Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Al Gore: Games are the New Normal

Al Gore shares an incontestable truth: 'Games are the new normal'
"Games are the new 'normal' for hundreds of millions of users every month." Gore went on to speak about his own admittedly short past with gaming, saying that the last game where he felt he "was best in the world, potentially" was Pong. ...
The Wealth Of The States Vs. 'New Normal' Stagnation
Forbes (blog)
A growing number of conservative and populist commentators have created a boomlet critiquing NRO's recent d├ętente with the Progressives' “New Normal Stagnation Narrative.” Stagnation is indefensible, intellectually, politically, and morally. ...
The New "New Normal": Are We in a Growth Recession?
TIME (blog)
For a while following the financial crisis, the phrase the “new normal,” claimed by bond fund manager PIMCO's Mohamed El-Erian, seemed like the strongest contender. It referred to the idea that this economic turnaround would be slower and less ...
The “New Normal”: A More Pro-Life America and Falling Obama Approval Ratings
National Right to Life News
If you look at polling data, not just recently, but over time, the “new normal” for Obama is low approval ratings from a public that simply lacks confidence in him. In early June we wrote a series of posts for (which I ...
Beijing's Strange Composure in the Face of Crises
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Right now, the best that those interested in something other than this new normal of Chinese governance is to fight a rearguard action, trying to protect the odd foray forward. Reformists have weighed in on the issue of independent candidates, ...
Addressing bullying and relational aggression
Auburn Citizen
Another report, “The New Normal? What Girls Say About Healthy Living,” indicates that a girl's relationships with her peers are critical components of her health and safety. A report focusing on the Internet, “The Net Effect: Girls and New Media” says ...
Respond to What Life Brings You
Look for Your New Normal. Negative events have a longer lasting impact that alters our lives significantly. Don't try to re-establish every aspect of what your life was before. Think of the setback as a life lesson that can be used to improve your ...
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