Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Normal for auto fuel

Higher break-even price for Saudi oil sets new normal for auto fuel
Torque News
In 2003, the breakeven for Saudi crude oil was $30 per barrel. It's now reported to be $85 and expected to rise to $110 by 2015, according to the latest MarketWatch article. Now the really bad news from a trader's perspective: Seldom do prices trade ...
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GDP growth may moderate to 8 pc in FY12: FICCI survey
SME Times
On the question of considering a 'new normal' range of 6 to 7 percent for inflation, the Survey elicited a mixed reaction. While a majority of the economists agreed that Indian economy has to accept a new normal and agreed to a 6 percent level as the ...
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Judgment Days
As natural disasters and deadly weather patterns rip through the headlines, it's time to realize that havoc is the new normal. This week NEWSWEEK discusses the frightening implications of what all the warnings about climate change, unheeded by the...

New Normal Unemployment Rate

New Normal Unemployment Rate
There is a new normal unemployment rate in the United States. Instead of the low five percent rate we have all grown accustomed to, a new seven percent rate will stick around. Labor market observers and economists have all agreed that the new rate is ...
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This crazy weather might be the new normal – how it impacts real estate
After an all to familiar round of storms jolted us awake early Monday morning with sounds of hail bashing our windows and of trees blowing apart all around us, we turned on our TV sets to see the horror of what happened in Joplin. ...
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Children orphaned by tornadoes carry on, and grieve
For those children, it will take years to process their experience and realign with theirnew normal, experts said. "The trauma is deep. The wound is deep. Being orphaned is what we call a forever loss," Dr. Jane Aronson, Chief Executive of Worldwide ...
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In Vt., engorged Lake Champlain slowly tortures

Wall Street Journal
For Hoerr and hundreds of others forced to cope with unprecedented flooding, this is the new normal on Lake Champlain. "It is Lake Champlain water torture," said Hoerr, a 57-year-old father of two. "Someone said to me today, 'It's like cutting off a ...
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Retiree finance myths persist
Toledo Blade
ASSOCIATED PRESS Enlarge CHICAGO -- Fretting is the new normal for retirement. Too little is in savings, too many retire without financial security and we may need to work longer to achieve it -- assuming they can hang onto their jobs or find new ones. ...
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Toledo Blade
Did Deis' 'tough on labor' talk shed light on agenda?
Stockton Record
Among the many guest speakers at the Portola Hotel and Spa in Monterey was Stockton City Manager Bob Deis, seven months into the job and invited to participate in a panel discussion about "the changing face of government" and "finding the new normal...
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OUR VIEW: Patience needed as much as supplies
Pittsburg Morning Sun
Back to normal won't be an option, but rather a new normal will be formed. Moving forward takes time, from both an emotional standpoint, and a construction standpoint. Over time, brick gets placed on top of brick, windows get replaced, walls get built ...
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How to tackle the twin bond enemies - inflation and rising rates
Economically, there is talk of a new normal of low growth for the indebted developed economies – as if what went on before could have been called normal. For what led up to this was the 'Goldilocks economy' of the 1990s, where it was assumed that ...
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A new bump on Mark Carney's road to higher rates
Globe and Mail
“The question is, is the 'new normal' the same as the 'old normal?''' said Michael Gregory, a senior economist at BMO Nesbitt Burns, which changed its forecast for the resumption of rate hikes from July to September after Mr. Carney's speech. ...
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Normal favors renting

