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Mad Men in Review: Normal Isn't Coming Back

'Mad Men' in Review: Normal Isn't Coming Back
Roger Sterling's normal is gone only because he fails to see the new normal created by the world's changes. And this failure is what will undo Roger in the end. And the real question to be asked about Mad Men season 5 is -- Who can change fast enough ...


Is puberty before 10 the new normal for US girls?
I thought of that possible connection as I read Elizabeth Weil's article in the New York Times last weekend, which asked a provocative question that's on the minds of a lot of parents with young daughters: Is puberty before age 10 now the new normal in ...

The new normal
Trends indicate that this new normal may continue. As of 1970, only 28 percent of college students were above the age of 25. By 2002, students who were 25 and older made up 39 percent of all undergraduate students according to the NCES.

Extreme Weather is the New Normal
Inter Press Service
By Stephen Leahy* CAIRNS, Australia, Apr 3, 2012 (Tierramérica) - Extreme weather is fast becoming the new normal. Canada and much of the United States experienced summer temperatures during winter this year, confirming the findings of a new report on ...

Leveraging the market's new normal
Business Spectator
How do we deliver in this new normal world that levers much more slowly in total, and can delever sharply in selective sectors and countries? Look at it this way rather simplistically. During the Great Leveraging of the past 30 years, it was financial ...

Kentucky, Calipari claim national title
It's the new normal at Kentucky, where Adolph Rupp set a standard, Rick Pitino lived up to it for a while, then Calipari - hardly the buttoned-down type - was hired to bring back the glory. He goes for the best player, no matter what their long-term ...

$57 Billion Pet Industry Walks the Line -- but Readies for More
Food and Drink Digital (press release)
NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - April 2, 2012) - In the New Normal of economic moderation, pet industry players must walk a line between promotional pricing and product premiumization, according to "US Pet Market Outlook 2012-2013," a just-released report ...

Manhattan's Real Estate Market Stable, But Some Prices Creep Up
MANHATTAN — As stability is the new normal for Manhattan's real estate market, even as prices start picking up, there's still room for negotiation. Housing prices remained stable in the first quarter of 2012, just as they have done for the past two ...

Downs Syndrome Abortion Rates Not as High as Previously Thought
Babble (blog)
According to research published in the journal Prenatal Diagnosis, we may have been wrong when we asked if abortion was the new normal for fetuses diagnosed as having Down syndrome. As our Julie Miner noted in the aforementioned Strollerderby Salon, ...

Babble (blog)

Precocious Puberty
National Review Online (blog)
Elizabeth Weil writes about young girls — six years old and younger — experiencing early puberty, in her article titled “Puberty Before Age 10: A New 'Normal'?“ She writes: Now most researchers seem to agree on one thing: Breast budding in girls is ...

Precocious Puberty: Girls Are Developing Earlier Than Ever and Nobody Knows Why
Babble (blog)
In Puberty Before Age 10: A New 'Normal'? Elizabeth Weil interviews Tracee Sioux, whose 9-year-old daughter Ainsley began developing pubic hair at age 6. Test after test with doctor after doctor turned up nothing unusual. “The doctors always come back ...

Babble (blog)

State Officials Learn from Louisa's Earthquake Recovery
The Charlottesville Newsplex
"We're back to our new normal," said Pettit. Getting back to the new normal was a challenge, from sharing the middle school, to working on an alternating day schedule and to using new modular classrooms, everyone had to work together.

Search for Common Ground
Inside Higher Ed
Administrators, meanwhile, talked about the “new normal.” Joe Glover, provost and senior vice president for academic affairs at the University of Florida, for example, talked about how universities have to do more with less and of increased ...

Project Plants New Trees for Tornado Victims
“It'll just be a new normal,” said Redman. “But this is how the trees started up. Little ones and they grew to what we know as our little forest.” And in a way, you might say planting new trees here is like repaying a debt. “The fire department had ...


Fink Finds Fund Assets Aren't Enough in BlackRock Bid for Clout
To make its views heard, BlackRock in February began its “new world” campaign, telling clients how to invest in an uncertain market, three years after Pimco coined the term “new normal” following the 2008 financial crisis. Fink last year said he didn't ...


