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How 'Glee' Creator Ryan Murphy Is Winning at Twitter

How 'Glee' Creator Ryan Murphy Is Winning at Twitter
The co-creator of Glee, American Horror Story and The New Normal joined the social networking site a little over a week ago (@MrRPMurphy), but already he has mastered Twitter's ability to rally the fans. Much like Charlie Sheen a year and a half ago ...


DENR Sec: Stronger typhoons 'the new normal'
GMA News
DENR Sec: Stronger typhoons 'the new normal'. August 8, 2012 5:30pm. Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary Ramon Paje urged Filipinos to accept as the "new normal" the increasing intensity of typhoons lashing the country.

New Streak Of 90-Degree Heat
KMGH Denver
DENVER, Colo. -- The new normal seems to be temperatures in the mid-to upper 90s. Wednesday's average high is 89 degrees, but we're expecting afternoon numbers closer to 100. A steady pattern of highs in the mid- to upper 90s will last through Friday.

Growth figures signal 'we have entered a new normal'
ITV News
It seems likely that we have entered a 'new normal' period where growth will be relatively subdued by historic standards for some years to come as the banking system remains impaired and global commodity prices remain relatively high and volatile.

STRESSED but still sweet The weather's been hard on corn, but the flavor is as ...
Unpredictable weather, which seems to be the new normal in the Granite State, can take a toll on local crops, and this year, the weather has been all over the map, said Lea Devriendt of Devriendt Farm in Goffstown. “Vegetables like consistency ...

Count the ways distribution centers add value
Supply Chain Digital
In response to the “New Normal”, the business landscape has changed fundamentally; tomorrow's distribution environment will be different, but no less rich in possibilities for those who are looking for ways to add value. With new trends and an “e ...

Streep, Jones talk about 'Hope Springs'
Christian Science Monitor
A drier 'new normal' is forcing US farmers to dig deeper wells. That affects water tables and municipal supplies, and, if climatologists are right about global warming, it could also mean more competition for less water in the future. US appeals court ...

From the Wilson Center: Is This What Climate Change Feels Like? Geoff ...
New Security Beat
“The new normal in a world under climate change is going to be one that has some fairly straightforward changes – what it means for water availability and food, what it means for economics, what it means for even our forests and our coastlines,” he said.

Murder by numbers in shopkeeper killings?
A cop on nearly every corner, that's become the new normal in two Brooklyn neighborhoods still reeling from the recent murders of two local shop owners. "Until someone is caught, it's great to see the extra officers around, just in case something may ...

HIV/AIDS: No One's Talking
U Weekly
I'm not a different person. “Manageable” is what you hear a lot of time. Along with “no big deal,” “long healthy life,” and many others. But the reality has become that living with this condition is a new normal ... for me at least. On May 15, I was ...

U Weekly

Friends, family gather for I-390 dedication
Corning Leader
Ed Snyder said he and his wife have good days and bad days, and are learning a “new normal.” He took a deep breath and added, “We miss her.” Tuesday -- the day the State of New York, her community and family honored her ultimate sacrifice -- was also ...

Where is the leadership?
Vallejo Times-Herald
In this particular instance, the children at this party now have a "new" normal and here we go with a new generation thinking guns and gangs are acceptable. Months ago the city received several security cameras to be placed in various "high crime ...

Sampo Group's interim report for January-June 2012
Nordea's execution of the new strategy (New Normal) proceeds well and second quarter 2012 RoE increased to 12.5 per cent (11.7). Profit before taxes for the life insurance operations amounted to EUR 32 million (40). Premiums written increased to EUR ...

Letter: Sources of support for West, Murphy speak volumes
Bond continues “And he's a freshman... he's raising millions of dollars, and he's going to set what thenew normal is for the Republican Party.” Congressman Allen West is the real deal. People sense it, they know it. He is just getting started, and he ...

Utah Retirement Systems should consider a conservative rate of return
Deseret News
There is a new normal when it comes to investing that is not being accounted for in the Utah Retirement Systems. Moderate portfolios these days are hoping for an annual gain of 5 to 7 percent. The likeliness that the URS will consistently earn 7.5 ...

