Friday, June 3, 2011

Tourism and the New Normal

Tourism's 'new normal'
Pique newsmagazine
Everyone, including tourism industry providers in Whistler, is wondering what the "New Normal" will look like post-recession - if that's where we are now. Are trips getting shorter and shorter, booking windows closer and closer? ...
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Energy Efficiency Needs to Be the "New Normal"
Energy Collective
"Energy Efficiency needs to become the new normal," said a skeptical warehouse operator who declined to be identified. "When it gets there, then we can talk about it." Judging by the attendance at this event, which included building operators, ...
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Do you see a double-dip recession shaping up?
Wall Street Journal
This is the new normal. The sooner we can come to grips with that the better off we will be. We are not the economic juggernaut that we once were. The equity markets are not a good indicator of the strength of our economy. Companies are posting strong ...
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Guest Commentary: Obesity in Colorado
Denver Post
Obesity, and the lifelong health issues that come with it, is surprisingly common -- so common in fact, it is becoming the new normal. According to a 2011 LiveWell Colorado statewide survey of 1100 adults and focus groups of more than 100 mothers, ...
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Inside the Phillies: Brown earns more playing time in right | Philadelphia ...
Philadelphia Inquirer
By Bob Brookover By Bob Brookover WASHINGTON - We are now only one day away from what should qualify as the new normal for the Phillies lineup. After Shane Victorino gets breakfast and a few more at-bats with double-A Reading Thursday morning, ...
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Underwater homeowners unable to improve their situation
Kansas City Star
They're considered the new normal here. They turn down higher-paying jobs elsewhere because they can't move. They tidy the yards of houses left vacant by foreclosure. They realize it's unlikely their children will receive tidy inheritances from the ...
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Oil volatility wild card in global recovery
The new normal for the price of a barrel of oil will now be about $100, Dhawan said. While $120 a barrel is not out of the question, he does not credit dire predictions of $150 or $200 a barrel, simply because it would reduce consumption significantly ...
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Are 10% Returns a Pipe Dream?
Motley Fool
Is the "new normal" a world of lower returns, or is the recent underperformance merely a prelude to another period of outpaced gains in the future? That's one topic that this month's brand new issue of Rule Your Retirement tackles. ...
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RC to pass budget without using reserves
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
RANCHO CUCAMONGA - The city has weaned itself from using reserves to balance its budget, thanks to a slight uptick in revenue and adjustments to the so-called "new normal." City Manager Jack Lam told the City Council at a budget workshop last week that ...
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