Leave to enjoy your maternity
Irish Times
“Culturally they feel under pressure to get back to normal and they are not getting back to normal – it is a new normal.” In the first couple of weeks, her advice is to let people in the door “only if they are going to bring food or take away laundry”.

Irish Times

Texting While Driving vs. Digital Space Squatting: When in Doubt, squat!
Huffington Post (blog)
The NYT article points out two important issues we can't deny: Digital "squatting" is our new normal, and so is people getting rather miffed over it. Not at all surprising since one of the issues in our 24/7 society is people want everything when they ...

MOM'S THE WORD: Friend's passing highlights the individual nature of grief
San Angelo Standard Times
It would have to be a new normal, though. I think the professionals call what happened in the weeks and months afterward "taking stock." We all took a step back and re-evaluated our lives. Experiencing firsthand the fragility of life definitely calls ...

Home is where the heart is: Henryville High students back in class
Evening News and Tribune
“I'm looking forward to getting back to our new normal, as we call it.” Principal Troy Albert said he doesn't expect everything to start off smoothly, but he's just glad it's starting off at all. “It's a celebration,” Albert said.

The impact of inflation and the repo rate on government bonds
However, in the world of The New Normal, we are noticing that many countries, South Africa included, are running negative real policy rates in order to kick-start growth and to try and escape the debt trap that austerity is threatening.

Girls Fashion Trends 2010
Real Daily News
In all the style shows that have taken location so far, a new normal of fashion is seen to improve. The most recent trends in women's trend of 2010, the day just before yesterday was traditional with a dash of sex, skin color, decorations and of course ...

Karl Landreneau
Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
Have we reached the “new normal?” If so, how does it compare to the old normal? Loan underwriting has returned to guidelines with different loan-to-value ratios. You have to have skin in the game. We are seeing some loosening in the commercial ...

Greater Baton Rouge Business Report

Young guns lift 'Cats to national title
Elizabethton Star
... one year and only makes one shot, they're fine with that. It's the new normal at Kentucky, where Adolph Rupp set a standard, Rick Pitino lived up to it for a while, then Calipari — hardly the buttoned-down type — was hired to bring back the glory.

Votto winner?
Maybe that price is the new normal for slugging first basemen, given Albert Pujols' $24 million average in his 10-year deal with the Los Angeles Angels and Prince Fielder's $24.3 million average in his nine-year deal with the Detroit Tigers.

Consider CME Group: It Is A Different Kind Of Financial Company
Seeking Alpha
The kind of volatility we have seen in 2010 and 2011 will most likely become the new normal, as markets react to headlines first and ask questions later. CFO James Parisi favors dividends over buybacks, arguing that they deliver predictability to ...

Academic Labor Conference Produces Sharply Different Visions of Colleges ...
Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
Some college administrators and experts at the joint labor-management conference argued that calls for colleges to do more with steadily less represent the "new normal" in higher education, and the unions representing faculty members and other college ...

Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)

The CEO overcompensation trap
The speculation-fueled “irrational exuberance” of the late 1990s brought unprecedented pay bonanzas to top executives, thus establishing a “new normal” for corporate greed. When boom turned to bust in the early 2000s, money-hungry executives had to ...

Board Of Education Outreach Committee Q&A
After a year or two the staff at RPS changed and the new amount was imbedded in the budget as the new “normal” and was no longer questioned. What is the process for selecting the new high school principal? The position for the RHS principal was posted ...

Bobbie Cook receives James A. Turner, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Gulf Coast News Today
Bobbie said, "At first, I was very intimidated about being one of the oldest students in my classes but then I just accepted it as a sort of 'new normal.' I would joke with those 'kids' in my class about getting my degree before I retired.

Giuliana Rancic and husband consider adoption, surrogacy in quest to become ...
Three months post-surgery, the couple is adjusting to their new normal. Viewers will be able to see that new normal on the couple's season five reality TV show "Giuliana & Bill” soon. In the meantime, the Rancics chatted on the Today Show and revealed ...


