Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Normal for auto fuel

Higher break-even price for Saudi oil sets new normal for auto fuel
Torque News
In 2003, the breakeven for Saudi crude oil was $30 per barrel. It's now reported to be $85 and expected to rise to $110 by 2015, according to the latest MarketWatch article. Now the really bad news from a trader's perspective: Seldom do prices trade ...
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GDP growth may moderate to 8 pc in FY12: FICCI survey
SME Times
On the question of considering a 'new normal' range of 6 to 7 percent for inflation, the Survey elicited a mixed reaction. While a majority of the economists agreed that Indian economy has to accept a new normal and agreed to a 6 percent level as the ...
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Judgment Days
As natural disasters and deadly weather patterns rip through the headlines, it's time to realize that havoc is the new normal. This week NEWSWEEK discusses the frightening implications of what all the warnings about climate change, unheeded by the...

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