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New Normal: Grief takes new forms in digital age

Grief takes new forms in digital age
Lexington Herald Leader
To reach a "new normal" after death, the living must come to terms with the fact that a person is gone. Praying to the dead, he says, keeps the conversation going while coping with the reality that things have changed. "We want to be able to take that ...

Lexington Herald Leader 

Coming Soon for Oilers: 'New normal'
It was coach Tom Renney's announcement of the “new normal” coming to Edmonton next season. I don't know if the Oilers coach knows if he's going to be part of it yet, although his words might suggest he's gotten the word that he will, ...

Throwaway Society: Craftsmen and skilled repairmen find new living as people ...
Staunton News Leader
Pat Jarrett/The News Leader "I don't know if it's the new normal, but it's the normal right now," says Robert Ward of Ward Appliance. His installation business is down - but repairs are up. / Pat Jarrett/The News Leader Pat Jarrett/The News Leader ...

Financial crisis leaves familiar telltale signs
The Seattle Times
Along with stagnant wages and lower housing prices, political paralysis and unprecedented amounts of money in politics are the new normal. Increased production of US hydrocarbons will not reduce the price of gasoline and other.

10 Years, 8, 6: Girls Entering Puberty Much Earlier
Has 10 and under become the “new normal” for puberty in girls, the New York Times Magazine asks? Since the 1980s, physicians have noted that the age of puberty has fallen from the age that medical wisdom (based on a 1960 study of institutionalized ...

Is new liquidity a mirage?
Pocono Record
It is sad but also very possible that the American lifestyle has already peaked and that we have to get used to this "new normal" where there are less resources. The days of just hiking up taxes are over. The private sector is in no position to pay ...

Meet the new executive director of the HBA of Berks County
Reading Eagle
Next, we are here to assist our members in learning and implementing the business techniques for navigating the 'new normal' economy so that our industry can help Berks County get back on its collective feet. And, finally, we must yell from the highest ...

Is Climate Change a Mental Health Emergency?
... pondered the effects of a deep drought in New South Wales. It isn't nostalgia, which is the melancholy caused by missing of a home long gone. Instead it is the distressed caused by the alteration of one's home environment into a disquieting new normal.

Investor with a novel sideline
Financial Times
Asked if it is a sign the crisis is over, Ms Corley laughs and suggests she has got a little more used to the “new normal” of perpetual market gyrations. “My writing has come back even though the economy is still going through ups and downs,” she says.

Financial Times

Blind airman lives underwater adventure
In his regular job, Malarsie helps newly wounded airmen find their own new "normal." "One of the main things is that your old normal, you may not be able to reach that normal again, but you can reach a new normal," he said. "Life does go on.

Best Friends Forever: Interview with Creators Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham
Referring to their situation as “finding a new normal,” Parham explained, “Now Jessica's there so she can give perspective.” “It's watching these three people try to become a family,” added St. Clair. “The three of them make a perfect person.

The U.S. Economy Is Producing Too Many Jobs
Seeking Alpha
As a skeptic of the use of historical data in the New Normal, I choose not to look this gift horse in the mouth. The Econintersect economic forecast for April 2012 was released on Saturday showing a less good growth. There has been a slight degradation ...

Conservative Ennui in an Election Year
American Thinker
What was once radical becomes the "new normal." In July 2010, The American Prospect, a liberal monthly, published an article by Ann Friedman entitled, "All Politics is Identity Politics." In the piece Friedman illustrates the tautology of the left-wing ...

The Lolita Syndrome
Hindustan Times
In this way, the concept of a new normal is not just a brushoff but an encouragement to support a girl who is vulnerable. “I know they can't change the fact that their daughter started developing early, but they can change what happens downstream,” ...

Stripped away: rock band frontman plays acoustic show in Nanaimo
Nanaimo News Bulletin
“That just became the new normal,” he said. His Rendezvous show will be quite different as it's just Verreault and his guitar, although he said he might add some colour toward the end. “I'm going to be drawing with a pencil and paper for the entire ...

