Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Normal--change the way we think and plan

The new normal
Barre Montpelier Times Argus
“But as we look to the future we have to at least envision or assess if this will become the new normal and be prepared for that. It does change the way we think and plan. Or it should.” The Agency of Transportation is already considering how it might ...
US Weather Extremes Show 'New Normal' Climate
and we are lucky in the US where we have resources that can probably help us withstand the worst effects and deal in some ways with disasters...imagine those in poor countries where they won't be able to overcome droughts, floods, food shortages, ...
Fareed's Take: How to fix America's jobs crisis
CNN (blog)
The new normal of slower growth and lower job creation also means lower tax revenues, more unemployment and health benefits to be paid out and therefore a much larger deficit. President Obama's budget assumes that the economy will create 20 million ...
Buyers dictate this season's look
Financial Times
And they are set against a landscape of volatility with luxury goods executives seeking to adapt to the “new normal” of currency and commodity price fluctuations. Claudia D'Arpizio, a partner at consultancy Bain & Company in Milan and lead author of an ...
Declare war on climate change
Richmond Times Dispatch
Welcome to the new normal, brought to you by the heat-trapping gases that warm our planet and increase the amount of water our atmosphere holds and releases. Yes, floods are nothing new; just ask Noah. What is new, however, is the frequency and ...
The Dutch Disease bogeyman
Business Spectator
This is the 'new normal', and is based on a 'fundamental re-rating of global risk' in favour of emerging market assets with better fundamentals and higher returns. But, it remains to be seen whether, for example, the new appetite of foreign investors ...
Kidnapping in Tijuana: The New Normal
Tijuana is facing a new trend in kidnappings. Unlike the wave of indiscriminate abductions that hit the Mexican city in 2008, this time it is not a ...

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