"New Normal" Favors Renting, Requires Updated Housing Policy
PR Newswire (press release)
WASHINGTON, May 27, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The "new normal" favors more renting, which requires new thinking about our housing policy, according to speakers at the National Multi Housing Council's (NMHC) Mid-Year Apartment Strategies/Finance ...
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The new normal
Hamilton Spectator
Her parents, Todd, 36, and Julie Dow, 33, say this became the new normal for their family three years ago. That's when they discovered Katie has cystic fibrosis a genetic disease that hinders digestion and causes thick mucous to build in the lungs. ...
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Calif. School Permits Transgender Propagandist in Classroom
The New American
"Though to many this may seem extreme," he said, "based upon some of the bills now pending in the Capitol, such as SB 48, this will be the new normal in California's K-12 public schools." What is that "new normal"? The goal of Gender Spectrum, again, ...
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East Palo Alto's largest landlord looks to sell
Palo Alto Online
by Gennady Sheyner For residents at the Newell Court apartments in East Palo Alto, change has become the new normal over the past two years. In the fall of 2009, the sprawling apartment complex in the city's Woodland Park neighborhood was in disarray ...
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Rent After Foreclosure? Yes, You Can.
Huffington Post (blog)
Another change in the "new normal" is the income/rent ratio. Younger managers are astonished when told that in the 1990s a "safe" ratio was that a renter should have gross income four times the rent. Today, when many people spend half their after-tax ...
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Weekly Review: Is Inflation Behind Terrible Economic data?
Durable goods is not a driver in the new normal economy contributing less than 5% of employment - but has contributed to the economic growth since the last part of 2010. Most of the employment growth has come from the service end of the economy. ...
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Halting our debt binge will be painful
WELCOME to the new normal. For years, the UK economy has been fuelled by the unsustainable accumulation of debt, public as well as private. Now that the cheap money bubble has burst, and consumers, firms and the government can no longer go on borrowing ...
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New Scrutiny on Expense Accounts
Inside Higher Ed
Recognizing that what may seem like a reasonable expense to a college board may appear different to district taxpayers, some community colleges are looking for ways to bring their presidents' spending in line with what they call the “new normal” in ...
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Poles View Obama Visit Through Lens of Generation
New York Times
“There is an attempt to create a new configuration, a kind of 'new normal' between the US and Poland,” said Andrew Michta, director of the newly opened Warsaw Office of the German Marshall Fund of the United States. Instead of being the loyal, ...

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Friday, May 27, 2011

High loonie the new normal?

Is a high loonie the new normal?
Globe and Mail
A loonie worth well over $1 (US) is bad news for Canadian exporters, but welcome news for investors. US stocks have rarely been available at such deep discounts. Sure, the US economy is struggling, but the country is still home to the vast majority of ...
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'Weird' Weather Is the New Normal
Earthweek - A Diary of the Planet
“It's a new normal, and I really do think that global weirding is the best way to describe what we're seeing,” Texas Tech University climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe told reporters. While it's impossible to point to climate change as the cause of any ...
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Gathering Place helps Fairview Park woman find 'the new normal'
Sun Star Courier
In the meantime, her kids continue to go to The Gathering Place as the family adjusts to what Geiger called a “new normal.” “I think it's a good thing for them to talk about it and keep it in the forefront so they don't have issues down the road,” she ...
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Smoothing the peaks
'The New Normal' for the Japanese motor industry is therefore to have their weekend on Thursday and Friday and their five-day week is then from Saturday to Wednesday. As yet no other industry has announced a shift in their weekend as it only makes ...
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Join the conversation: Expanding health care in MN
Twin Cities Planet
By Lisa Peterson-de la Cueva, TC Daily Planet The Twin Cities Daily Planet's series, The New Normal: Deciding Community Priorities in a Downsized Economy, tackles a different issue each month. In June we'll be talking about health care, ...
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pro-Life and the New Normal

Pro-Life and the “New Normal
First Things (blog)
While official Washington occupies itself with soaring deficits, health care costs and the status of the war on terror, state lawmakers have been busy passing law after law challenging one or more core holdings of the high court's landmark ruling in ...
Sediment in Wynnewood's streams from unlikely sources
Main Line
By Mike Weilbacher Last Thursday the skies opened up yet again, lightning struck, thunder rumbled and another world-class deluge poured across the Main Line, the new normal with our high-energy atmosphere and its enhanced evaporation. ...
Transgender Clownfish? Gender Diversity Lesson at California School Riles Critics
Fox News
"Though to many this may seem extreme, based upon some of the bills now pending in the Capitol, such as SB 48, this will be the new normal in California's K-12 public schools." Brad Dacus, president of The Pacific Justice Institute, told Fox News that ...
Charleroi veteran heals while helping fellow soldiers
Monessen Valley Independent
It's a new normal. He now sees a new psychiatrist every three months. He wants other veterans to not be ashamed of seeking help. He feels there is still a stigma among veterans to not talk about the emotional toll war has on them, but feels Vets4Vets ...

