I spent the summer after my sister's suicide doing my journalism internship at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. While it was a d…

Part time medicine and birth of the new normal
Is a new normal with regards to a doctor's workload emerging? If you work part time, how has that help your quality of life as a modern physician?

I am not sure that there is one. I have been back from Ethiopia for just over a month now but it feels like it was yesterday. All the feelings and emotions are still ...

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