Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Social Is The New Normal

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The State Of Social Media 2011: Social Is The New Normal
Fast Company
Social media is clearly becoming the new normal. For the last several years, simply adding the word "social" in front of anything and everything from media and gaming to commerce and CRM to business and consumerism, it's clear that we are finally ...
EDITORIAL: Is instability the new normal?
Business Day
... media attention that the G-20 heads of state will get in Cannes next month, but the joint initiatives they come up with now to reform international finance will determine whether the chronic instability of the past few months becomes the new normal.
Army Builds First of New Brigades To Train Foreign Militaries
AOL Defense
But advise and assist missions like the one in Uganda may become the new normal for the US military, as the Pentagon tries to find a way maintain the military's global presence in the face of massive budget cuts. These types of missions, by and large, ...
Talk is cheap
New York Post
NEW NORMAL: Anderson Cooper's talk show gets about 1.8 million viewers and is considered a success. “I remember when we launched a [USA Today] talk show in the late '80s and it debuted to a 5.8 rating -- and that was considered bad,” says Marc Berman, ...
Light Volume Selloff the New Normal?
CNBC.com (blog)
Scott Redler called it "the new normal" for stock trading: low volume on the way up — and on the way down. Recapitalization of European banks: has the train left the station? There's been significant push-back from banks who do not want to dilute ...
Analysis: As patients put up with pain, device sales suffer
A report by Ernst & Young last month cited a "new normal" for the medical device industry, extending a term more often tied to credit card use or discretionary shopping patterns. In healthcare, that shift is partly based on patients turning down ...
MPs make maiden parliamentary speeches
Channel News Asia
Many MPs acknowledged that while Singapore's broad policies are right, there would be challenges to address what's been dubbed the new normal. MP for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, Sim Ann, said: "Improving on policy implementation, communication, outreach, ...
County supervisors consider ideas on how to redraw voting districts
Sierra Vista Herald
And as more technology comes available, voting by phone or on the Internet may become the new normal. Within the next 10 years, there will be some major changes to the way voting takes place. “The 64 precincts we now have will be a thing of the past,” ...
Amid the gloom, some spots are holding their own
Philadelphia Inquirer
"Housing starts are at their lowest levels since 1959 and have remained there well beyond what would be considered a normal even in a 'new normal' environment - typically, home construction picks up early in the recovery," Naroff said. ...
Abraaj Expects to Sell Three Investments Before End of 2012
“Certain levels of volatility in today's economy and even in the region are ultimately not just acceptable -- but they are the new normal,” Stefanel said. There is “less fear of the future, but there is a more cautious approach to investing. ...
Four Motivation Mistakes Most Leaders Make
blogs.hbr.org (blog)
The new normal, however, made having such relationships a requirement for success. How did the CEO motivate other senior leaders to spend time in Washington? By asking them to bring their already strong capability for creating deep relationships with ...
Tappan Zee job-creation? Not in our life-span!
New York Post
Now the government is saying that the current levels are the new normal. Obama's jobs plan is nothing but a snow job. The legislation was defeated in the Senate, where his party has a majority. Even fellow Democrats can't drink this Kool-Aid. ...
MPs zero in on low birth rate, ageing population
Business Times (subscription)
Mr Liang and Edwin Tong (Moulmein-Kallang) also spoke of the need to forge a 'new social compact' in what quite a few of the MPs referred to as the 'new normal' in Singapore. Mr Tong said Singapore has reached a new political maturity that calls for ...
The Trouble With Return Anomalies
Seeking Alpha
Is that the new normal? The large-cap advantage is even greater over the past 12 months. Is that a sign of things to come? Or just a temporary failure? The weak relative performance in small companies of late is merely the tip of the iceberg, ...
Structural Threats To 2012 China Rebound
ICIS (subscription) (blog)
Both have done extremely well out of China's current banking system, as we discuss in more detail in Chapter 6 of our e-book, Boom, Gloom & the New Normal, which is released later this month. The positive news, which was released on Wednesday last week ...
Tactical asset allocation might become your new normal | Reuters ...
By John Wasik
The linchpin of tactical investing is flexibility, and it's the opposite of the 60-percent stocks, 40-percent bonds fixed template. While it's riskier, in this market, it's hard to avoid.
Reuters Money
The State of Social Media 2011: Social is the new normal Brian Solis
Social media is clearly becoming the new normal. For the last several years, simply adding the word “social” in front of anything and everything from media and gaming to commerce and CRM to business and consumerism, it's clear that we are ...
Brian Solis
IndyStar.com | New Normal | Gary Varvel | The Indianapolis Star
By Gary Varvel
This actually happened to me recently while I was pumping gas. What is your new normal? I'm working on a series of cartoons dealing with how we are adjusting to the economic realities. I have received several ideas but I'm still looking for ...
Gary Varvel
Syria, Yemen (and Beyond) LiveBlog: The "New Normal"
By Scott Lucas
Syria, Yemen (and Beyond) LiveBlog: The "New Normal" of Daily Deaths. Date Monday, October 17, 2011 at 5:47 | Author Scott Lucas in Category Africa, Category EA Global, Category EA Middle East and Turkey, Category Middle East and ...
EA WorldView
Warmer Weather Is Officially the New Normal » InfoGraphic-a-Day
By Ryann Warlick
Warmer Weather Is Officially the New Normal. There has been much speculation over the rising temperatures and the possible outcomes. With the possibility of global ice caps melting, the sea levels rising and destroying our coasts, it has ...
Travels with Ace: A Year on the Road with a Dog | Dancing Dog Blog
By Mary Haight
There's something about times of change that make many artists and writers itch to get out and take the pulse of their world, find the heartbeat at the center of the coming new normal. That directive seemed to fit as I began reading this collection ...
Dancing Dog Blog
Manatee/Sarasota small business owners forge ahead despite ...
“It's like that with everything we do. We are vigilant and cautious.” Accepting “a new normal” is how Dennis Cathcart, owner of Manatee County-based Tropiflora, a 36-year-old tropical and exotic plant nursery, is responding to the economy. ...
BradentonHerald.com: Business
Say What? October 17, 2011 edition [Reader Post] | Flopping Aces
By Gary Kukis
... the space of possibility even farther. We go as far as we can to destabalize [sic], but maintain momentum. And when that's the new “normal” then we go farther. That's how change happens, how we shift the terrain and the terms of the game.” ...
Flopping Aces
Wisconsin Teachers Challenged by Steep Budget Cuts
By Beth Williams
“I know I've heard politicians say this level of funding is the new normal, well I say this is the new abnormal,” he says. In addition to challenges with the budget cuts, many teachers unions in the state have yet to pass collective bargaining ...
Teacher Certification Degrees
Ventura County Reporter - The new normal
The new normal. Up to your eyeballs in debt. By Joan Trossman Bien 10/13/2011 . “Bank of America customers, vote with your feet, get the heck out of that bank. ...

Analysis: Tactical asset allocation might become your new normal
By John Wasik NEW YORK (Reuters) -Market volatility is like a headache that hangs on. The cure may lie in shifting your mind from keenly focusing on risk instead of returns. For many, this is an obvious no brainer, but it involves much more than simply ...

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