Tuesday, May 3, 2011

more on Mohamed El-Erian and “the new normal”

Mohamed El-Erian and “the new normal”
Pimco's El-Erian Says US Unemployment Is 'Stubbornly High'
El-Erian, 52, who promulgated the term “the new normal” to describe the post-financial crisis economy, used a disorganized orchestra as a metaphor to describe the global economic environment, with different regions, governments and industries playing ...

The New Normal for U.S. Unemployment - CNBC
Gary Schlossberg, chief economist at Wells Capital Management expects U.S. jobless rate to stay between 6 and 7 percent for the next growth cycle.
Cancel the Wake for Las Vegas Real Estate
Real Estate News | BiggerPockets.com (blog)
While it is doubtful that Las Vegas will ever again experience such a boom in construction of homes or resorts, there are positive things happening as the city finds a “new normal.” Foreclosures on the lower end of the market are being snapped up so ...
Fed Ups Inflation Forecast; Signals End of Bond-Buying
Mohamed El-Erian, CEO of PIMCO, who popularized the phrase "new normal" to describe how growth will be depressed by consumer retrenchment and tighter financial regulation, has said the Fed's purchase of Treasuries will lead to faster global inflation ...

Crisis as the New Normal: The Economic Situation Today » pa
By Art Perlo
For the rest of us, the recovery means a new normal. Older workers forced out of work, but can't afford to retire, competing with grandchildren for minimum-wage jobs. Workers who formerly had stable jobs, along with growing numbers of ...
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