Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Normal Unemployment Rate

New Normal Unemployment Rate
There is a new normal unemployment rate in the United States. Instead of the low five percent rate we have all grown accustomed to, a new seven percent rate will stick around. Labor market observers and economists have all agreed that the new rate is ...
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This crazy weather might be the new normal – how it impacts real estate
After an all to familiar round of storms jolted us awake early Monday morning with sounds of hail bashing our windows and of trees blowing apart all around us, we turned on our TV sets to see the horror of what happened in Joplin. ...
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Children orphaned by tornadoes carry on, and grieve
For those children, it will take years to process their experience and realign with theirnew normal, experts said. "The trauma is deep. The wound is deep. Being orphaned is what we call a forever loss," Dr. Jane Aronson, Chief Executive of Worldwide ...
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In Vt., engorged Lake Champlain slowly tortures

Wall Street Journal
For Hoerr and hundreds of others forced to cope with unprecedented flooding, this is the new normal on Lake Champlain. "It is Lake Champlain water torture," said Hoerr, a 57-year-old father of two. "Someone said to me today, 'It's like cutting off a ...
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Retiree finance myths persist
Toledo Blade
ASSOCIATED PRESS Enlarge CHICAGO -- Fretting is the new normal for retirement. Too little is in savings, too many retire without financial security and we may need to work longer to achieve it -- assuming they can hang onto their jobs or find new ones. ...
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Toledo Blade
Did Deis' 'tough on labor' talk shed light on agenda?
Stockton Record
Among the many guest speakers at the Portola Hotel and Spa in Monterey was Stockton City Manager Bob Deis, seven months into the job and invited to participate in a panel discussion about "the changing face of government" and "finding the new normal...
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OUR VIEW: Patience needed as much as supplies
Pittsburg Morning Sun
Back to normal won't be an option, but rather a new normal will be formed. Moving forward takes time, from both an emotional standpoint, and a construction standpoint. Over time, brick gets placed on top of brick, windows get replaced, walls get built ...
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How to tackle the twin bond enemies - inflation and rising rates
Economically, there is talk of a new normal of low growth for the indebted developed economies – as if what went on before could have been called normal. For what led up to this was the 'Goldilocks economy' of the 1990s, where it was assumed that ...
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A new bump on Mark Carney's road to higher rates
Globe and Mail
“The question is, is the 'new normal' the same as the 'old normal?''' said Michael Gregory, a senior economist at BMO Nesbitt Burns, which changed its forecast for the resumption of rate hikes from July to September after Mr. Carney's speech. ...
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