Monday, May 16, 2011

New Normal--New Expectations

'New normal' means new expectations
Twin Falls Times-News
Idaho's slow crawl out of the recession is leading to a re-examination of how the city of Twin Falls prepares its annual budget in the face of what City Manager Travis Rothweiler thinks may be a “new normal.” This new normal is one of slower ...
Setting the standard
The Trinidad Guardian
The People's Partnership (PP) Government is establishing a “new normal” insofar as ethics and acceptable standards of behaviour in public office are concerned. As with any real-time and complex situation, the signals are mixed, but from my point of ...
Jim Annis: Time management for today's workplace
Reno Gazette Journal
The new normal in business demands that we hit the "refresh button" on the entire content of our workday. We need to re-examine how we are doing our work and why, given new information and the environment in which we operate. ...
How Japan's Ad Industry Is Faring in Wake of Quake
This is the new normal emerging in Japan after the March 11 earthquake. Faced with electricity cuts of up to 25% through at least the end of September, Tokyo's famous digital billboards have been dimmed or switched off and Tokyo Disneyland can't keep ...
Opportunity amidst uncertainty: Investment alternatives
Jamaica Observer
Bill Gross of PIMCO (manager of the world's largest mutual fund) maintains that we are in a "new normal of lower returns and volatility". What does this "new normal" mean for your investment strategy? The fundamental change in the global financial ...
An itinerant teacher's life
The State
Kim Ruff is an art teacher in Lexington 3 who constantly travels to teach classes at three different schools, part of the new normal of school budget cuts. Today, Ruff started her day teaching a class at Batesburg-Leesville High School and then ...

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