Saturday, May 21, 2011

The New Normal is here to stay

The new normal is here to stay
Foster's Daily Democrat
While there is much to comment on editorially, there was one comment that particularly stood out — Joyal's use of the term "the new normal." Foster's Daily Democrat has pointed out previously that the process of developing municipal and school budgets ...
T N Ninan New normal growth rate
Business Standard
The finance ministry likes to talk of the “new normal” when it comes to inflation — code for saying that everyone should get used to a higher rate of price increases. The question is whether the country should also adjust its sights when it comes to ...
John Kaiser: $1200 Gold is New Normal
International Business Times
By Karen Roche And Jt Long | May 20, 2011 6:35 PM GMT What is good for the US economy is good for gold. John Kaiser, editor of Kaiser Research Online, has proposed a graphic model that relates the value of all above-ground gold stock to global Gross ...
The New Normal Commodity Volatility
Inside Futures
This is the money that has created the current price floors that we are all calibrating ourselves to as the new normal. The new money added to the commodity markets has roughly doubled the size of the commodity markets' capital base and indirectly, ...
Nudge the Market, Change the World
Huffington Post (blog)
This "new normal" in economic matters requires a new perspective. In Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness, Cass Sunstein and Richard H. Thaler discuss the power of choice architects, who shape incentives to advance the public ...
Notes from NAPFA
InvestmentNews (blog)
The attendees at the National Association of Professional Financial Advisors are getting used to living in the “new normal.” The term, popularized by investment guru Bill Gross, founder of Pacific Investment Management Company LLC, the world's largest ...
Jim Poulin/The Business Journal
Phoenix Business Journal
That all changed when the housing market went bust and the economy tanked, leaving Sage to adjust to the “new normal.” He turned to the Artigue Agency to create a marketing campaign to boost his business. “Word-of-mouth referrals have dried up a little ...
A novel solution to unemployment: "Work-sharing"
CNN (blog)
On the other hand, there is a disquieting sense that today's “new normal” may be slower growth and higher levels of unemployment. So the challenge now is to formulate policies to provide work for all who want it in economies that, as currently ...
Higher gas prices pinch consumers
Tucson Citizen
“It's like this is the new normal,” says Demon Nelson of Southfield, Mich., after paying $4.15 a gallon to fill up his Chevrolet Impala. Nationally, regular gasoline averages $3.91 a gallon, 7 cents less than last week's 2011 high of $3.98. ...

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