Saturday, June 11, 2011

Permanent Recession as the New Normal

Is Permanent Recession the New Normal?
American Thinker
By James G. Wiles You have to be around 90 to even remember an economy like this. The United States has not experienced two straight years of 9% unemployment since before the Second World War. As Amity Shales wrote in The Forgotten Man, ...
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The New Normal in Immigration Policy? Alabama Passes Stricter Regulations
The Takeaway
This Alabama law is likely to be challenged immediately by a lawsuit from civil rights groups. Alabama has become the latest state to enact very strict new immigration policy. The new law, signed by Governor Robert Bentley, is said to be the most ...
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East Coast Heat Wave Preview Of New Normal
Unsurprisingly, the group found (among other things) the following: The Stanford study's lead author, Noah Diffenbaugh, sought to determine when the current hottest temperatures would become “thenew normal.” He says, “According to our projections, ...
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Still waiting for the new normal
Orlando Business Journal
This past week, on the heels of disappointing jobs data and an increase in the national unemployment rate, President Barack Obama, a World Bank chief economist and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke all rushed to reassure us a double-dip recession ...
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High input price is new normal FMCG cos
Consumer products companies have accepted the unabated commodity cost inflation as the new normal, reports The Times of India. Companies like Hindustan Unilever (HUL) and Marico are working on strategies to remain calibrated on product pricing. ...
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Climate change forces farming rethink
It's the new normal they must prepare for. Bragg's farm in New South Wales state has been in the family for generations and has weather records for the area stretching back 110 years. After seven years of costly drought, the weather switched last year ...
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AIPC Annual Conference "All About Change"
Focus on Travel News
The conference is themed around the concept "It's All About Change" as a reflection of the realization by centre managers everywhere that continuous change has become the new normal for facility operations. "We're living in a time when constant change ...
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Retirement Age? For Many, It'll Be 80
And the new normal isn't that people are working past age 65, rather it's this: They are also hunting for second jobs as all, according to Art Koff, founder of "Even those older Americans who are still working are looking for ways to ...
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City encourages sandbagging volunteers to keep coming
Seeing all those volunteers in the parking lot of the Long Lines Family Rec Center day after day has become the new normal, but they're still responding to an urgent need. "We've been going strong the last ten days. We continue to go on for another ten ...
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