Coming Soon for Oilers: 'New normal' | Hockey | Sports | Ottawa Sun
Because of the embarrassing, ridicule-inviting situation involving the league rejecting the call-up of Magnus Paajarvi Friday because the Edmonton Oilers couldn't count to four, perhaps a much more meaningful story went largely uncovered.
Hockey stories

Meet A Food Allergy Angel | AllergyKids
By AllergyKids
As I poured over the web for how to navigate in this foreign food allergy world, provided me mom directed resources and information of how to survive in this new normal. Nicole is one of those “iron jawed angels.” She has a ...
AllergyKids» | AllergyKids

(( VaginaPagina )) - Links round-up: Week ending 31 March 2012
By a study in silence
Puberty Before Age 10: A New 'Normal'? at New York Times (Keywords: "precocious puberty," parenting, environmental factors). For many parents of early-developing girls, “normal” is a crazy-making word, especially when uttered by a doctor; ...
(( VaginaPagina ))

Headlines of the day: Cause and effect? | eats shoots 'n leaves
By richardbrenneman
First, from the San Francisco Chronicle: 4.7 million tons of BPA expected to be made in '12. Second, from the New York Times: Puberty Before Age 10: A New 'Normal'? Share this: StumbleUpon · Digg · Reddit · Facebook · Twitter. Like this: ...
eats shoots 'n leaves

SimpleChurch Journal: Movements: the New Normal
Note: this is a continuation of chapter 1 of the Irreligious Followers book I am working on. The first part of this chapter is here, then here, then here and then here.

The New Normal | TradeKing
Poor market….the folks on TV said you had a “tough week.” In fact, you had the “ toughest week” of the year. Have the bears finally emerged from ...

The New Normal? |
[wysiwyg_imageupload:179:]]You may not have noticed, but yesterday was the last official day of winter in the US. Yup, with week-long 80 degree record ...

Twitter / LegalRebels: The New Normal: "Stanford ...
The New Normal: "Stanford Law School Dean: We Aim to Teach Our Students Not Just to Spot Problems, But to Solve Them"

Advice to NCCU students: Adapt to the 'new normal'
Durham Herald Sun
Although we are slowly recovering from the recession, there remains a “significant global job gap” and “anemic job growth may constitute the new normal.” Because of that new normal, “even the most highly educated American workers will be at the mercy ...

Home Improvement: Eco-friendly trends on the Outer Cape
Wicked Local
... of similar purpose, many environmentalists and experts agree that it might very well be time for a new normal, to redefine our priorities and weigh first-time costs against long-term savings in heating, lighting and other energy considerations.

A Wounded Warrior Embraces the New Normal: Part Three
The White House (blog)
Editorial Note: This is the third in a three part part series (Part One and Part Two) on Master Sergeant (retired) Jeffrey Mittman and his journey from being wounded in Iraq to his employment with the Department of Defense and includes a forward by ...

Childbirth takes longer now than 50 years ago
Though the reasons for the longer labor times are not fully clear, Laughon said the bottom line is that there may be a new "normal." "I think we need to revisit the definitions of 'abnormal' labor, and the timing of the interventions that we use," she ...

Worker calls hospice 'an oasis' of comfort
"Now we have a new normal." One sign of how rearranged her life has become is that her church, long a bedrock in her life and a place of comfort, is now a place she almost avoids. Instead of her home parish of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, she makes her ...

The case against economic pessimism
Washington Post (blog)
First, there was a subset of very smart, very pessimistic economists who had long been arguing that we were entering a “new normal.” They predicted that the recovery would disappoint us because, for a variety of reasons, our economy just isn't capable ...

Ryan Murphy Smooches NeNe Leakes as She Eyes an Emmy (PHOTOS)
Earlier this week, it was announced that Ryan cast NeNe in his new pilot, The New Normal, after she wowed him with her acting chops as coach Roz Washington on Glee. In the new show, NeNe will be playing a character named Rocky.

How smart Aussies bust out of debt early
Sydney Morning Herald
A report last week by JP Morgan and Fujitsu says there is a "new normal": the solvent, prudent Australian. While housing loans grew an average annual 15.2 per cent from 1992 to 2006, it says this has been tracking at just 8.3 per cent since the global ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Lone Star State Of Mind: Could Texas Go It Alone?
The new normal is a leaner government that bears little resemblance to the full-service nation it left behind. The Tea Party faithful who embraced nationhood early on say it's a lot better than being beholden to Chinese bankers.

Create opportunities for access and success at Washington's colleges and ...
The Seattle Times
Unless a miraculous economic recovery occurs and state government places significantly higher priority on funding colleges and universities, the "new normal" in state support is likely to be less, not more. Nevertheless, I believe we can reverse the ...

Readers share stories of overcoming setbacks
Kansas City Star
“Life for us, though, is a new normal.” Her first reaction was anger at God. “Why did this happen?” But the couple were drawn to become more active in their faith. Bonnie said that because of this experience, she has become more spiritual, ...

