Monday, May 5, 2014

Millennials, Unaffordable Obamacare

Millennials on Obamacare: what do you mean, affordable? | Money | ". . . These young Americans between 18-34-years-old are, in the eyes of the White House, a crucial demographic needed in order for the Affordable Care Act to work. Yet for many of them, health insurance is one of the last things on their mind as they deal with high college debt, working part-time jobs and unsteady flow of income. Even without the additional cost of health insurance, many are already struggling to make ends meet and they can't imagine trying to pay for yet another monthly bill. "I am not an Obamacare hater," says Irina Ivanova, 28, who chronicled her experience with trying to enrol in Obamacare for Crain's New York. "But you know what it is? It feels like extortion. You have to pay this much money, or otherwise you are a bad person and you get a fine and you won't be covered if something bad happens."...

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