Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The "New Normal" Curve

Get Big Results With 'Optionality' (press release)
There is the normal bell curve and the "new normal" curve with fatter tails. In plain terms, it means more crazy things will happen. It means outliers will become more common. It means the unexpected will happen more frequently. Wildness lies in wait, ...
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Book review: Decade of Change
ZDNet UK (blog)
Decade of Change: Managing in Times of Uncertainty is divided into five sections: Global changes; Crisis management; Leading change; Managing change; and Strategies for the 'new normal'. Each is made up of four to ten pieces — most, but not all, ...
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Roller-Coaster Caregiving: 5 Ways to Cope With Constantly Shifting Dementia ...
Just when you adjust to a "new normal" routine or way of getting something done, a novel symptom renders it obsolete and forces you to figure out another way of getting through. Each shift can feel like a new loss to mourn. To find the strength to keep ...
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How Experts Achieve a Work-Life Balance and How You Can Too (blog)
As productivity coach Laura Stack, MBA, said, “busy is the new normal.” According to Stack, “There's a temptation every day for every one of us to be workaholics.” And she feels the pressure as well. “After all, aren't we all busy? ...
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Overseas visitors up, US auto travellers down
Toronto Star
“We are now marketing in a new normal. Passports are required and the dollar is at par or above, so it's a very different market than it was before,” Weir said describing the shift from cross border tourism to the urban global traveler. ...
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Strapped colleges resort to fee hikes
Boston Globe
“To be honest, we're anticipating this is the new normal, though I hate to say that,'' said Michael Gross, Cape Cod Community College spokesman, who has worked there for 16 years. “There's just no way that we can operate any other way. ...
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