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New Normal: lower returns, heightened government regulation, diminishing US clout

Pimco to Start Latin America Office in Brazil in Global Push
Pimco has said it will pursue strategies with a global focus, in line with its “new normal” philosophy that describes an era of lower returns, heightened government regulation, diminishing US clout in the world economy and a bigger role for developing ...

The 'new normal' for inflation
Hindu Business Line
The psychological danger facing the nation is the subtle change in official circles on the level of the new normal for inflation. While paying the usual lip service to containing the 'perception of inflation' in the 4-4.5 per cent range, the new normal ...

Hindu Business Line

The New York Times Magazine's Botched Boob job
“The New York Times Magazine's “Puberty before Age 10: A New Normal?” is one of those public interest-trend stories that are like a bridge to nowhere. A young girl going through the early stages of puberty – possibly too young, but no one can tell as ...

The new normal in food safety
Waterloo Record
Maple Leaf Following a 2008 listeria outbreak originating from a Maple Leaf Foods plant, workers demonstrated new methods employed to clean meat slicing equipment in its plant in Vaughan, Ont. Recent reports suggest that as a result of the Stephen ...

Volatility the new normal, says German family business
Campden FB
Market volatility is becoming the “new normal”, which means companies need to adapt their structures and workflows. Market volatility is becoming the “new normal”, which means companies need to adapt their structures and workflows.

Puberty Before Age 10: A New 'Normal'?
Food Consumer
Editor's note: It is no fun to see your girl grows fast into her adulthood. For one thing, she will have a high risk of breast cancer and other reproductive cancers. She will have less time to enjoy her childhood among other things.

Book review: Great by Choice (blog)
We believe there will be no “new normal.” There will only be a continuous series of “not normal” times. Great by Choice is the latest business book by Jim Collins (co-authored with Morten Hansen). Collins is best known for his classic Good to Great in ...

10 Big tech trends for the next decade
The Great Depression, Part 2: Consumer confidence and the new normal Consumer tech markets are being redefined by a new set of expectations and values shaped by global economics. In mature markets, many people have cut back on spending in the wake of ...

Overtime lawsuits on a sharp rise
MyFox Tampa Bay
In response to this "new normal," American workers are fighting back -- not in the boardroom, but the courtroom. "Certainly, there's this culture right now among companies of making due with less people and, of course, for the workers themselves, ...

MyFox Tampa Bay

Transformation Through Outsourcing
The Moscow Times
Awareness of this fact brings active market participants to an obvious conclusion: Survival in "the new normal" requires changes. Restructing and transformation of operations is no longer an issue of efficiency and cost-effectiveness but a matter of...

The Moscow Times

Charity leaders want re-think on tax relief cap
The fifth Managing in a Downturn report, 'Managing in the new normal - a perfect storm? also found that charities have experienced a net reduction across all income streams, with the majority hit by Government spending cuts.

New health unit serves public housing residents
Leon County Health Department Administrator Homer Rice said one of the best things advocates can do for residents is establish a "new normal" for getting check-ups and medical care as routine. Too often, he said, people with limited health care access ...

Wedding Diets: Twitterers React To Extreme Pre-Wedding Diets
Huffington Post
These diets seemed way over-the-top to us, but we wondered if this is the "new normal." We polled the Twitterverse to find out if any of you were as shocked by these weight loss tactics as we were.

New Apparel Tops Spending Priorities for "Alpha" Women
Apparel Magazine
"They are accepting this not-so-new normal and are balancing thoughtful spending with regular saving," said Perro-Jarvis. "Last year, we saw Alpha women ready to add small accents back into their lives. They may have 'splurged' on decorative pillows to ...

Claudio Reyna's US soccer vision
It will be great for these kids because it will become the new normal." With senior national team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann's full backing, Reyna is spearheading a new mandate in the coaching curriculum for youth clubs that emphasizes development ...

UK, EdR break ground for New Central Residence Hall
The Lane Report
“Our public/private partnership with EdR is an innovative approach to managing within the new normal and moving forward in pursuit of our Kentucky Promise.” The new residence hall will offer the cutting-edge technology and amenities students expect of ...

No return to the old 'ordinary'
Otago Daily Times
But it is not alone: all parties (except New Zealand First, which rides populist waves) will have to reframe, rethink, redevelop and renew to fit the emerging but not yet definable new normal. So far, none of them is really trying.

Industrial Production Ok but A Little Soft in March 2012
Global Economic Intersection
The difficulty in IP is that I do not believe this index has settled down to the New Normal effects. Even with the terrible performance of the utility sector of IP, the growth trend line has a slightly positive trend since mid 2011.

Global Economic Intersection

The middle path on interest rates
Financial Express
These are times when business cycles are also in a “new normal” mode, making it even more difficult to anticipate the behaviour of economic agents. RBI Governor Subbarao has lived with such uncertainties since the time he took charge just before the ...

Midlands home sales rise
The State
“We're at that tipping point where we can get things back to whatever the new normal is going to be.” Sales in the first quarter of the year stand about where they were a decade ago — before the housing bubble swelled, before the Great Recession drove ...

The State

Watch Out for Bankers' Wrath As Families Live Under One Roof
Business Insider
One could say the new household formation numbers are part of the new normal. It frightens the bankers who are desperate for another housing bubble. Charles Hugh Smith recently wrote of his concern about the housing market being in decline for an ...

Improved health, wish for normal life, main reason for loss to follow-up in ...
People living with HIV are acutely aware that their new 'normal' life has changed. They have to work hard to live with their condition and adapt to the disruptions to 'normalise' their everyday lives, relationships and activities.

No Spring Break for Equities
The public believes the US economy is in a “new normal” period where slow growth will persist indefinitely. However, the first quarter should be tracking at close to three percent GDP growth given better than expected trade and inventory data, ...