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Global trade and the New Normal

MEDIA ADVISORY - New CEO of Export Development Canada to speak about ...
Canada NewsWire (press release)
... 2011 /CNW/ - Export Development Canada's (EDC) new President and CEO, Stephen Poloz, will deliver a speech about current trends in global trade, their impact on globalization, and what Canadian companies can expect going forward in the 'new normal...
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Tornado recovery to require 2-5 years
Cleveland Daily Banner
by REECE RUTLAND, Banner Staff Writer As recordbreaking storms continue to rack the nation, Cleveland is finding ways to pick itself up and get to a “new normal.” “We are a fortunate community. We've had a lot of damage, but we can start to get back to ...
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The Overnight Report: Goldman Has The Good Oil
IBTimes Hong Kong
It's probably safe to say that “low” volume on Wall Street is now the new normal, otherwise we'd just be calling volume “low” every day. The lack of interest in stocks at present compared to the bull run and the GFC dump explains to a great extent why ...
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New Home Sales Could Have Improved (or not) in April 2011
Global Economic Intersection
The difficulty in month-over-month analysis, is that if you have a previous month which is unusual – or that there are new normal characteristics – your quantitative analysis distorts a reasoned conclusion. Prior to the Great Recession, ...
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'Green News Report' - May 24, 2011
Huffington Post (blog)
IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Tornado terror and devastation in Joplin, MO; Extreme weather and the costs of the 'new normal'; Iceland erupts again; PLUS: The EPA on the hot seat -- again ... All that and more in today's Green News Report! ...
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After Years of Economic Hardship in Eagle, Colo.: Resignation
PBS NewsHour
After years of struggle, people in Eagle are not overly optimistic about where things are headed, but there is a sense that a new normal is arriving and anger has given way to acceptance. As its population doubled in the last decade, ...
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Normal and gas prices

Gas prices force many to change their ways
Indianapolis Star
"It's like this is the new normal," says Demon Nelson, Southfield, Mich., after paying $4.15 a gallon to fill up his Chevrolet Impala. Nationally, regular gasoline averaged $3.91 a gallon Friday, 7 cents less than the 2011 high of $3.98 a week earlier. ...
Guest column: Price volatility is here to stay
Financial Times
They are the new normal. Changes in both supply and demand dynamics are likely to create a long period of sustained commodity price volatility, with significant downstream implications for many businesses. There are a number of structural reasons for ...
InterviewEconomy entering 'New Normal' of lower growth - with video
ICIS (subscription)
By Will Beacham LONDON (ICIS)--The volatility in chemical and oil markets indicates that the global economy is going through a structural change and entering the 'New Normal' of lower growth in mature markets, according to a leading consultant. ...
Numbers Can Be Deceiving
Amazingly this year's Top 100 CE Retailers rankings, which track the prior year's annual sales, show that about two and a half years into the “new normal” economy CE sales grew 5.8 percent at retail during 2010. More than a few of you – retailers, ...
Michael Jackson's children put on their smartest clothes for weekly worship ...
Daily Mail
By Jody Thompson Their grandparents have always been strictly religious - and it seems that Michael Jackson's children are now having to go to church on Sundays as part of their new 'normal' life. Paris 13, Prince, 14 and Blanket, nine, ...
Being Frugal May Be More Genetic Than Learned
But recent consumer spending figures seem to contradict that argument, and nowadays, few retailers are losing sleep over the “new normal” nightmare. Holiday sales in December surged from a year earlier, surprising most analysts, and in the last quarter ...

Time for a 'courageous conversation' in Pittsburgh
After all, the reasoning goes, when reality gives way to a new normal, one cannot afford to shy away from talking about matters of ultimate import and significance. Certainly, we have reached such a time in Pittsburgh. ...
The New Normal | Craigslist Foundation
By Aimee Allison
But the new normal doesn't have to be a time of decay and decline. Instead, we can allow the storm to transform our communities, our work and ourselves. Albert Einstein once said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. ...
Craigslist Foundation - http://craigslistfoundation.org/
Boom, Gloom and the New Normal published today (Chemicals & The ...
By Paul Hodges
Today, the blog is proud to publish the first Chapter of its new eBook: 'Boom, Gloom and the New Normal: how Western BabyBoomers are changing global chemical demand patterns, again' It is co-authored with ICIS' John Richardson of Asian ...
Chemicals & The Economy - http://www.icis.com/blogs/chemicals-and-the-economy/

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Paranormal is the New Normal?

