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New Normal News: more 'new normal'

The More Things Change
National Journal
Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz, for instance, postulated in his 2010 book Freefall that the new normal jobless rate might be 7 percent to 8 percent. But even though the recession was cataclysmic and unprecedented in many ways, most economists now think ...

Misguided Faith in an Economic Recovery
By Joel Bowman
What if we are in for a new normal, and along with it, a new kind of average? What if we are, as they say, past the point of “no return”? A third, and this time more concerted, “Hmmm…” Imagine a stage coachman waiting for a return to normal ...
The Daily Reckoning
Dunsmore: The New Normal
Vermont Public Radio
Commentator Barrie Dunsmore, veteran diplomatic and foreign correspondent for ABC News, calls this "the new normal." (Dunsmore) Screaming people fleeing a school or shopping center. Hysterical parents racing to the scene to rescue their children.

Vermont Public Radio

Nick Rainsley: The new normal: preparing for the unexpected as weather ...
Whether you believe in global warming or not, there has definitely been a greater variation in climate in the last few years. Looking at the top-fruit industry, and specifically the production element of the chain, it has always had a huge reliance on ...

'Fading' Anti-Semitism
Jewish Times of Southern New Jersey
A recent article in Foreign Policy, “The 'New Normal' in France?” proves otherwise. Author Justin Vaisse is a French historian who specializes in international relations, including French and US politics and foreign policy, and the integration of Islam ...

Friday rant: vote for incoherence edition
Washington Post (blog)
Such as, “The 'New Normal' the President would have us embrace is trillion dollar deficits and eight percent unemployment.” EMBRACE no less! And try this loop-de-loop in which he accuses the president of not cutting anything and cutting too much, ...

Americans' Spending Up Sharply in March
This "new normal" range followed the recession and financial crisis of 2008-2009. In contrast, overall spending averaged $81 in March 2008, when the recession was just getting underway. Spending among Americans making at least $90000 a year averaged ...

Foreign Aid I: Spending Hits a Wall
Council on Foreign Relations (blog)
And this could be a new normal. The OECD projects that, after a bump in 2012, worldwide aid will “stagnate” in the coming years. Despite a real decline of 0.9 percent from 2010, the United States remains by far the largest donor, with net ODA of $30.7 ...

Council on Foreign Relations (blog)

Turning around a hotel's culture in 5 steps
Hotel News Now
We live in the new normal today. People are career transitioning like never before. The five criteria you should be looking for are the five hallmarks of emotional intelligence. They are: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social ...

Rock Falls Soldiers Return Home
"You got to expect what they call a new normal," Barton said. "Things have changed while they've been gone spouses may be have taken care of things so that's a new normal that they have to try and adjust to," he added. Todd Harlow of the Rock Island ...

MacKinnon: Playoff berth next season vital to Oilers
Edmonton Journal
Head coach Tom Renney suggested last week that as the team becomes that of Hall, Eberle and Nugent-Hopkins, Petry, Dubnyk and others, its success will hinge on the willingness of some veterans to buy into a “new normal,” accept new, less prominent ...

Poll Position: Is the economy gaining or just breaking even?
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
Now, 3 percent annualized growth in one quarter is only “exceptionally strong” by our “new normal” standards, not our traditional pace of recovery after recessions. And Morici's explanation suggests the economy was catching up more than ramping up from ...

The 1%'s most dangerous lies
The higher compensation levels then create a “new normal” for executive pay that, via the compensation consultants and compliant directors, ratchets up the pay of all the top dogs. And, when the stock market is less speculative, these corporate ...


The market has been soaring; will an earnings slowdown inject a dose of reality?
Washington Post
Even if it doesn't, the thinking goes, companies will have adjusted to turmoil in Europe as a new normal that they can function under, rather than something that sets off constant fears of another cataclysm. Machinery company Caterpillar said in its ...

Transportation bill faces more bumps ahead
“That's not going to go away; you could call that the new normal. That's going to be part of this debate every single time until they finally make some tough decisions about how to fund these programs.” Before Congress left for a two-week recess, ...


