Thursday, June 2, 2011

War is New Normal

War Is The New Normal
By Bill Boyarsky Remember the war, the one in Afghanistan? The recent Memorial Day weekend forced the news media to briefly focus on it. But otherwise the war and its heavy toll have faded from our national consciousness, leaving President Barack Obama ...
Adapting to the “new normal
Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal
Reductions or elimination of an array of social service programs ranging from child care and housing to basic health insurance and mental health services. These are only a small sample of what is pending or completed as federal and state lawmakers take ...
New Normal Favors Renting
Housing Predictor
By Mike Colpitts The new normal in real estate favors a larger number of renters and an increase in landlords just trying to get buy, according to the National Multi Housing Council's mid-year apartment strategy conference. ...
6 Investing Tips for Today's Market
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
With all due respect to the folks at PIMCO, I'm not so sure that what they call a "New Normal" is anything more than a continued evolution of our economy and the investing environment. Start with a financial plan. A clear understanding of your goals, ...
Six Questions for Cox, Castle's Gary Glick
Glick: The new normal is nothing we have seen for a few decades. However, the economy is slowly improving—it is just going to be a very slow incremental improvement. Unfortunately, the recovery is so fragile that it can be significantly impacted by ...
Giving Thanks
ChicagoNow (blog)
I'll never attain the old "normal" of 18 years old, but I'm continually working to establish a new normal that works for me and my family. Truth be told, I'm pretty dam close. As I sit here, I'm reflecting on where I was when I started writing this 9 ...
State and Local Governments Keep Saving Amid Slow Economic Growth
Government Technology
... the type of innovation that IT professionals at all levels may need to look at as they struggle to make ends meet. As Pattison reminded NASCIO attendees in May, “We have to all get used to long-term lower growth in our budgets. That's the new normal.”

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