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Is Big Brother the New Normal?

Is Big Brother the New Normal? The Supreme Court Will Decide
The Atlantic
Is Big Brother the New Normal? The Supreme Court Will Decide. By Garrett Epps. Tweet Oct 28 2012, 8:30 AM ET Comment. In a less than reassuring twist, the U.S. government will argue that no one can sue to end one form of intelligence surveillance...

The Atlantic

Introducing new normal for startups
“No business plan survives first-customer contact.” – Steve Blank. Steve Blank wowed the Greater Cincinnati Venture Association meeting this week with a compact presentation of his customer development process. Steve has launched eight companies in ...

'The New Normal' preview: Honey Boo Boo and other Halloween highlights
The New Normal For those of you who love their Halloween specials to have a little bit of everything, “The New Normal” is airing a good one on Tuesday night. We've already been lucky enough to catch the episode, and without giving anything away, let's ...

First Look: The New Normal Takes Nicole Richie to the Paparazzi Pumpkin Patch
E! Online
Just how awesome is The New Normal's Bryan (Andrew Rannells)? Not only is he the showrunner of a mega-hit TV show Sing (sound familiar?), but he's also besties with Nicole Richie! Richie is set to guest star on the NBC hit series' upcoming Halloween ...

E! Online

More 'New Normal' 1.08 photos and spoilers: An epic Halloween
"The New Normal" will air an all-new episode on Channel 12 in Tempe on Tuesday night, and now fans are being given more of a glimpse at the episode, "The New Normal" episode 1.08 titled "Para-New Normal Activity." On Thursday, Oct. 25, Spoiler TV ...

NeNe Leakes' Halloween costume on 'New Normal'? Matt Lauer (blog)
It's Halloween in Los Angeles on "The New Normal," and if you thought fashion-forward Bryan (Andrew Rannells) -- who's also decorating his house to be the best on the block -- wouldn't have some say about the costumes, think again. In the upcoming ...

New Normal Sneak Peek: Bryan and Nicole Richie Hit the "Paparazzi Patch"
TV Guide
In this sneak peek from Tuesday's Halloween-themed episode of The New Normal (Tuesday at 10:30/9:30c on NBC), Bryan (Andrew Rannells) gives viewers a glimpse into some of his favorite things to do for the holiday, which includes hitting one of Los ...

NeNe Leakes of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' discusses magazine feature
She is also a cast member on the new show from Ryan Murphy, "The New Normal." The new season of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" will premiere next month, and Leakes will be featured on the show again. It remains to be seen if Leakes will continue to be a...

Cancer survivors transition to new normal
Cancer survivors transition to new normal. Martha Deme (top, left), Jacqueline McKinney, Margarida Melo, Marla Mloter (bottom, left), Frances Cronkwright and Nisha Abrol, who supported one another at a group for cancer survivors at the Stronach ...

Do New Normal P/E Multiples Imply a Major Correction?
In today's “New Normal” market, viewing stocks and the market through the prism of historical price-earnings multiples may be severely hazardous to your financial health. Here's why. First, keep in mind that – as a ratio – price/earnings is the ...

Three successful new shows include UNCSA alumni
Winston-Salem Journal
But some of the new shows have already been granted full-season orders, including “Elementary” and “Vegas” at CBS; “The Mindy Project” and “Ben & Kate” at Fox; “Revolution,” “Go On” and “The New Normal” at NBC; and “Arrow” at CW. That's good news ...

Are Women Easy Bake Ovens?
Huffington Post
The New Normal, a sitcom that debuted on NBC this fall, features a gay couple deciding to have a child. They settle upon using an egg donor and a surrogate mother, the latter described cheerfully by a fertility industry representative as "an Easy Bake ...

Nicole Richie Gives The New Normal A Try |
By Perez Hilton
Nicole Richie guest stars on NBC's The New Normal with Andrew Rannells in this sneak peek.
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