Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Joblessness is the New Normal

Is joblessness 'new normal' for grads
Montreal Gazette
... pair of American sociologists have dubbed today's young adults. "We should all be happy that our young people have this range of opportunities to choose from," Prof. Arnett said. "We need to embrace the 'new normal' and discard the old stereotypes. ...
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Is Extreme Weather The New Normal?
The destructive and powerful weather extremes has many wondering if this is Mother Nature's new “normal.” Our climate has definitely warmed in recent decades. And probably, increased greenhouse gasses are certainly a contributing factor, ...
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Are High Gas Prices Leaving You “Gas”-ping for Relief?
Forbes (blog)
Welcome to the new normal in transportation. Millions of consumers who are already reeling from job losses, stagnant wages, and declining home prices now have a new life challenge to add to the list: the specter of $4/gallon gasoline. ...
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Warning: extreme weather ahead
The Guardian
Welcome to the climate rollercoaster, or what is being coined the "new normal" of weather. What was, until quite recently, predictable, temperate, mild and equable British weather, guaranteed to be warmish and wettish, ensuring green lawns in August, ...
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For many with disabilities, life is a waiting list
The Connecticut Mirror
By Arielle Levin Becker "New normal" for Kevin Martin is listening to his 7-year-old daughter's bedtime stories by telephone. It's family dinners of takeout food at his nursing home. And it's waiting. A lot of waiting. "I'm kind of in limbo," he said ...
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Stanford's John Taylor Likes a JFK-style Boom
Are we headed for a new Camelot-style golden age of prosperity, exploration, and technology, or just a “new normal”? Of course I was unaware of Govenor Pawlenty's economic plan, but a 5% goal is historically realistic as we approach the long-awaited, ...
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