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The new normal: Jobless in America

The Coming Crisis: The new normal: Jobless in America
By Lynsey
The new normal: Jobless in America. Aug 2 - Labor expert Kathy Krepcio describes the new normal job market for Americans which includes freelancing, holding multiple jobs and a whole lot of uncertainty.
The Coming Crisis 

The 'New Normal' in Republican Abortion Politics Is Immoral by Any Standard
Huffington Post (blog)
Tuesday Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives voted to force a woman to have the baby of a rapist, a policy supported by Mitt Romney. Yesterday women in America gained greater control over their health care choices thanks to an expanded list ...

The New Normal
Patriot Post
Washington, D.C. -- This week's revelation about the president's authorizing covert action in Syria should not have come as a surprise to anyone. On Wednesday, August 1, CNN carried a breathless report sourced to "U.S. officials" that our beloved Nobel ...

Experiencing the new normal? Acclimating to the heat
Minnesota Public Radio
Remember March of 2012, when we experienced the warmest March on record in the Twin Cities, more than 15 degrees above the new normal! My colleagues at the Chanhassen National Weather Service Office posted a nice summary of the monthly ...

Get Used to 'New Normal' of 6-7% US Jobless Rate: Experts
The jobless rate in the United States will never go back to where it was before the global financial crisis and people will have to get used to a “new normal” of 6-7 percent even if the economy starts revving up from where it is now, observers tell CNBC.

Dollar Stores Returning Long Green (DLTR, WMT, DG)
SmallCap Network
In the slow growth era of the "New Normal" it has been low priced variety stores such as Dollar General (NYSE: DG) and Dollar Tree Store (NASDQ: DLTR) that have delivered returns that are hardly normal. These stores offer prices lower than that of even ...

ET Breaks Down Primetime's Women of Fall
Milford Daily News
Keep reading to find out who you should be keeping your eye on in the coming months. As modern TV's biggest bigot, Ellen Barkin will keep the politically incorrect barbs coming on NBC's The New Normal. RELATED: 10 Most Promising New Fall Shows ...

Bethenny Frankel welcomes 'Glee' creator Ryan Murphy to Twitter
Ryan Murphy, apart from creating "Glee," will also debut a new show, "The New Normal." NeNe Leakes of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" will be starring on the show, and viewers are excited to watch. Murphy has garnered many fans as a result of "Glee," and ...

Attention, gleeks! Ryan Murphy tweets deleted Kurt/Blaine scene
Entertainment Weekly
For three days, Ryan Murphy has been littering his brand new Twitter page with photos, videos, and scoop about American Horror Story, NBC's upcoming comedy The New Normal, and Glee (“You know who I want as BLAINE's mom? Catherine Zeta-Jones!”).

What we've learned from trade deadline
Chicago Tribune
LOS ANGELES — It may take a while to get used to the new normal on the North Side. Change is never easy, but a rebuild is what most Cubs fans pined for when Jim Hendry was general manager, and what Theo Epstein and the new regime was brought in ...

The link between rented wombs and gay marriage
August 2, 2012 ( - A TV show called The New Normal will have its premiere on NBC in the US soon. It's about a gay couple and the single mother they engage to have their baby. “She's just like an easy-bake oven except with no legal rights ...


White House, media can't spin terrible job numbers
Human Events
Unless, that is, this is the new normal and voters accept it. You expect the White House to spin, but the media's take on these numbers — though subtle — is also misleading. “Despite the seemingly good news,” reports CNBC (seemingly good news!) ...

Human Events

Siegel Says Bill Gross Economics 'Wrong' in Attack on Stocks
San Francisco Chronicle
As part of adjusting to a so-called “new normal,” Pimco's view that the global economy has entered a period of slow growth and low investment returns, Pimco began offering equity funds to investors in April 2010. The firm moved into stocks to allow customers ...

Baltimore's Latest Employment Efforts Start in the Neighborhoods
Huffington Post
Unemployment and underemployment is a significant challenge-especially as we continue to adjust to what some people are calling "the new normal." This new economic climate requires us to change the way we think about job training, and in Baltimore we ...

Awards for TV addicts: Voting starts for The Tubeys
Of the nominees announced so far, I'd cast my ballot for True Blood's Eric as the sexiest supernatural character, Nellie from The Office as the most unwelcome new character and The New Normal as the most anticipated new show. Voting goes through Sept.

