Monday, November 7, 2011

Does the New Normal require a New You?

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Panel: The New Normal Needs You – #ILI2011 – Digitalist
The Internet Librarian International conference ended with a panel discussion tackling the question of whether the new normal requires a new you. Personally I ...
The Parthenon Group - Thought Leadership - The “New Normal” in ...
The “New Normal” in U.S. Postsecondary Education. 11.1.2011 by Haven Ladd. Higher education remains the United States' greatest asset and the envy of ...
Bank lending steadies, after downsizing
"There's a 'new normal' and that is to be very conservative," said Christine Ball, who is senior VP/group head and senior relationship manager handling entertainment at Wells Fargo Commercial Banking. "Certainly, the banks all get this. ...

Post-Crisis leadership in focus
Bangkok Post
The "new normal". A crisis is an event. There is a beginning and an ending. When it's over, we go back to the business. The majority of people assume that things will go back to "business as usual". Unfortunately, with the magnitude of this disaster, ...
Top 10 shopping trends for Christmas 2011
Appleton Post Crescent
“It's the new normal,” said Linda Muldoon, owner of Appleton's Coventry Glassworks. “In 2007, people would come in and spend $100. In 2008, it was $50. Last year, $35.” Muldoon responded by adding unique, lower-priced gifts from fair trade sources. ...
Is this the new norm?
Meriden Record-Journal
Politicians are promising hearings and proposing various measures to prompt reform, but if this instability is the new normal, for the immediate future at least, is society ready to cope with the stressors that emerge when the power goes down? ...
Welcome to the “augmented revolution”
Thanks to the effective merging of the on- and offline, massive gatherings of people attempting to change the order of the world around them is now the new normal. Nathan Jurgenson is a PhD student in Sociology at the University of Maryland who blogs ...
Cyber Crime: Hackers Are Hacking Each Other Too
Public CIO (blog)
So is this the new normal? Is history repeating itself? Are CSOs and CISOs the new Chicago “copper” from the 1920s & 30s, when the gangs practically ruled the big city streets? (In our case, of course, we protect the new virtual superhighways of the ...
Ohio's Issue 2 battle could impact school votes
Dayton Daily News
"There's a new normal," said Sandy Wheatley, a former Lakota board member who's helping lead the campaign for the 4.75-mill operating levy that would add some $145 a year for each $100000 of home valuation. The southwest Ohio district, home to US House ...
The promise of networked schools
CNN (blog)
With it comes the promise of a new normal of deeply meaningful, highly collaborative learning that will have a profound impact on education outcomes across the globe. The views expressed in this article are solely those of Robert J. Hutter.
Business Datebook
Press Herald
"How AEC Firms Are Strategizing to Adjust to the New Normal," 4 to 6 pm, presented by Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) and held at Consigli Construction, 15 Franklin St., Portland. The cost is $40 for members and $55 for non-members. ...
Ribbon of Hope adorns Forbes Building lawn in Westborough
Community Advocate
Hearing the diagnosis, enduring the treatments and trying to adjust to a new normal after breast cancer is daunting. The Bosom Buddies support group, facilitated by fellow Westborough resident and cancer survivor Donna Morgan has become a second family...
For little Ava, and others Town to hold first annual community ball
The Hudson Reporter
The family has a new normal: Rushing to the clinic at a moment's notice, like two weeks ago when Ava caught an unexpected fever. At other times, especially last year, she was stuck in a hospital room unable to leave for long periods of time. ...
REGION: Come on, baby, let me light my fire
Now, fires in fireplaces and stoves are being reset to a new normal. Soon, checking with the air district on iffy days will be as routine as checking for Sig alerts on the 91. Soon, and you read it here first, your smart phone will have a “Light My ...
Type 1: El Paso patients, families join diabetes lobbying effort
El Paso Times
"Everybody tells me it's going to be our new normal and we'll get used to it, but you really don't get used to seeing your baby cry all the time," Morales said. "You have to be on your toes all the time looking out for signs. Because she doesn't talk ...
Communities should regard group homes with common sense
The new "normal" homeowner could be lax about property upkeep, blast loud music or, in general, be just lousy neighbors, and guess what? Unless they break a law, you just have to deal with it. Of course, in this economic market, you could always just ...
Voting Guide 2011: City Treasurer « The Benicia Herald
By beniciaherald
Or is this the “new normal” of uncertain economic times? BOB LANGSTON: The budget process in the city of Benicia is difficult for the city staff and more so for the City Council. The process is multi-layered, developed by the staff in a vacuum, ...
The Benicia Herald
American and Proud » Some Random Thoughts from A&P
By Robert
The Occupy Wall street is mainstream America because: All of the violence, racism, antisemitism, offensive signs are “just a group of anarchists that do not represent the whole of the OWS movement”. 3000 people arrested is the new normal. ...
American and Proud
Dudes and Dildos — The Good Men Project
By Maria Pawlowska
Not caring about other people's sexuality is on its way to becoming the new normal, but we still have a long way to go, that's for sure. And until we get there male homosexuality will get the brunt of the homophobia. The social “invisibility” of ...
The Good Men Project
Hillary Clinton: A Daughter's Duty « Still4Hill
By still4hill
As the weekend draws to a close, and the daughter prepares to return to her work week, and a new normal – one without her mother there to greet her after a long, hard day at work – it occurs to me that there is another task to be accomplished ...
What About Paris?: Think like a client: "The trick now is to win cheap."
By JD Hull
However, our enduring global recession (or "new normal", perhaps) is certainly a good time for business clients to push for ADR (including mediation) over litigation. Not because ADR is cheaper, faster and better; often it's clearly not ...
What About Paris?

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