Thursday, June 30, 2011

Seven signs you won't survive the New Normal

7 signs you won't survive the new normal
Washington Technology
By Bill Scheessele Leaders are confronting significant issues in their business development organizations as they deal with the new normal in the government contracting industry. Many firms will not survive if their leaders ignore warning signs and ...
Biotechs are looking at a new normal
Boston Globe
By Robert Weisman WASHINGTON — Confronted with an expanding set of funding, regulatory, and payment challenges, biotechnology companies must focus on being more selective about the drugs they choose to develop and should join forces with other drug ...
Global Warming and the Science of Extreme Weather
Scientific American
Second of a three-part series By John Carey | June 29, 2011 Extreme floods, prolonged droughts, searing heat waves, massive rainstorms and the like don't just seem like they've become the new normal in the last few years—they have become more common, ...
How to recude personnel expenses in your body shop
As everybody is adjusting to the new normal and becoming more efficient in the collision industry's changing environment, personnel expenses need to be reduced. Eliminating positions in a business is never an easy process, even when it's necessary to ...
Wireless Management Platforms with Integrated Apps Drive Value
Digital Megatrends 2015: The Role of Technology in the New Normal Market survey showed many executives expect mobility to have the greatest impact on their business. According to this market survey, the use of mobile apps is becoming increasingly ...
Daily check up: On Avastin, data vs. emotion
Boston Globe (blog)
Biotech's new normal: Globe reporter Robert Weisman is at the Biotechnology Industry Organization conference in Washington, where companies talked about how they are dealing with a drop in funding for drug development by being frugal and finding new ...
Mayor asking for resident input
Grand Island Independent
The economy has created a "new normal" for the city to work under as it addresses issues such as the Lincoln Park pool, marketing the city Fieldhouse, naming rights for city investments, redistricting of council wards, developing the next economic ...

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