Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kidnapping, drugs, and the New Normal in Mexico

Kidnapping in Tijuana: The New Normal
InSight Crime
This suggests that kidnappings in Tijuana have reached a “new normal,” one which can best be explained by the rise of retail drug sales and the use of kidnapping as a means of enforcing drug debts. This new trend suggests that drug violence and drug ...
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Larry Wilson: At the movies, Pasadena equals the new normal
Pasadena Star-News
THERE'S one laugh line in Woody Allen's new "Midnight in Paris" that isn't really a joke and that likely produces yucks in precisely one movie house on the planet. As you've read in the reviews, the film's protagonist, Owen Wilson's sad-sack ...
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HEART BEAT: A New Normal
Southwest Virginia Today
The day before I decided to hike up to Cascade Falls, somebody told me a sort of modern-day parable that ended up with the gift of a new phrase: “a new normal.” I could mourn the woman I was last summer, climbing higher trails and wearing shorter ...
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For hedge funds, seed capital is the new normal
Fortune (blog)
By Katie Benner May 31, 2011: 1:37 PM ET Even the most pedigreed hedge fund managers are considering seeders since the financial crisis has made investors wary of putting money with managers striking out on their own. FORTUNE -- Hedge fund pioneer ...
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BlackRock, KKR, AMG & Franklin Templeton Seen By Citi As Best Bets Going Forward
Barron's (blog)
As Pimco's Bill Gross characterizes it, a “new normal” is settling over markets in which broad equity funds are expected to earn less than their long-term averages and bonds face an uneven future as debt woes across developed markets continue. ...
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The Crisis' Effect On The Banking Business Model
A muddled outlook on the economy and extraordinary intervention by the federal government in the capital markets have made the task of figuring out "the new normal" all the more difficult, according to three analysts who participated in an American ...
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An Antiques Show Of Shows In Brimfield, Mass.
Antiques and Arts Weekly
While this year's mood among dealers, show owners and shoppers seemed to be in line with the "new normal" — what with gas prices north of $4 a gallon and an economy still undergoing a slow recovery — it did not deter faithful Brimfielders, ...
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Newsweek Blames “Global Warming” For Deadly Tornadoes…
Weasel Zippers
In a world of climate change, freak storms are the new normal. Newsweek's Sharon Begley on why we're unprepared for the harrowing future, and how adapting to the inevitable might be our only option. Joplin, Missouri, was prepared. ...
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ECONOMY: Luxury market struggling, but there are exceptions
North County Times
"We are still operating in the new normal where high-net worth individuals aren't prepared to spend as much," said Ken Royal, senior client manager with polling firm Gallup, and who tracks consumer sentiment. "I think the luxury market is struggling. ...
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