The Competition Mindset of Olympic Athletes -- and How You Can Acquire It Too
Huffington Post (blog)
You now have a new "normal." Harness possibility with a mental exercise. We call this weight lifting for the soul. Competitive athletes and other high performers are often held back more by their negative emotions than by their mental and physical abilities.

Does The Stock Market Need Real-Time Rehab?
Pimco's Bill Gross, writes that “the cult of equity is dying” due to macro forces like GDP growth and the era of the “New Normal,” where everyone works till they're 80. Practice this: “Welcome to Walmart.” That was bad news. So are the reports of $129 billion ...


'Real Housewives of Atlanta:' Former star Sheree Whitfield mentions online store
Other stars from "Real Housewives of Atlanta" are also doing well. NeNe Whitfield stars on two other shows apart from the Bravo show. She has a recurring role on "Glee," and will also star on "The New Normal." Kim Zolciak stars on her new spin-off show, ...

Morning Read: Traders Hope For Big Jobs Number .... Or A Truly Awful One
Barron's (blog)
The 100000 or so new jobs forecast by economists is “not spectacular by any stretch … but is this the new normal?” asks ICAP's Kenneth Polcari in a client email this morning. “I actually am looking for upside surprise in NFP with a number of 125 or above,” ...

Who can replace Netanyahu?
In France, too, they recently elected a new, "normal" president, one lacking charisma and experience, who is doing well so far; if only we had such nondescript leaders. Although not even three months have passed, who remembers his predecessor? Where ...

5 External Trends That Will Affect Us
Retirement's new normal: Americans are working later in life because of poor planning and inadequate savings. Today, they are finding they must save more during their working years, pay more out of pocket for medical and long-term care, and if they don't ...


Conflicts & Pressure Points
Gold Seek
None of these existed five or ten or fifteen years ago, yet all are somehow considered part of the New Normal landscape. Give credit to Mohamed El-Erian for his contribution to Orwellian logic, the new spokesman for established normality and revisionist ...

Gold Seek

How to make sense of NBC's fall sked (including 'Rock Center' on Thursday)
Variety (blog)
The combination of these two in turn must drive sampling to the new programs on both nights: "Revolution" at Monday 10 p.m., and the comedy pairing of "Go On" and "The New Normal" at Tuesday 9 p.m.. If there was any doubt as to what new programming ...

Proposed 2013 Budget Released, Calls for Pension Reform and Service ...
Long Beach Post
Under this “new normal,” the city will need to find a way to deliver the current level of services at the current costs while seeking outside revenue sources and new models of service delivery. To do this, Foster called for a continuation of “proportional share” ...

Long Beach Post

What to do about obesity in America
Philadelphia Inquirer (blog)
Johnson cited an increase in diabetes and co-morbid medical issues and well as increased health costs due to this new normal. Prevention in the form of individual lifestyle changes, environmental and policy changes as well as increased regulation and ...

New Egypt government puts Brotherhood in key posts
Huffington Post
Dr. Peggy Drexler. How to Talk to Kids About the New "Normal". Sec. Kathleen Sebelius. Giving Women Control Over Their Health Care. Keli Goff. Why Are Some Olympic Sports Whiter Than Others? Careful Chewing: Another Needle Found In Airplane Food ...

It's been a hot summer for concert sales
"Acts that are supposed to be selling are selling." "Everybody has tempered their expectations, so we're not seeing a lot of huge misses," says Pollstar editor Gary Bongiovanni. After a disappointing 2010, "we adjusted to the new normal last year, and that has ...


Mumford & Sons And 'Babel': Band Performs New Songs At Hoboken Concert ...
Huffington Post
Affordable Care Becomes a Reality for Women and Families. David Bromwich. Romney, Netanyahu, and George Washington's Warning. Sen. Harry Reid. Republicans Renew War on Women. Dr. Peggy Drexler. How to Talk to Kids About the New "Normal" ...

Imperfect Experiences Lead to Perfect Understanding
Huffington Post (blog)
How to Talk to Kids About the New "Normal". MOST DISCUSSED RIGHT NOW. 2RgnQXLokElFimSGDV8i8a43pip0bdKP iJKomeBLqmM3QvAVQ0trgKQA9zRBn5c9. 1 of 2. Gay Chick-Fil-A Employees Speak Out · Chick-Fil-A Reports Record-Setting Day ...