Deseret News

NBC going for gold with sneak peeks
Sanders said those two laffers, rather than Ryan Murphy's "The New Normal," which is receiving some positive buzz,were chosen as sneaks because they anchor NBC's comedy blocks -- "Go On" at 9 p.m. Tuesdays and "Animal Practice" at 8 p.m. ...


interesting observation
Democratic Underground
If we are reaching a new normal, these events will get less coverage and then almost no coverage, a new normal implies that they happen. And given the 65 pages of incidents collated by the Brady campaign since 2005, from police records, we may be ...

'The Glee Project' Recap: Who Are the Final 3?
Maybe that's how Ryan Murphy will get out of the whole "Only one winner" rule, because one or two of the runners-up could land roles on American Horror Story or TheNew Normal. Blake and Michael: They fight over Aylin and it's a total smackdown where ...


Africa's Coming Agricultural Revolution
The Atlantic
The longer term concern is that severe droughts in countries that produce much of the world's food could be the new normal due to climate change. With a global population that crossed the 7 billion mark earlier this year and is expected to hit 8 ...

The Atlantic

Bob Bashara enters not-guilty plea on charges of attempting to arrange ...
Detroit Free Press
Outside court, Kriger was tight-lipped, a posture that could become the new normal -- a different stance from Bashara's previous attorney David Griem, who spoke to the news media many times after Jane Bashara's murder in January and her husband's ...

Luxury Living in Old Temple of the 5 and Dime
New York Times
Mr. Gerringer described $2000 a square foot as “the new normal for iconic buildings,” noting that the Woolworth tower apartments will begin on higher floors than most traditional prewar buildings. “You're already raising the bar to begin with,” he said ...

New York Times

P152 million in crops, fish lost to storm and flooding
Business Mirror
In the meantime, Environment Secretary Ramon J.P. Paje said also on Wednesday that extreme weather events such as intensifying typhoons, excessive rainfall and long season of drought are the “new normal,” and Filipinos should learn to adapt to such ...

Social media lessons from travel marketers
iMedia Connection
Recently, eMarketer released a report called "Social is the new normal for travel marketers." The report validated the great degree to which travel marketers are now leveraging social media, with the majority of travel brands rapidly increasing their ...

Political Stress May Curtail Risk-Asset Rally, El-Erian Says
Investors have to retain the ability to invest with “a high level of agility,” El-Erian said, reflecting the so-called new normal, Pimco's view that the global economy has entered a period of slow growth and historically lower investment returns. Pimco ...

Your 401(k) Fund Up This Year?
ABC News (blog)
She calls it the new normal. “I think the last four years have given consumers a lot to think about.” The spendthrift days are gone, says Goodfellow, and many people do less impulse buying: “Focusing on what we really need rather than on what we want ...

The new normal (part 13): 850000 impacted by Philippines floods ...
By Watching the Deniers
Stunning, and tragic: the worst flooding in Manila's history:
Watching the Deniers

Fits of Fashion: The New Black
By Alexis
But designers are going beyond to come up with a new normal with printed versions that are subtle so that it's almost a trick on the eyes. These printed leather dresses from ASOS dress up conventional black leather with something a bit ...
Fits of Fashion

Philippines to witness more extreme climate | UCAN Philippines
By cnpnewsletter
Filipinos must learn to accept the growing intensity of typhoons, great volume of rainfall as well as long drought, as the “new normal,” a Philippine senior government official said on Wednesday. Department of Environment and Natural ...
UCAN Philippines

NBC Plugs 'New Normal' Show – Gays Using Surrogate To Get ...
Cast members of the new NBC show "The New Normal," about two gay men who use a surrogate mother to conceive a child and start a "new type of family.

The New Normal - Swimming - Video -
This Fall - meet the New Normal! ... Going for the Gold. The New Normalfamily has some ...

The New Normal Stars On Show Controversy| E! Online
Georgia King, Justin Bartha, and Andrew Rannells address the statement One Million Moms released protesting their new TV show.

Is 6-7 percent unemployment the “new normal”? « Hot Air Headlines
“We should have realized that the unemployment rate is simply not going to go back where it was and we should start realizing that there is a new normal and ...

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