Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Normal is out; New Normal is in

The 3-D Hurricane and the New Normal
In a sense, debt, deficit, and demographics will reset the world to a “New Normal”—an extended period of lower economic and return expectations for the aging and debt-ridden developed world. In contrast, emerging economies with healthy government and ...
Hottest summers could become the new normal within decades (blog)
By Christina Hernandez | June 28, 2011, 4:00 AM PDT Sweltering heat waves could become thenew normal, according to new research out of Stanford University that estimated the start of permanently hotter summers in parts of the world within two decades. ...
New normal is the new black
Zawya (subscription) (press release)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 28 2011: The multitude of natural, economic and social occurrences sweeping the world are demand indicators signalling that it is time for 'the new normal', according to change master, Ian Berry. "Normal is out . .
A 'new normal' for wild horse management
Journal Record (subscription)
By Anne Wallace Allen WASHINGTON – The federal Bureau of Land Management says the number of people adopting wild horses has dropped in recent years because of the economy. The poor economy has squelched demand for the nation's wild horses, ...
Silver Producers Enter Profitable Phase, Part II: Reaping the Dividends
That is exactly the situation at hand with silver (and gold) producers and, the 'old' share price, perhaps, only retains meaning in terms of a technical chart pattern, but beyond that we'll have to construct a 'new normal' price for shares based on the ...
The Falling Dollar Makes Investing in Innovation a Dangerous Game
Wall St. Cheat Sheet
Given a rebound that is far more subdued than previous snapbacks from recession, there exists a belief – albeit controversial – that the economy has reached its limits, or a “new normal” of subpar economic growth. The above argument has gained greater ...
Swiss corporate demand for quarter-end rumored
ForexLive (blog)
Like everyone else, Corporate Switzerland seems u willing to buy into the new normal of a super-strong franc. They are therefor under-hedged and have to buy francs at record prices to square their books before the end of the second quarter. tell me ...

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