Monday, May 2, 2011

New Normal anxiety

Pitts: Storm anxiety the new normal
Fayetteville Observer
One wonders if this is the new normal - heightened alertness. One also wonders whether some storm victims will ever again be able to see a stormy day as just that, and nothing more. The alertness can be a good thing, for sure. ...
Threats to civil liberties continuing under Obama
San Francisco Chronicle
It warned of a "real danger" that Obama's tenuousness about curbing government excesses in the name of counterterrorism practices could lead to the creation of "a new normal" of diminished liberties. "It's been disappointing from the standpoint that ...
New Infosys bosses will have to take innovative path
Times of India
And new technologies like cloud computing are bringing fresh challenges. In this new normal, Kamath and Shibulal need to find innovative paths, so that it can take back mindshare from the likes of TCS, Cognizant and HCL, all of who have been growing ...
When Should Rental Rates Be Negotiated?
Stock Markets Review
I guess with the “new normal”, Group-On world we are living in, some might assume that consumers are not willing to look at something that isn't drastically reduced; I don't necessarily agree with this. But it does bring up the question: How does a ...
Painfully slow recovery taxing business, residents in Fall River
Fall River Herald News
As for when the economy will return to normal, Upton had a question. “What's the new normal?” he said. “Whatever it is, we're not there.” “We're seeing some commercial activity,” said William Eccles, president and CEO of Fall River Five. ...

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