Extreme Storms Are The New Normal In New Jersey [AUDIO]
By Rosetta Key
No, it's not your imagination. More frequent and severe thunderstorms with heavy rainfall appear to be the new normal in New Jersey.
New Jersey 101.5

The New Normal Consumer ? | iBC_FN | iBankCoin Financial News
The New Normal Consumer ? By CRONKITE – Fri Aug 3, 2012 8:43am – No Comments – 84 views. The consumer has been counted as dying for the last 25+ years, but it never happened. Now we are truly seeing fundamental shifts in ...
iBC_FN | iBankCoin Financial News

Temporary Appears to be the New Normal - Little House in the ...
By Little House
With reports surfacing that more companies are hiring and keeping temporary workers than ever before and the employment rate stalling out, temporary appears to be the new normal. And temporary workers aren't the only transient within this ...

California State Parks and “Unbuilding” the Golden State ...
By Pete Peterson
As I wrote here, the new law seemed to point to a “new normal” approach to public service delivery as cash-strapped governments enter in to new relationships with both the civic and private sectors to maintain “public services” even when they ...
Advancing a Free Society

New Crossroads Generation Ad Exposes Harmful Effects Of High ...
By John Twarog
The ad then emphasizes that even with all of this monstrous spending, unemployment still surpassed 8 percent in 2009. This appears to be the new normal for America, with the massive spending that enlarges the deficit at an alarming rate.
Red Alert Politics

Random Roger: Bill Gross is Bearish on Equities
By Roger Nusbaum
The forward looking opinion behind Gross' comments that were not really discussed in this article but that he has talked about elsewhere is what he has dubbed the new normal. This is not dramatically different than what I have been saying ...
Random Roger

JPM Says To Short Spanish 10 Years Until 7.75% « InvestmentWatch
By InvestmentWatch
The irony is that the market, by frontrunning politicians, continues to make the required political decision impossible – welcome to the new normal. Paradoxically, only after the market has fully abandoned hope, can the desired outcome ...

This Week on Ring of Fire! | Ring Of Fire Radio: Robert Kennedy Jr ...
By farron
Author Chris Mooney will tell us why our recent extreme weather events will be the new normalunder climate change. And Craig Holman from Public Citizen will talk to us about the DISCLOSE Act that would make political spending by ...
Ring Of Fire Radio: Robert Kennedy...

Nationals Baseball: 6 wins and lots of runs
By Harper
Some people have taken that to be the new normal as the Nats finally start getting all their pieces back healthy. And yet they've scored 4 runs or less 5 times in the last 6 games, scored 5 runs total in the Phillies series, and after only being shut ...
Nationals Baseball

July jobs report: America's labor market depression continues ...
By James Pethokoukis
Only in a world of lowered, New Normal expectations was the July jobs report anything less than another disaster for U.S. workers. Nonfarm payrolls rose 163000 last month as the unemployment rate rose to 8.3%. In addition, employment for ...

7 Quick Takes, vol 10 | travel sercity
By Annette Paulsen
In the wake of my trip to Boston for work, my co-worker and I came back to the office to our current 'new normal'. Down one co-worker, we are trying to absorb her work flow. Long days and a steep learning curve, getting up to date on all her ...
travel sercity

Putting schools on a diet: The public speaks
By Amber M. Winkler, Ph.D.
“I am here,” he said, “to talk today about what has been called the New Normal. For the next several years, preschool, K–12, and postsecondary educators are likely to face the challenge of doing more with less.” Twenty months later, it's clear ...
The Education Gadfly Daily

Love Pink Wedding Dresses ???
By Celestius33
... Vera Wang to Carolina Herrera to Monique Lhuillier accept continued acclimated bloom as a bendable emphasis bloom on sashes and embroideries, but with a punched-up palette this season, head-to-toe bloom gowns are the new normal.
Photoshop Gurus Forum

Chronic drought, extreme weather patterns 'the new normal ...
(NaturalNews) Summer this year not quite the paradise you anticipated? Has the heat got you beat? Well, get used to it, say some researchers who claim that, ...

The New Normal | RealClearPolitics
Washington, D.C. -- This week's revelation about the president's authorizing covert action in Syria should not have come as a surprise to anyone. On Wednesday ...

VIDEO: Is Drought the New Normal? video The latest report on drought in much of the country brought very little good news.

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