The New Normal – Mortgages Last on the Hierarchy of Debt to Pay ...
By Mark Hanna
This was a thesis I wrote about a few years ago on FMMF, and now the data continues to confirm it – in the "new normal" era where many people "bought" houses with little to nothing down – if not a 100%+ LTV loan – having no skin in the ...
Market Montage

The Village Square » “… reckless is the new normal…”
By Liz
reckless is the new normal…” Tweet · Beth Kassab in yesterday's Orlando Sentinel calling out intemperance in the Trayvon Martin case. We need to be really careful to keep our balance and stay close to facts. ______. Thanks to Florence for ...
The Village Square

Is It Better to Be Normal or Weird? | My Super-Charged Life
By Jeff
Have you heard people talk about the “new normal”? When you stop and think about it, isn't it interesting that normal changes? We measure ourselves by this standard that we call “normal”. Yet, normal is a moving target. As a human being, ...
My Super-Charged Life

Monty Pelerin's World » The Future Is Determined By the Past
By Monty Pelerin
Now the economy is returning to normal, or at least a new normal. It will be a normal where tax bases of all kinds are going to shrink dramatically. Housing values have not bottomed yet. Furthermore, standards of living are going to continue to ...
Monty Pelerin's World

ABA Techshow 2012: Jim Calloway on the Future of Law Practice ...
By Connie Crosby
Will there be a “new normal” or back to business as usual? Strategies for the Twenty-First Century Lawyer: systematize our businesses; build better businesses; the next time you do something, have a place to find the information – make it a ...

Studies Show Early Puberty Is Becoming More Common, What Does ...
By Thembi Ford
The author of the piece, Elizabeth Weil, explains that puberty before the age of 10 is becoming “the new normal,” and doctors have no idea why. Theories cite obesity, stress, and environmental factors (such as the dreaded BPA and other ...
Clutch Magazine

William Lazonick: How High CEO Pay Hurts the 99 Percent « naked ...
By Yves Smith
The speculation-fueled “irrational exuberance” of the late 1990s brought unprecedented pay bonanzas to top executives, thus establishing a “new normal” for corporate greed. When boom turned to bust in the early 2000s, money-hungry ...
naked capitalism

Holly Robinson Peete – Superstar Sandwich Generation Caregiver
By Sherri Snelling
A Dad's Journey with Autism, which he hopes will help other fathers of special needs children who are struggling to understand their situation and create a “new normal.” Holly co-authored a book for Scholastic with her daughter Ryan who ...
Caregiving Club

Kentucky Tops Kansas To Win NCAA Title, 67-59 « CBS Miami
By cbs4price
It's the new normal at Kentucky, where Adolph Rupp set a standard, Rick Pitino lived up to it for a while, then Calipari — hardly the buttoned-down type — was hired to bring back the glory. He goes for the best player, no matter what their ...
CBS Miami

Why Are Women Spending More Time in Labor? -
Is medical intervention the reason - and is longer labor necessarily bad? April 02. Facebook Chat on Early Puberty. Elizabeth Weil will be discussing "Puberty Before Age 10: A New Normal" today on the Times's Facebook page. April 02 ...

'Mad Men': Bracing for a new 'normal' - The Washington Post - The ...
When a worried Don Draper confides that his ex-wife Betty is sick and may not make it, the show's mouthpiece for the bad old days tells him, “That would solve ...

Puberty before Age 10: A New 'Normal'?
New research is showing that the age of puberty for American girls has been steadily dropping through the years, from age 11 in 1960 to as early as age 7 today.

Puberty Before Age 10: A New 'Normal'? | Peace . Gold . Liberty ...
By ELIZABETH WEIL Published: March 30, 2012. One day last year when her daughter, Ainsley, was 9, Tracee Sioux pulled her out of her elementary school in ...

Commanding Bureaucracies & 'The New Normal' | Newgeography ...
Commanding Bureaucracies & 'The New Normal'. by Bill Watkins 04/03/2012. Beijing-Ancient Statuary.jpg. Prior to the fifteenth century, China led the world in ...

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