Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gold and the New Normal

$1200+ Gold is New Normal
Gold Seek
What is good for the US economy is good for gold. John Kaiser, editor of Kaiser Research Online, has proposed a graphic model that relates the value of all above-ground gold stock to global Gross Domestic Product (GDP), thereby explaining why higher ...
Architects face a 'new normal' but will recover as busines slowly improves
San Diego Union Tribune
By Roger Showley Architects and other designers need to readjust their careers to match the "new normal" in real estate development, according to local economist Gary London. "The past is not prologue," London says. "Virtually every understanding we've ...
Ritholtz: Slow Growth the New Normal
FusionIQ CEO and Director of Equity Research Barry Ritholtz says brace yourself for years of anemic growth as the economy recovers from a debt binge. He also slams so-called" deficit peacocks" who strut their stuff on trimming the budget but don't ...
The new normal
International Financing Review
Unlike in the past, traders say a larger number of consecutive declines are occurring in the VIX alongside brisk options selling – leaving many to rethink what the “new normal” is for volatility. Kathleen Hoffelder reports. ...
A difficult transition from war to home for returning veterans
Martha's Vineyard Times
The guys try to adjust to a new normal, where there is safety, security, family members who love them, and friends. Asking them to switch over is very difficult for them. "Guys who come back from combat have had to numb themselves from their feelings ...
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