Friday, June 10, 2011

New Normal and the sluggish economy

Sluggish economy feeling like 'the new normal'
Chicago Tribune
The idea behind "the new normal" was that you can't count on a recovery after a financial crisis to be similar to what has been the typical post-recession period. Instead of a surge in growth, the sickness that begins in the financial system lingers in ...
Tiger Woods needs time to heal and find a new 'normal'
Tiger Woods is still searching for normal. He has never had it. Never. But when his personal issues blew up late in 2009, he lost whatever normal he had gotten used to as a substitute for the real thing. Now, his personal life is a mess, ...
More on this Story
McClatchy Washington Bureau
By Kevin G. Hall | McClatchy Newspapers WASHINGTON — A "new normal" is emerging for the US jobs market, and a growing number of economists warn that it's likely to mean that unemployment will remain persistently high, at 7 percent or more, ...
Extreme Heat the New Norm
Discovery News
"When scientists talk about global warming causing more heat waves, people often ask if that means that the hottest temperatures will become 'the new normal,'" said Noah Diffenbaugh, an assistant professor of environmental Earth system science at ...
Wall St braces for gloomy new normal
Business Times (subscription)
By STEPHEN RAPHAEL THEY'VE been calling it a 'soft patch' for nearly two months now to characterise the sudden way in which the economic recovery in the US began to falter early this spring after several months of robust economic data. ...
The Economy: When Will Happy Days Be Here Again?
And will the healthy economy of the future look different from those of the past -- establishing a "new normal?" Two intertwined factors are critical to any rebound, according to many experts: Home prices must stop declining and begin to rise, ...

Have degree, need class
Victoria Times Colonist
At 22, Melissa Mandryk isn't fazed by this new normal for teaching grads. Her desire to teach took hold at age 11 and she worked steadily toward that goal, going straight to a five-year degree at UVic from high school. "I love inspiring and love making ...
Put six months of expenses in the piggy bank for an emergency fund
Orlando Sentinel
But this is today's New Normal: Fatter emergency accounts will help people avoid financial meltdowns that already have caused so many here to lose their homes. Yes, the Sunshine State's economy is rebounding with Florida's Gross Domestic Product ...
HELEN DENNIS: Personal reflections on being a caregiver
Daily Breeze
We had to establish a new normal and stop thinking about what we did before cancer. A new standard was being formed and often it changed from day to day. In fact, each day had its own new normal. Family and friends were always important. ...
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