Rural to urban shift intensifies in Idaho
We have a new normal. That's really caused folks to determine whether they would like to live out in the rural areas, or are they going to go where the jobs are?" Idaho Department of Labor Chief Research Officer Bob Uhlenkott said.

Obama Moves Ahead with Oil Sanctions as Gas Prices Climb
National Geographic
... to freakishly random factors, with only a small assist from human-induced climate change. IPS calls this “extreme weather” the new normal, and there may be more crazy weather in our future. The changes are causing some scientists to look to the ice.

Exxon Mobil dispute deepens Arab-Kurd split in Iraq
Washington Post
“Exxon Mobil thought that they would do it, that the Iraqi government would decide they were too big to take on, and that a new normal would be established,” said Ali al-Saffar, an energy expert. “But given just how explosive the territories they ...

This Week in Cloud, April 5, 2012: Gartner's five cloud predictions, Dell's ...
SYS-CON Media (press release) (blog)
The tips include topics such as business and IT alignment, cloud as an enabler, the 'new normal' makes cloud mandatory, and more. What type of environment is best suited for your test lab? In this blog on InformationWeek, Michael Biddick compares the ...

BYOD: Powerful Enabler or Impending Catastrophe?
IT Business Edge (blog)
But a multi-platform environment where some devices are personal and others are corporate-owned is the “new normal.” One of the fundamental challenges associated with BYOD stems from the lack of control the IT department has over the device and ...

Fannie tests rental program for housing backlog
Out Of The Storm News
In most areas of the country, he'd rather see other tools used, such as allowing smaller investors to qualify for home-rehabilitation financing through the Federal Housing Authority. Fratantoni believes the country is entering a new normal in which ...

Out Of The Storm News

Finding My New Normal: Photo Challenge
By My New Normal
Life will never be "normal" again and so now the challenge is to find my new normal. We decided to try again using an egg donor. In October of 2011 we got the wonderful news that I'm pregnant again, due in June 2012. Now we're just hoping ...
Finding My New Normal

Jellybeans and Bunnies – Help! Easter Candy Q & A | AICR Blog
By Alice RD
Although one day's splurge day won't undo weeks of healthy eating, those “I'll just eat what I want” days can quickly become your new normal. Find ways to include treats in small quantities once in awhile and you may actually stay on track ...

Hormone evolution: Girls are developing faster than ever and ...
By The Extinction Protocol
In Puberty Before Age 10: A New 'Normal'? Elizabeth Weil interviews Tracee Sioux, whose 9-year-old daughter Ainsley began developing pubic hair at age 6. Test after test with doctor after doctor turned up nothing unusual. “The doctors ...
The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

I Still Live with My Mom | Bitter Lawyer
By Ex-Bitter
When lawyers are living with their moms then maybe living with mom into your thirties is the new normal, the Italian way to do things stateside. Or Indian. And who can blame you? It's a cold harsh world out there and you've managed to do two ...
Bitter Lawyer

Blurring the lines between funny and sad | Nicole Sandler - Radio Or ...
By Nicole Sandler
Unfortunately, this is the new normal.. Today on the show, I had the pleasure of speaking with the wonderful Sandi Behrns who has re-launched her blog, The Cassandra Files (not that it ever really went away, but she's posting regularly again) ...
Nicole Sandler - Radio Or Not

InfusionCon 2012 Conference Recap
By Joseph Manna
... how valuable and exciting the conference was from their eyes. As a part of this contest, we were delighted to send them to Phoenix and put them up in the hotel on our dime as a part of live-blogging InfusionCon. Yes, easy is the new normal!
The Official Infusionsoft Blog

Poll Position: Is the economy gaining or just breaking even? | Kyle ...
By Kyle Wingfield
Now, 3 percent annualized growth in one quarter is only “exceptionally strong” by our “new normal” standards, not our traditional pace of recovery after recessions. And Morici's explanation suggests the economy was catching up more than ...
Kyle Wingfield

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