Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weather extremes the New Normal

US weather extremes 'new normal'
Toronto Sun
(REUTERS/John Gress) Heavy rains, deep snowfalls, monster floods and killing droughts are signs of a “new normal“ of extreme US weather events fueled by climate change, scientists and government planners said Wednesday. “It's a new normal and I really ...
Two years later, family adapts to 'new normal'
Springfield News Sun
Submitted photo Krista, Anna and Jason Ronai cross the finish line Saturday at the American Brain Tumor Association 5K walk in Chicago. Krista's team helped raise $22000 for brain cancer research. Submitted photo Submitted photo Jason and Krista Ronai ...
Adapting to 'new normal'
Speaking at the Kenexa EuroSummit 2011 in London last week, Anne-Marie Malley, partner at Deloitte Consulting, said that organisations are rebalancing their talent strategies as they adapt to the “new normal”. Competing for talent globally and in ...
1 in 38: Autism Speaks' New Normal is the Biggest Business Bonanza Ever
Age of Autism
Managing Editor's Note: New Autism Speak's tagline? "Don't Be a Mizer, Walk Til You Drop for Pfizer." Or perhaps "You don't know jack, trust us - use Prozac." Or maybe this gem, "Side Effects May Include Death - Hey! Can We Call Ourselves Cure Autism ...
Green Wheels: 8-Speed Cars
Hartford Advocate
Twelve-speed bikes have been around forever, but who'd have thought that eight-speed transmissions would be the new normal? There seems to be no end in sight as automakers add extra gears to both manual and automatic transmissions in an effort to grab ...
OHL draft shows hockey changing face
Guelph Mercury
TORONTO — For the first time ever, four black players were taken in the first 12 picks of the OHL draft last week, but for the league, this is the new normal. “To me that's encouraging,” says Toronto-born former NHL winger Anson Carter. ...
Tucson Weekly
Is this the new normal, where pseudo-science mocks legitimate rigorous research, and outfits like the Mercatus Center muddy the water of lively debate by waving money at whoever is unscrupulous enough to grab it? As an education professional myself, ...
Emerging-Market Debt Resilient Despite Flight From Risk
Wall Street Journal
"We view this as reflecting investors' realization of the 'new normal' characterized by slow and impaired growth in advanced economies and robust growth and cleaner balance sheets in emerging markets." The average debt load in developing nations stands ...
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