AFA to Help Facilitate Transitions for Wounded Airmen
MarketWatch (press release)
Aggie has returned to active duty in the USAF, and is discovering a new normal for his life as he adapts to his injuries. However, one thing that he found consistent was that sports were still very important to him. The Warrior Games are an annual ...

U.S. Bancorp Leading The Pack On The Way Back
Seeking Alpha
At the same time, US Bancorp is moving on to the new normal in its operating environment. USB is a top-10 mortgage originator (though much smaller in share terms than Wells Fargo), but boasts a very balanced business between commercial and retail ...

Budget shortfall means Fort Worth must focus on basics
Fort Worth Star Telegram
This just may be the new normal, folks. Wishing for the good ol' days of sizeable increases in property and sales tax revenues is not a sustainable solution. Sure, it would be great if urban villages were blossoming like springtime irises, ...

Why you can't inflate away the eurozone's troubles (blog)
Furthermore, the transition would be incredibly tricky as people's expectations take time to adjust to the new "normal", possibly increasing volatility or even feeding through to wage pressure (and other second round inflationary effects).

How our members are creating the “New Normal”
By LaNiece Holland
Best Practice Partner Spotlight: HUR Health & Fitness. Different Age Groups Need Different Fitness Machines. It's a well known fact that America is getting older. About 13% of the population is over 65, translating to roughly 41 million ...
Medical Fitness Association

Is Plastic Surgery The 'New Normal'?
By Megan87
Australia's Herald Sun recently asked whether plastic surgery is the 'new normal.' Noting that constant cosmetic procedures intended to retain a youthful appearance can be costly, as well as time-consuming and painful, many of today's ...
Breast Surgery

If Lawyers Sell Legal Expertise to Clients, Who Owns the Resulting ...
And I'm sharing it here in the New Normal column since I think the meaning of knowledge ownership and knowledge sharing in the legal profession has profound impacts on the kinds of collaborative, data-driven, process oriented, ...
ABA Journal Daily News

New Survivor Stories and Educational Videos | CancerBridges
By Mike Lang
The survivor stories cover things such as finding the new normal, how to tell your story, moving forward after cancer and regaining your vitality as well as conveying wisdom that can only be learned through listening to other survivors stories.

3 Geeks and a Law Blog: IT is Dead! Long Live IT!
By (Ryan McClead)
The world around IT has changed substantially, but like the dinosaurs shortly after the meteor impact, IT itself is still desperately trying to understand its role in the “new normal”. It's too late. It's over. I'm calling time of death: early second decade ...
3 Geeks and a Law Blog

Kate Heyhoe – She Leaves Green Cookprints Everywhere ...
By marty
How can the new normal be living green? Do I get a “cookprint?.” I already make green choices, don't I? A Humvee in my kitchen? You gotta be kidding! Is fast boiling water hotter than slow boiling water? What is the recipe Green Meter?
Foodsite Magazine

Putting people first » UX is the heart of any company. How do you ...
By Experientia
“The principles and theories of UX have created a new normal in terms of brand delivery and interaction. They state that how people actually use your product is much more important than how it was intended to be used. So engaging your ...
Putting people first

Live Streaming Catholicism: One Week, 32 Viewer Hours – Thomas ...
By Tom Shakely
Streaming will become one aspect of the new normal for Catholic communities. Every church that dithers in its adoption is faced with a real dilemma in the face of the exhortations of the Holy See. That dilemma is: “If we're serious about New ...
Thomas A. Shakely

Weird Winter – Mad March – Part One « Climate Denial Crock of the ...
By greenman3610
In addition, several years of violent tornado seasons have many asking if we are entering a “new Normal” in regard to our seasons. For this two part series, I interviewed a number of climate scientists and experts from around the country, and ...
Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Jodi Ciampa: From One Mother to Another -- Am I Normal?!?
By Jodi Ciampa
When you get acclimated to having a baby, life will find a "new" NORMAL. In the meantime, help yourself feel normal again. Don't be a martyr. Ask for assistance. Whether it's from your husband, mother, sister, brother or friend -- it doesn't make ...
The Huffington Post Full Blog Feed

Paranoia - Dawg's Blawg (Blog)
By Dr.Dawg
That's all right, a staffer commented, because the newspaper never really wanted information on NRC anyway. Just another month in the bowels of Harperia, where such folie à plusieurs is thenew normal. Return to the home page · Share ...
Dawg's Blawg (Blog)

Life Crisis - On Hiring - The Chronicle of Higher Education
By Eliana Osborn
I had hoped that around the six-month mark I would have found a new normal, with treatment plans and stability and whatnot. That has not proven to be the case with my son; we are still working with his doctors to get things under control.
On Hiring

New Normal News: The new normal in American cars
The new normal in American cars. Fortune (blog) Yes, the Detroit automakers are enjoying a rebound. But, since the last recession, the US market has shifted ...

The new normal. | Mac's Musings
Whenever something big changes there's always the question, Will life ever feel normal again ...

Our New Normal | Facebook
Future adoptive mama, proud southern girl, pre-eclampsia/HELLP survivor, shih- tzu lover, world peace seeker, parrothead...Visit me at Our New Normal. About ...

Is the New 'Normal' Puberty Before Age 10?
Puberty is starting in adolescent girl's at a younger age. Tracee Sioux and her daughter have started two new businesses to change that.

Who Bleeds in the “New Normal”?
In the wake of the financial crisis and our era of quantitative easing, economists, pundits and market analysts have all talked about the “new normal.” What is the ...

Caregiving for Loved Ones: The New 'Normal' for Boomers
Caring for loved ones will affect almost every Boomer. Joan Lunden shares her experience in finding her elderly mother the most appropriate housing.

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