Kansas City Star

Base takes care of families of deployed Airmen
Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base
"It is during this phase that families face the challenge of adjusting to the 'new normal'," Sanders said. "Life did not stop during the deployment. Things such as significant life events and the shifting of roles and responsibilities take place, ...

Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base

How provocateur Dan Savage became MTV's sex advisor in 'Savage U'
Los Angeles Times
... years down the road to really regret this,” Savage says. “But people are more open. People live their lives online. Young people want to share their sexual stories — in a way, to compare and contrast them, and try to figure out what the new normal ...

To Belmont Voters: 'We Need to Keep Our 'Eyes on The Prize''
... Belmont Public Schools has continually sought ways to find efficiencies that produce cost savings, without compromising quality instructional and support services, the projections for the economy suggest that where we are today is the “new normal.

All eyes are on Union Rags: Kentucky Derby favorite could boost his standing ...
Louisville Courier-Journal
And having only two preps — as Union Rags will have — has gone from practically unheard of to the new normal, as the past five victors ran only twice at 3 before the Derby. “I thought the time we gave Barbaro between the races was the proper time for ...

Economic Development Summit reveals good news about local economy
He also says the area has entered a “new normal,” in which there is a persistent mismatch between the available workers and the skill of those workers, specifically in precision production. “Employers either can't fill these positions or it takes them ...

US Navy to grapple with dip in deployed subs for more than a decade
Moreover, if fielding just 10 ballistic missile submarines throughout the 2030 time frame becomes the Navy's new normal, political will and budget dollars to bring the SSBN fleet back up to 12 vessels might simply never materialize.

Coke plant to improve water treatment
"We believe that the increased loading to the treatment process may be the 'new normal' that was not factored in to the original design basis," Reginald Prime, director of environmental affairs at Coca-Cola Refreshments USA, wrote in a Feb.


H├ębert: Stephen Harper, Dalton McGuinty on similar tracks
Toronto Star
Austerity defined McGuinty's budget but the reduced prospects that are about to become the new normal for Ontarians could also be found between the lines of Thursday's federal budget. On that score, the restraint chapters of federal finance minister ...

Toronto Star

Childbirth Takes Longer Today Than It Did 50 Years Ago
Babble (blog)
Though they can't pinpoint the cause, Laughon said the take-away is that there's anew “normal” and we need to adjust our expectations: “I think we need to revisit the definitions of 'abnormal' labor, and the timing of the interventions that we use,” ...

Babble (blog)

Lavon Lake Floodgates Opened Despite Water Restrictions
CBS Local
It's a step forward for residents but the NTMWD warns North Texans that conservation is the new normal. Twenty-eight percent of the water supply comes from Lake Texoma, which is inaccessible right now because of an infestation of zebra mussels.

City to launch mosquito battle plan
The city has added $300000 to its mosquito control budget, after last year saw a dramatic increase in mosquito counts, compared to what had become a new normal in the years before. That larger budget brings it to just under $1 million.

Puberty Before Age 10: A New 'Normal'? « Women Born Transsexual
By Suzan
From The New York Times: By ELIZABETH WEIL Published: March 30, 2012. One day last year when her daughter, Ainsley, was 9, Tracee Sioux pulled ...
Women Born Transsexual

Black Swan Incubators « Trade With Dave
By admin
Well, according to Nassim, the new normal is that we're abnormal and any attempt to impose the nice Gaussian bell curve to school grades or anything else for that matter is flawed and doesn't allow for the black swan. In footnote (24) of the ...
Trade With Dave

With World IPv6 Launch, IPv6 on by default will be the new normal
IPv6 deployment is gaining momentum as World IPv6 Launch on June 6 approaches. That day, many big websites will enable IPv6 permanently. Several ISPs ...

Abnormal is the new normal - Finance Addict : Finance Addict
Jean-Claude Trichet reminds us of how much money has been spent *not* getting us back to normal.

SAVE THE DATE: May 16 The New Normal: Hit Reset | Solomon ...
Join Solomon McCown & Company and a panel of experts for our 17th SM& Presents Panel TheNew Normal: Hit Reset as we take a close look at what the new ...

The New Normal | Daytime Confidential
The Real Housewives of Atlanta's NeNe Leakes is once again going to work for Glee's Ryan Murphy. Deadline is reporting Leakes has landed a role in the ...

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