Thursday, June 23, 2011

Low Auto Sales: New Normal

Auto Industry Adjusts To New Normal: Low Sales
by Sonari Glinton The US auto market is slowly rebounding. But even as sales increase, they're still not at the peaks hit 10 years ago. In 2000 and 2001, more than 17 million automobiles were sold in America. Last year, just under 12 million were sold. ...
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The New Normal
By SurlyTrader Jason Hsu from Research Affiliates released a nice whitepaper on our “3-D Hurricane and the New Normal” which refers to the three D's of debt, deficit and demographics in the developed countries. A nice little synopsis of our current ...
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Writers on the Range: Monster wildfires have become the new normal
Summit Daily News
By Roy Keene and Tim Hermach / Writers on the Range The wildfire historian Stephen Pyne calls Arizona's Wallow Fire a “monster.” “Burning along the trajectory that every major fire in the region has followed, it will burn until the rains come,” In 2002 ...
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Black Swans From New Normal
Gold Seek
Mohammed El-Erian is given credit for the phrase 'The New Normal' to mean an altered state of perceived instability within the normalcy realm, as in crisis being called normal, like endless crisis. As buddy Jim Mess in Europe says, just like trying to ...
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new normal? Disclosure rules, investor pressure and a slow economy held back ...
Minneapolis Star Tribune
While there are always exceptions, average total pay for Minnesota CEOs has been flat or falling for three years. The highest-paid CEO in the survey is Stephen Hemsley at UnitedHealth Group. Mark Twain may have captured the sentiments of Minnesota CEOs ...
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A Marketer Who Said To Agencies, 'Catch Me If You Can'
Forbes (blog)
By AVI DAN This is the first in a series of informal talks with top CMOs and other senior marketers to explore their approach to brand building and marketing as they adjust to the New Normal. I wanted to find out what they focus on, ...
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Rams well positioned for eventual 2011 NFL salary cap
Turf Show Times
However, NFL owners and players are sending very positive signs that we might be approaching a return to (a new) normal, complete with a salary cap that will shape how a free agent period with a game show pace will happen. What the St. Louis Rams will ...
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Profiles in Fed Cowardice
New York Times (blog)
Notice that the Fed does not buy into the notion that there has been a large rise in the structural rate of unemployment, that 9 percent is the new normal. That stuff off to the right, labeled “longer run”, is in effect the Fed's estimate of how low ...
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