Thursday, December 20, 2012

Republican habit of living with eyes closed

Continuing series excerpts from PIMCO--

PIMCO | Investment Outlook - Strawberry Fields – Forever?: "Rather than an economic mandate, November’s election was more of social commentary on the Republicans’ habit of living with eyes closed. Their positions on what Conan O’Brien labeled “female body parts” – immigration, gay rights and student loans – proved to be big losers, and they will have to amend rather than defend those views if they expect to compete in 2016. I suspect they will. Political parties are living social organisms that mutate in order to survive. We will see straight talking Chris Christie or Hispanic flavored Marco Rubio leading the Republican charge four years from now versus a reenergized Hillary Clinton. It should be quite a show with a “No Country for Old (White) Men” caste to it. . ."

Fines: 'New normal' for banks?
Fines: 'New normal' for banks? HSBC was fined for money laundering activities tied to drug cartels in Mexico and terror-linked groups in Saudi Arabia in December 2012. . Fines: 'New normal' for banks? Standard Chartered was levied the fine on August ...

Warmer weather may be the new normal - Washington Times
Unless the mercury takes a significant dive in the next three weeks, 2012 is set to become the warmest year on record for the United States — a historic ...

How retirees can cope with Fed's "new normal"
CHICAGO (Reuters) - If you are still wondering whether we are in a "new normal" investment climate of ultra-low interest rates, wonder no more: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke settled any lingering doubts last week when he guaranteed rates will ...

Out-of Wedlock Births Society's 'New Normal' - US - CBN News - Christian News ...
Christian Broadcasting Network
More children are now being born outside of marriage, according to a new study by the National Marriage Project and the Institute for American Values. The report focuses on what it calls "middle-America," the nearly 60 percent of Americans who complete ...

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