In Network Pilots, Paranormal Is the New Normal
New York Times
By STUART ELLIOTT IT was not so long ago that commercials were filled with fantastical characters like green giants, flying maids and white knights. For the 2011-12 television season, it will be the shows, not the ads, that feature creatures out of ...

How to maintain a disciplined work schedule
Charlotte Observer
As the mother of a 2-year-old, I feel I'm adjusting to a “new normal” every few weeks. And no matter what age your children, it seems their rhythms and schedules are in a constant state of flux, whether from dropping naps or changing after-school ...

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Don't despair--it's the New Normal

Don't Despair, It's The New Normal, Part II
By Charles Hugh Smith Correspondent Elizabeth S. recently shared her positive response to Failure: Don't Despair, It's The New Normal (May 4, 2011). Elizabeth identifies a key component of self-worth and happiness: leading a life of self-expression. ...
Shrinking Budgets Demand Smarter Schools
Huffington Post (blog)
US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has warned of an ominous "New Normal" for public schools. This era of sky-high deficits and fiscal austerity for states and school districts threatens our ability to achieve better outcomes for all students, ...
Climate Change: Weird Weather Could Be the New Normal
There was always a "new normal" throughout history as climate has always changed. How much of it is induced by man is in question. Science has shown us that dramatic climatic changes have happened in the past in a matter of a few decades. ...
Decreased budget proposed in Yadkin
Winston-Salem Journal
Like I told them, this is the new normal. It's happening everywhere." The property-tax rate would stay the same under the $34.7 million spending plan proposed by Church. Commissioners were provided the proposed budget Thursday. ...

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The New Normal is here to stay

The new normal is here to stay
Foster's Daily Democrat
While there is much to comment on editorially, there was one comment that particularly stood out — Joyal's use of the term "the new normal." Foster's Daily Democrat has pointed out previously that the process of developing municipal and school budgets ...
T N Ninan New normal growth rate
Business Standard
The finance ministry likes to talk of the “new normal” when it comes to inflation — code for saying that everyone should get used to a higher rate of price increases. The question is whether the country should also adjust its sights when it comes to ...
John Kaiser: $1200 Gold is New Normal
International Business Times
By Karen Roche And Jt Long | May 20, 2011 6:35 PM GMT What is good for the US economy is good for gold. John Kaiser, editor of Kaiser Research Online, has proposed a graphic model that relates the value of all above-ground gold stock to global Gross ...
The New Normal Commodity Volatility
Inside Futures
This is the money that has created the current price floors that we are all calibrating ourselves to as the new normal. The new money added to the commodity markets has roughly doubled the size of the commodity markets' capital base and indirectly, ...
Nudge the Market, Change the World
Huffington Post (blog)
This "new normal" in economic matters requires a new perspective. In Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness, Cass Sunstein and Richard H. Thaler discuss the power of choice architects, who shape incentives to advance the public ...
Notes from NAPFA
InvestmentNews (blog)
The attendees at the National Association of Professional Financial Advisors are getting used to living in the “new normal.” The term, popularized by investment guru Bill Gross, founder of Pacific Investment Management Company LLC, the world's largest ...
Jim Poulin/The Business Journal
Phoenix Business Journal
That all changed when the housing market went bust and the economy tanked, leaving Sage to adjust to the “new normal.” He turned to the Artigue Agency to create a marketing campaign to boost his business. “Word-of-mouth referrals have dried up a little ...
A novel solution to unemployment: "Work-sharing"
CNN (blog)
On the other hand, there is a disquieting sense that today's “new normal” may be slower growth and higher levels of unemployment. So the challenge now is to formulate policies to provide work for all who want it in economies that, as currently ...
Higher gas prices pinch consumers
Tucson Citizen
“It's like this is the new normal,” says Demon Nelson of Southfield, Mich., after paying $4.15 a gallon to fill up his Chevrolet Impala. Nationally, regular gasoline averages $3.91 a gallon, 7 cents less than last week's 2011 high of $3.98. ...

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